In A Different Timeline, Far Away From Reality Part 9

By: CD

For the remainder of the day, Mercy, Chip and Philip traveled through the enchanted forest in search for the city of Lion Shield. Mercy hadn't used her pendant since it turned her into a bat for the first time, the ability to fly wasn't worth being stark naked upon turning back into a chipmunk. So she decided to only use it if it was necessary. As the group traveled, they found a tree which was converted into a house by someone. The denizen of the house was outside, holding a scroll and scanning it's contents.

"Perhaps we could ask him if there are any towns nearby where we could find ourselves a place to sleep." Chip suggested and approached the man.

He was dressed in a red cloak, gray clothing and a leather tunic. He didn't look up as Chip approached, even when the chipmunk coughed to get his attention.

"Excuse me sir, could you direct us to the nearest village?" He asked politely, by now wondering if by chance the man was deaf.

However, the man gave a reply. But still didn't look away from his parchment.

"What do I look like? A guide? Just leave me be."

"Well, it's rather important. We need a place to rest and I hoped you could help." Chip tried again, this time the scholar at least looked away from his papers.

"Sure, turn 180 degrees and keep walking until I can no longer see you." He said annoyed and turned back to his documents.

"No seriously, where is the nearest town?" Chip tried once more.

"I told you." The student retorted while putting away the scroll "To leave me in peace! But you're not listening. It seems I have to." He continued and with a quick motion of his arms he summoned a gray cloud through which a large shadow was visible "Remove you physically!" He finished and folded his arms.

As the fog vanished, Chip could see a figure he could hardly describe. The beast was twice his size, had the body of a bull but normal hands. It's eyes had a hellish red glow, it's muscles where huge and the horns where so long and pointy that they made El Emenope's looked like toothpicks. It scraped it's hooves on the floor two times and cast it's view on Chip, and while it was difficult to guess the mood of the creature by his expression alone, it was clear to the chipmunk that this beast had a violent nature. It readied it's weapon, a massive two-handed axe made out of steel and gold. Although the thing looked like a museum piece, Chip didn't have difficulty believing that the weapon could split the head of anything walking on two legs. The Minotaur took a step in Chip's direction, raised the axe above his head and struck. Just in time, the chipmunk could grab for his sword to block the chop. His opponent wasn't astonished, he continued to put all his strength into pushing the blade closer to Chip's forehead. The chipmunk in turn tried his best to push the axe away from him, and channeled all the energy in his body to his arm muscles. He felt spasmodic all over his body and the sharp edge of the double-edged weapon became threateningly close to his head. The efforts of the Minotaur seemed to pay off when suddenly the tides turned abruptly. In a flash of mossgreen, followed by blood red, a sharp object slashed across the monster's body. The bull-headed guardian howled in pain as he dropped his axe and clutched his torso. A moment later, smoke gathered around the Minotaur and he disappeared with a resonating cry. Mercy, who had saved Chip's life turned toward her close friend. He could see the blood of the Minotaur had sprayed all over her and her knife was colored red.

"Oh, my.goodness." Was all Chip could manage as he looked her.

She simply turned to the warlock with a murderous look in her eyes. She lunged at him, intending to do the same to him as his 'pet'. He reacted calmly by stepping aside and letting Mercy fall to the ground. He got on top of her and jammed her throat with his left arm. His right hand got an eerie blue glow and he held it dangerously close to Mercy's face. Fearing a serious face burn or worse, she grabbed his right arm and pushed the hand away from her. The magician did the exact opposite and both where struggling on the floor. Chip snapped out of his daze and approached the two wrestling forms. He drew a deep breath, closed his eyes and raised his sword. A sunray reflected off the metal, making it shine. A moment later, Chip brought it down on the body of the sorcerer who choked and gasped. He fell limply on top of Mercy before his disappeared with sparkles of blue. His clothing remained, but the warlock was definitely gone. Mercy got to her feet and brushed herself off before drawing a deep breath. She looked at Chip.

"Why the long face? He wanted to see you end up with a hole in your skull. You can't feel sorry for these animals. It's kill or be killed with these types." She reminded him as she kicked at the rags on the floor.

Philip approached the chipmunk sleuth, presenting him the Minotaur's axe.

"He dropped this." He declared triumphantly.

Chip took the weapon from him, and to his surprise it turned out much lighter than he had dared to hope. He could never have envisioned himself holding the thing knee high, yet here he was carrying it in his hands.

"It's much lighter than it looks like." He commented as he inspected the thing.

"Must be enchanted." Philip explained "Not that I can think of a reason why the beast needed it so light."

"Well, we'd better get going again." Chip commanded "I've just seen enough violence to make me unthinkably sick." He thought as he got back on the road.

However, if Chip had looked around he would have witnessed something more disturbing. Because before Mercy joined him and her brother, she licked the blood of her knife.

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