Let's Suppose Chip, Dale and Gadget Where A Bit Different At Birth - Many Years Before 'To The Rescue'
By: CD

Chapter One

Authors Note: This is how Chip and Dale could have met each other as females. And I try to bring up some personalities for them with this. I consider it PG for voilence. I hope it's interesting and an idea worth writing for.


It was another school day and another hour of PE. And to one chipmunk, this was another day of mental and physical abuse at the hand of her classmates. While in the ladies’ dressing room her tormentors could pester her unopposed.

“Hey princess-wannabe, I bet you ten bucks that with your delicate fingers you can’t climb a rope.” One of the girls challenged.

Dale ignored her and started undressing. Only a moment after she lifted the lower parts of her dress she could feel someone poke a pen in her lower back.

“Cut that out!” She demanded while she turned around and was confronted by the choice if she should keep her back toward the rest of the girls or undress with her back to the wall so she could see the others, who in turn could see her.

“Just look at her!” Another girl chimed in who walked over to stand in front of Dale “There’s a gap between her teeth! I could park my bike between them!” She stated and placed her thumb between Dale’s teeth.

The rest of the group laughed and Dale felt the urge to bite the other girl. However she had retreated her hand before Dale bit. It just encouraged her to make more nasty remarks.

“That’s right, bite me bitte. You think you’re so noble? Then why behave like a tramp? What did I ever do to you to deserve such a treatment?”

Dale could think of a few reasons. Again she felt like a caged animal, and the girl in front of hers ‘I dare you’ attitude made her mad. In a quick moment Dale pushed her away. The other child had not seen that coming and fell to the floor. But there was already another to take her place who punched Dale’s gut. Dale bend over, but next thing she knew she was tripped and fell face first to the floor. The girl Dale just floored got up to get her revenge and kicked Dale in her side. After that everyone seemed to have had their fun and got back to changing. They then left, leaving Dale alone on the floor. Suddenly she felt someone lift her by her shoulders and set her down on the bench. She was hyperventilating, and after a while the person who had helped her returned with a glass of water. It was another chipmunk girl, already dressed in her shorts and shirt for PE.

“They treat you really bad. I can’t say I envy you. Are you going to be alright?” The other handed Dale the glass and she emptied it quickly.

“I-I’m going to g-get them back. T-t-they a-always p-p-pick on m-me.” Dale stammered, ignoring the other girl’s question.

“Look, if you start hitting them they all come after you. Just tell the grown ups and maybe they’ll kick those troublemakers out. It would really help against overcrowded classrooms.”

“W-who are you?”

“I’m Chip Maplewood, we’re in the same class remember?”

“Yeah, but it’s so crowded here.”

“Can you take care for yourself now?” Chip inquired with concern in her eyes, but at the same time looking anxious to join the rest of the PE class.

“C-could you take me to the doctor?” Dale requested weakly.

“Is it really that bad?”

“Mother said it’s some disease but I don’t know what it is. All I know is that I’ll need help.”

“Alright, just put your arm around my neck and we’ll walk to mister Almond.” Chip agreed and helped Dale up.

Dale did as suggested limped along leaning on Chip. They walked through the halls to find the school’s handyman. Chip would miss PE, but she was too concerned about the other girl to care. It didn’t take them long to find caretaker Almond.

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