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In A Different Timeline, Far Away From Reality Part 2

By: CD

“Well, my name is Chip Maplewood. The girl is named Mercy Stoneturner and her little brother is called Philip.” The detective chipmunk introduced the chipmunk trio to the human wizard.
“Intriguing, continue please.” Merlin prodded as he took some more tea.
“Well, we’re chipmunks and it seemed that traveling to this world somehow made us the size of small humans. We’re originally Anglo-Saxon as well, but not from the British continent. We’re from a place called ‘America’, A continent discovered by either the Portuguese or the Vikings. And we used to live in the twentieth century. But back on earth we’d be about the size of a mouse. And rodents adapted the human cultures and society as our own, at least to some degree.” Chip informed the mage.
“And if I’m correct you want to go back to that place?” The wizard inquired.
“Yes, the three of us are still needed there. Myself, I’m a crime fighter and my friends need my leadership before the team falls apart.”
“Yes, I see. But if you want to go back I cannot help you. I can only tell you what to do to return to your time. Casting a spell that sends you so far into the future is dangerous. I can make mistakes to, and it might result in you meeting yourself from before you traveled to this world and I suppose I don’t need to warn you of what the results would be.”
Philip started growing desperate again. But fortunately the mage saw it coming and was quick to continue.
“I do know a man who is experienced in sending creatures and object into the past and the future. He’s more likely to accomplish the spell that allows time traveling. Unfortunately this man lives in the remote lands in the desert. In a tower in the city of Fata Morgana.”
“Doesn’t Fata Morgana mean ‘mirage’?” Chip asked nervously, remembering something he read in a book.
“That does not sound encouraging.” Mercy noted disappointed.
“Do not let the name discourage you. The town is as real as you and me. But there are still difficulties you’ll encounter. The man that protects the city, the one that can send you back, he’s incredibly vain. Like a true wizard he is reclusive and not easy to convince. His ways are mysterious and he does not trust easily.”
“How will we convince him we to help us out then?” Chip questioned.
“I can think of something…hopefully.” The magician reassured him a bit troubled “But there are still other difficulties you’ll encounter. Fata Morgana is unreachable by land access. You’ll have to convince a skipper to ferry you across the large body of water between this region and the desert realm. Unfortunately the closest harbor that has ships capable of traveling such distances is the town of Lion Shield. It is a long distance away from here and then there are still numerous problems left. First, the people of the town are merchants and traders; they won’t do something for nothing. Then, the forest harbors many secrets and not all of them are good. There are clever elves, stout dwarves, cunning spell casters as well as savage trolls, brutish giants and ill-tempered dragons. Even those who have no intentions to harm you can make this journey so much more perilous. Take heed to my wisdom, many before you did and they all reached their aims. There is only so much I can do for you; I’m needed here in the tower to ensure my part of the forest stays relatively safe.”
“That means you won’t be able to travel with us?” Mercy asked sadly.
“No miss, this tower must be occupied by me to act as a observatory and fortress again evil influences that lurk outside. The only way to make your road safer is strangely enough by not traveling with you. My presence only puts you in more dangers; many evil mages would hunt me down and you could get in the crossfire. And the wizard of Fata Morgana would get suspicious if he were to see the four of us asking for his help. It’s better to let you three do this on your own.”
“But, how to convince the mage of Fata Morgana?” Chip reminded the old wise man.
“I think I already have an idea how to persuade him.” He replied and summoned a wisp of magic and send it to fetch a number of objects upstairs.
The bolt returned with a jug, a necklace, a scroll and a sickle. The items dropped down on the table in front of the four.
“Some of these things I still owe the old man. If you were to deliver it to him he’ll be glad to help you out. I’m certain. And as for the fee the travel by boat will cost you…” The mage interrupted himself to grab a purse and by simply holding his hand over it, it filled with gold coins “This should cover it.”
“Thank you so much!” Philip said amazed.
“I’m always prepared to help out those in need.” Merlin said as he ordered the four objects into a bag and handed Chip the small purse.

“Thank again for all you did for us.” Mercy told the old man when the four where once again outside.
“It’s nothing, I tell you. You’d better get going, the journey will be long and it’s getting dark already.” The wizard urged them.
“You are right. We’ll be on our way now. Once again, thanks for all your advice and help.” Chip repeated as he took the bag and started to follow the dirt path into the forest, Mercy and Philip soon following after him.
Merlin turned around and entered his tower again.
“And thus we’ve proven once again that weirdness never ends.” He murmured as he wondered just how the three got stuck here anyway.

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