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In A Different Timeline, Far Away From Reality Part 3

By: CD

The three chipmunks had been on their way now for about an hour or so. Dusk had fallen and many birds had stopped singing their songs while a few crickets and grasshoppers had already started their night serenade. The group was enjoying their long walk, even while they were so far away from home, in many ways. Suddenly however, the earth shook as a loud booming noise could be heard.
“What was that?” Mercy asked as she looked around.
Again it sounded.
“Do you suppose people are using explosives somewhere nearby?” Chip offered, as the sounds continued.
“No, it’s to frequent to be that.” Philip assumed as he pondered heavily on what it could be.
“If you ask me it are the footsteps of something large, something like a…g-g-giant!” She let out as she pointed to the sky.
The other two looked up to see Mercy was right. A huge man, at least two stories tall was wading through the forest carrying a club made out of a tree. It noticed the small party of travelers and moved into their direction. Chip and Mercy wanted to flee, dragging a fear-struck Philip after them. But one large hand blocked their path and it swept them of the road. The giant held the rodent trio close to his eye.
“I’ve never seen creatures like you here before.” It spoke in booming voice that could probably be heard miles away.
“D-d-d-d-don’t eat us s-s-sir!” Philip pleaded.
“Who said I was hunting? I’ve been trying for a long time now to find someone who might be able to help me out.”
“H-help you?” Mercy managed.
“Indeed. If you three would be willing to solve my problem, I’ll let you go without tossing you over my shoulder.” He proclaimed simply.
“Well, I guess we could at least try.” Chip reasoned, still a bit shaken “What seems to be the trouble?”
“Some warlock locked me out of my house with a magic spell. He placed a magic barrier in front of my door that can’t be destroyed by force. Only with other magicks can someone break the barrier that is preventing me from entering my home again.”
“Well I’m sorry to hear that. But I’m not familiar with sorcery at all so I can’t be of any help to you.” Chip declared and shook his head.
“That means it’s time for the kick-off.” The giant grumbled annoyed.
“Hold it! Not to fast! Uh, I’ll think of something. Maybe if I were to take a look I might find a way to solve your problem.”
“That sounds a lot better.” The man spoke and carried the chipmunks all the way back to his residence.

The giant’s home was built in the middle of a small meadow in the forest. It was made out of huge rocks and some logs that acted as support. The roof consisted of dried grass and a chimney protruded from it. Even with the crude tools this man had to work with, he still had managed to build a sturdy and cozy house. And just like the giant said, there was a green transparent force field blocking the doorway.
“Seems impenetrable.” Chip affirmed as he pressed his hand against the obstacle.
“So, is there anything you can do?” The giant asked eagerly.
“I have no idea what to do.” Chip admitted as he emptied his bag “All I have to work with are a sickle, a jug, a scroll and…”
“That looks like a magic scroll! Perhaps a spell is written on it that could dispel the barricade!” The giant exclaimed amazed.
“How does it work?” Chip wondered out loud as he looked the piece of paper over.
“You read the scroll out loud to activate the enchantment. Go ahead and do so, I cannot read the writings of those tiny puny humans.” The enormous man prodded.
“Well, if you say so.” Chip agreed as he looked the document over once more “Well, here goes: Invocation Aero Tesla Charge.”
As Chip finished reading, out of nowhere a lightning bolt struck from the sky, striking the magic wall. The glow weakened until there were no traces left of the magical barricade.
“It worked! Hey!” Chip yelled as suddenly the magic scroll faded to nothingness.
The giant hit himself over the head before explaining.
“I totally forgot. Scrolls lose their power after they’re used. I never intended for you to lose it, I should have remembered that!” He cursed.
“I don’t think the wizard of Fata Morgana will like this.” Chip remarked as his face fell.
“Buck up Chip, perhaps that man won’t notice. And if all else fails we could just lie that Merlin didn’t have any scrolls left he could give.” Mercy comforted him.
“You know, since I am indebted to you for both that scroll and your help I think I’ll try to make up for it.” The giant suddenly revealed and entered his house and returned a moment later with three objects: a small purse, a sword and a ring.
“I took them from some fool who claimed he had been send by an overlord that preached that the illusionist that run Fairy Tale Forest will be overthrown. The miser is slain, there is no reason for him to keep these.”
Chip took a look at the items while Mercy grabbed the purse and counted the money in it.
“Cool, a sword!” Philip shouted as he grabbed the long blade.
However, Mercy put her foot on the weapon and looked him sternly in the eye.
“There’s no way you will get to carry that along with you.” She warned with a voice that made it clear she wouldn’t tolerate protests.
“Right. If we are going to keep that thing it should be kept by a mature and responsible person.” Chip declared as he took it before either of them could protest “It won’t make our travel easier if one of you where to accidentally injure me.”
Mercy proceeded to sweep the ring of the ground and held it close to her eyes.
“I hope you don’t mind then if I were to take this.” She proclaimed and put the jewelry around her finger.
Chip and Philip were amazed to see that Mercy faded in color and turned into a translucent shade. In the darkness of the night, they reasoned, Mercy would be near impossible to spot.
“What, is it something I said?” Mercy wondered when she noticed the faces of the others.
“Well, Mercy-You’re just…transparent.” Chip managed.
“It must be magic of some sort.” Philip reasoned “Or in any case a useful tool.”
“Hmm, I don’t see you becoming invisible with that sword of yours Chip.” Mercy teased as she admired the artifact.
“Now how do we get back? There aren’t any roads nearby.” Philip observed, switching topics.
“I suppose I could bring you back to were I found you.” The giant offered and lifted the three off the ground.
“One request.” Chip interrupted “Do you think you could bring us to a place called ‘Lion Shield’?”
“That’s a bit too far away. I still have to hunt or I’ll starve, and night is the best time to go hunting. And those humans would probably regard me as hostile, and turn me into a huge pincushion.” He bellowed and laughed.
“To bad. But thanks for the reward, you never know when it might come in handy.” Chip said politely.
The giant nodded and began to retrace his steps to the road where he found his new friends.

“Well, this is the place.” The giant announced as he set down the trio again.
“Thanks for the ride.” Mercy replied.
“If you are going to travel by foot, I have to warn you though. It’s better not to stray from the road no matter what. You can get lost in the forest quite easily and many dangers lurk in the forest. Vicious creatures make their lairs in Fairy Tale Forest, so avoid any den or burrow that looks like it houses something flesh-eating.”
“Thanks sir, I’ll remember it.” Chip thanked the giant and waved until he had disappeared in the forest.
They took their belongings and were on their way again.

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