Authors Note: My sixth series fanfic. My apoligies to those who are still awaiting the next instalment of "In a different Timeline, far away from Reality", but I'd like to continue my series as well and I will get back on it, sometime. Thanks to Loki for spell checking and Indy for rating. Rated high PG for suggestiveness and intensive scenes. Here goes.

It's A Jungle Out There


Part One

It was a normal day in the metropolis of New York, and a normal day for a certain couple of chipmunks.
“Better watch out Mercy, you’re at the end of your life!” Philip warned his older sister.
“Hah, you won’t catch me!” she replied while fumbling with the controls of a rodent sized game pad.
“We’ll see about that,” Philip replied and quickly manipulated the controls of his joystick.
“Your fireballs won’t hurt me, I can simply jump over them,” Mercy countered before there was a loud bang from the TV and Mercy’s expression changed.
“Maybe you should have jumped upward instead of backward, by moving forward I gave your jump the space it needed so you ended up landing on my fireball after all,” Philip educated his sister as his character took a victory stance.
“Alright, you win…again,” Mercy admitted and put her controller down.
“That was fun, what do we do now?” Philip asked eagerly as he turned off the computer.
“I know something. It’s big fun, believe me,” Mercy said mysteriously as an evil smile formed on her face.
“What is it, what is it?” her brother asked eagerly.
“Cleaning your room, that’s fun!”
“Aw, Mercy!” he complained, not really understanding what was so great about cleaning.
“No,” she said, understanding full well what her brother meant.
“What’s so fun about that? It’s boring!”
“Maybe, but would you rather do it when we come home from our vacation?” Mercy asked, referring to their trip to Saudi Arabia they would start tomorrow.
“I’ll be too tired then, so it will have to wait a little longer,” Philip dismissed the argument.
“Precisely, and the longer it stays that way the higher the chances are we get sick. A mess tends to mess up people as well, you know. So we had better clean up before things get dirtier. And no protest or I’ll get dirty,” Mercy insisted.
“What’s the use, things will get filthy again anyway,” the youngster complained, but did as he was told.

In a hideout located in the sewers a shady group was discussing its dark deals.
“It seems our bid for total control failed, ‘cause you lost your henchman. You’se are pathetic!” a brown furred rat in a red gangster suit lamented.
“Hey, it’s not like I scared him off! He simply split, that’s all,” his gray furred counterpart defended.
“That’s all, that’s all…you’re not taking this serious are youse?” the other replied.
“Just argue youse two, it’s not going to get our men back,” a third joined in, dressed in a green suit similar to those of the other rats.
“What we’re dealing with here is a major desertion problem, other gangs are losing their hoods as well,” Rat Capone revealed.
“No kidding, even Fat Cat had one of his goons abandon him. That means someone is either really stupid or willing to risk his life in exchange for a new job,” Francis added.
“Then what are you’se accusing me of?”
“Shut up youse two and listen to me,” Thomas interrupted. “If we are to get Boris and Leonard back we need to find out were they went. We’re not going to lose our men now that we’re ready for a take-over. Now, does any of you has an idea were to start searching?”
“Leonard said he wanted his job back at the arms dealing racket, you know, those guys from Brazil who supplied weapons to various crime organizations around the world,” Capone recalled.
“Brazil, huh? Then I suppose we should get ourselves a ticket to Brazil and find those two. But where exactly was this organization located?” Thomas requested.
“The Rescue Ranger ratted them out to the AP, so I guess we’ll have to look into the law enforcement branch for that information,” Rat Capone suggested and grabbed the horn of his 30’s styled telephone.

A young AP officer, a male mole, grabbed the horn of his telephone to answer whoever called him.
“Yeah, AP station, who is it?”
“Yes, I-” the caller began in a gruff voice but interrupted himself “I have heard that your group has been working together well with the Rescue Rangers, is that right?” a feminine voice continued.
The mole never heard such a lovely voice before; it really enchanted him. “Yeah” He answered, dreaming about how this lady would look like.
“I was wondering, if it’s not to much trouble, could you please tell me about that weapon smuggler gang they mopped up?” she asked eagerly.
“Sure, hold on minute,” the mole replied and rummaged through a file cabinet to find what his caller was looking for.
“Thanks,” the caller replied after she/he got the info, this time in a gruff voice, and hung up. The mole just shrugged and continued scanning some serious reports.

Chip answered a telephone call and was surprised to hear it was Officer Rensen, who had been promoted to Chief of Police.
“Chip, we got a case for you. We got some reports about a growing number in serious crimes, mostly illegal weapon possession. Another thing that bothers us, but more on the international category, is that we lost contact with AP forces outside country. Can we get some help from your team on that? I know it has never been a habit of the AP to call upon ‘vigilantes’, but keep in mind we got quite a change in the system ever since we lost Chief Judgeson and the Strongarm family.”
“Sure,” Chip shrugged, “but where to start? I mean, you just called me and expect me to input an answer to your problem as if it were a crossword puzzle or something asked on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’.”
“Yes, that wasn’t very thoughtful, but if you and your team can come over here we can give you a more serious view on the situation,” Rensen added and hung up.
“Sound like a case, I’d better get the others,” Chip figured, and went off to find the other Rangers.

“Well, it’s like this…” Rensen started. “It seems the number of weapon-owning rodents is growing. Many of them don’t have a license, and most of them are criminals as well. We’re a bit afraid that if it keeps up at this pace we’ll get no-go areas in this city.”
“What about this lost contact thing?” Chip asked, seeing a connection between the two cases.
“We’re now unable to get any replies from Brazil, The Republic of South Africa, Ecuador, Colombia and Sri Lanka. Very strange, seeing as we always had good ties with those countries.”
“Brazil you said? Remember that Zipper got us the address of a smuggler gang from there?” Chip reminded the Chief.
“Oh my god, can it be they regrouped or something?”
“Well, that explains the increased number of armed rodents,” Dale explained, looking at the map at the wall to see were Sri Lanka was located.
“But why would those blighters have anything to do with the lost contact between Africa and the rest o’ Latin America?” Monty wondered as he too checked the map as if it would give him any answers.
“Maybe they want to expand their market. You know the AP can put a damper on their trade when the police starts finding shiploads of weaponry,” Geegaw reasoned as he joined Monty and Dale to study the map, so he would be prepared when they actually had to fly to South America.
“That might have been a good reason for them to rub them out,” Chip responded, slamming his fist in his palm.
“Then I guess it’s up to you to go to Brazil and try to reestablish contact with the AP, or whatever justice system has replaced it,” Rensen suggested.
“Take note that maybe there aren’t any crimefighters left in there,” Chip explained before turning to Zipper. “Do you still remember the address of those gun runners?”
Zipper nodded and flew over to the map, and placed his hand at an island north of Brazil, west of a city named Belém.
“You think you can fly us there Geegaw?” Chip asked the elder mouse.
“Not exactly close, but we can make it with the Screaming Eagle,” He explained.
“Good, then we should get ready for our flight, we’ll leave tomorrow. First we should get home and start packing, Rescue Rangers Away!”

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