A/N: I apoligize for the delay, things turned out different than I wished for. I think this part might push the rating up to PG for some suggestiveness but otherwise it's simply more story. The Rescue Rangers are copyrighted Disney.

In A Different Timeline, Far Away From Reality Part 5

By: CD

After a small trip the three adventurers arrived in the town called ‘Bee Hive’.
“This seems to be a reasonable safe place to spend the night.” Chip observed as he entered a building named “Bumblebee Inn”.
The place was crowded with people, and it was difficult to hear each other above the sound of conversation. Chip led his companions over to a table, keeping an eye on them to make sure no thief tried to make his move on either Philip or Mercy. Chip and Mercy sat down while Philip wandered off to see a bard performing with a flute.
Mercy yawned once more and asked: “Why don’t we just rent a room and call it a day?”
“I thought you might want to drink something before going to bed.” Chip explained and motioned to the owner.
“Well I’m not thirsty at all. In these times they only got beer.” Mercy replied and rubbed her eyes, then quickly undid the ring she wore in case someone might question why she was partially invisible.
“You’re no alcoholic?” Chip exclaimed amazed, but got no reply as the inn owner had reached their table.
“Is there anything I could get you?” He inquired as he looked weirdly at the couple.
“Is there anything to eat you could recommend? I can’t sleep on an empty stomach.” Mercy prodded.
“Sure, I think we have something left.” He affirmed.
“Same for me, and a child’s meal.” Chip added.
“Of course. Just out of curiosity, where do creatures like you come from? I can’t recall seeing people like you before.” The man revealed.
“Well, all I can say is that we’re pretty strange in human society.” Chip admitted, hoping it was a correct answer.
“You seem civilized enough to mingle amongst humanoids though. Hopefully you won’t have to explain everyone you meet what you are. Though I don’t think it will be that serious, most townsmen are accustomed to mysterious outsiders.” With that, the inn keeper left and informed his cook there was more work for him.
“I’d better find Philip before he gets into trouble.” Mercy told Chip and got up.
However, a discussion between two people took her attention along with others who were present. The issue seemed to be between a man in a red robe and a rash man with an iron cuirass covering his torso, along with an axe sheeted in his belt. The lather didn’t seem like he was still in control of his actions and his red nose revealed he was indeed drunk.
“What’s happening?” Philip asked the two as he approached them, evidently not aware he was getting himself in trouble.
“Stay away kid.” The one in the robe warned harshly as he shoved the little chipmunk aside.
“You d-don’t de-decide over t-t-that k-k-k-kids life!” The other managed and drew back a fist while closing one eye, hoping to get a clear view on his agile opponents whom outnumbered him five to one.
The man in the robe easily dodged his opponent’s punch, which upset his attacker even more. Chip moved over to Philip in hopes that he could protect the youngster from getting hurt in the brawl that was about to escalate. The drunk grabbed for his axe and raised it above his head. Chip gasped and quickly drew the sword he had been given by the giant to protect the robed man. In a swift maneuver he jumped between the two and blocked the axe with the blade of his sword. Chip hoped that he could finish this fight through diplomatic means as he considered himself the weaker fighter, even if the other was in a drunken state. He was, fortunately, spared more action by the robed man who managed to freeze the drunk dead in his tracks by simply touching him.
“How did you do that?” Chip asked bewildered as he pried the axe out of the warrior’s hand.
“It’s a paralyze spell. He’ll be stuck in this position long enough to call the town guard and have him brought to prison. Thanks for you assistance sir, I appreciate that.”
“Anything to keep violence out of here.” Chip said as he put his sword away.
“I owe you an reward. Take this.” The man told him as he handed Chip a set of books.
“No, I don’t need to be rewarded for this. I’m sure you could use this better” Chip refused.
“I have no more use for these. I’m a accomplished apprentice magician and no longer need these lesson books.” The robed figure insisted.
“If you’re sure about it…” Chip finally agreed as he sat back at the table while the man exited.
“What would you need a spell book for?” Mercy wondered as she looked over Chip’s reward.
“Perhaps cast some spell that protects me from falling under you influence.” He joked as he studied the covers.
One book was titled ‘Magic for dummies’, another ‘Spells for starters’ and the last was named ‘Flora and Fauna of Fairy Tale Forest’.
“Can I look at them? I love reading!” Philip asked eagerly and reached for the books.
“Why not? At least you show interest.” Chip commented as he was surprised when suddenly a plate with food was set down in front of him.
“Here’s your food sir.” The innkeeper announced as he set down Mercy and Philip’s meal as well.
“Thanks, with all the events of today I completely forgot my empty stomach.” Chip spoke as he grabbed his fork and knife.

After consuming the dinner, the trio rented room to stay for that night. As they entered it, Chip was dismayed to see there were only two beds. One of them had room for two.
“Oh my goodness, this is not good.” He thought as he saw no alternatives.
“It seems two of us will be sharing.” Mercy noted as a sense of dread washed over Chip.
“If there really is no better choice, I will sleep with you.” The detective admitted, the shame of defeat evident in his voice.
“Who said anything about us together? I’m talking about me and Philip.” Mercy replied a tad annoyed “Despite what you might think, I am a very conscious lady.”
Chip breathed a sigh of relief.
“If your done panting now, shoo!” She commanded as she motioned Chip to leave so she could undress.
Despite the first impressions, everything worked out and soon the group was vast asleep.

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