Let's Suppose Chip, Dale and Gadget Where A Bit Different At Birth - Many Years Before 'To The Rescue'
By: CD

Chapter Six

After school time, Chip invited Dale to visit her home, and she accepted. It seemed right for Chip to do so, so they would be even. On their way home, they passed an ice cream car. Chip couldn’t refuse looking and drooling at the sight of Italian ice, imagining herself a big horn with pistachio, banana, straciatella with lots of whipped cream for a crown. She stopped walking, and Dale waited patiently.

“I bet you’re hungering for some ice cream yourself.” Dale guessed with a smile.

“Everything’s for sale, it’s simply a case of paying. More so if you got money, preferably lots of it. Then you can get everything from me.” The vendor told them with a smile.

“I haven’t got but a dime.” Chip admitted sadly.

“But I do have cash. What would you like?” Dale offered as she retrieved a wallet from her schoolbag.

“Wow, you’re really going to treat me to an ice cream? Wonderful, well give me pistachio, banana and straciatella.” Chip said as she turned back to the man before looking at Dale again “Can I ask for whipped cream as well?” She suggested cautiously.

“Sure. I’ll have strawberry, melon and chocolate. Both with whipped cream please.” Dale ordered.

She paid for the ice and handed Chip hers.

“You’re so generous. I wish I had money like you.” She commented as she took hers.

“Having money isn’t everything, accept that from someone who knows. I have trouble making friends, so I’m glad I have you. There’s so much you can’t have with money, like good weather, a white Christmas, a day of fun at the beach, a good mood…” Dale philosophised as the two sat down on a wall nearby “Of course I could buy people’s friendship, but that’s not fun. They want to stay with you if you treat them to snacks and delicacies or presents. I prefer to reward those who are true friends, then my gift means something. Obviously, those bullies are nasty to me because I don’t share with them.”

Chip was impressed with Dale’s morals, and understood the importance. Out of nowhere, in a moment a hand pushed Dale’s ice cream in her face and a voice shouted “rich bitch! Eat cream and scream!”. The stranger passed on her bike quickly, Chip saw it was one of the girls from her class. However, he was not the only one to notice.

“Insolent brat! If you where my child I’d put you over my knee and give you the spanking of your life. What’s that for, harassing other girls!?” The ice cream man shouted and waved his fist after the girl who pushed Dale’s ice in her face.

He approached the two girls who where his customers and started to wipe Dale’s face clean with a tissue.

“Annoying pests, don’t mind them bullies. Something like that isn’t going to get the best out of me.” The man advised as he returned to his car, coming back a little later with a new ice cream for Dale “Don’t expect me to do this for the one who shoved the last one in your face.”

“Thank you sir.” Dale stammered, a bit shaken at the turn of events.

“No problem, eat up. And if I see the child again I’ll shove one down her back for you.”

Later, the two arrived at Chip’s home. In the living room Chip’s mom was who was pleasantly surprised to see they had a guest.

“I see we have a visitor with us. Would you care to introduce us Chip dear?”

“Sure mom, this is Dale. Dale, this is Jenny Maplewood.”

“Pleasure to meet you. Can I make use of the phone here?” Dale requested as she firmly shook Chip’s mother’s hand.

“Not a problem Dale. After you’re done you can have some milk and cookies.” Jenny said as she started preparing.

After the two where done they went up to Chip’s room. Once at the top of the stairs they where halted by Chip’s elder brother, Carl, who blocked their path.

“Two girls are twice as much fun! Good idea to bring a friend Chip.” He noted approvingly.

“Get lost Carl, annoying pest.” Chip demanded curtly, moving in front of Dale to shield her from whatever her brother had in mind.

“You are so beautiful when you’re mad at me. And you smell like a tropical forest.” He swooned as he placed one hand under he chin.

“I just had an ice cream. Thank you very much.” She reacted icily.

“Ah, but none of those flavours is as sweet is my little sister. Would you give me a kiss so I can share in your pleasure?”

“Hey Carl!” Another guy said as he opened the door of his room to confront the joker of the house.


“Shut up!” He said, the other chipmunk looked much older than Carl “Stop being a jerk, what you’re doing is wrong.”

“If I like it, it’s not wrong for me.” He theorized, but went downstairs and away from the other three.

At the same time, Dale and Chip could feel his concentrated stare on their backs. The other boy just shook his head while the two ladies entered Chip’s room. Her room was actually quite sloppy for someone as organized as she was. She hadn’t taken the trouble to make up her bed after awakening, her nightgown lay on the floor and some other stuff as well. So it was appropriate that Chip said ‘don’t mind the mess’. Dale looked around and saw there was a desk with a lamp and homework equipment on it. On a wooden trunk next to it was a record player and a stack of records. Along the left wall where closets, along the right one was the bed, an end table with a lamp and two large windows with curtains. Aside from a few toys lying on the ground there wasn’t much for Chip to entertain herself with. Except for a bookcase next to her, but that was filled with adult literature like Sureluck Jones, George Foretell and The Capital. Chip sat down on the chair by her desk while Dale carefully sat down on her bed.

“Well, you just met Carl and Charlie. They don’t seem to like each other much, but that’s because I don’t like the way Carl behaves around me. Charlie says it’s dangerous and that I should be careful when he’s around.”

“How old are they?” Dale asked.

“Carl’s nine. Charlie fourteen I guess. I also got a brother who’s twelve and a four years old sister. Having older sibling is the worst thing that can happen to you.” She explained as she sat down in a position where her back rested on one armrest and her legs where over the other.

“No, younger ones are worse. I have a younger brother who makes a lot of racket, in the worst case he does so at night. At least the older ones won’t keep you awake. But tell me what you do here for fun.”

“Oh, I read books. Or I listen to music, I have a lot of the richest singer in America, right after Sinatra, who was with the Mafia. But I spend a lot of my free time outside because there’s a small playground nearby with swings. I don’t play much with the kids in the neighbourhood, they don’t like me. Not that they hate me or anything. We simply aren’t friends. So instead I have to play with my younger sister.”

“Anything else you do here?” Dale continued asking, wondering if Chip wouldn’t die of boredom.

“My parents frequently take us to some fun place like a swimming pool, open field, forest or sometimes a theme park. But I know how to entertain myself perfectly here.” She stated as she got of her chair and took a record from her stack “Do you like Saint-Saens?”

“Eh, what did he do? What miracles did he perform?” Dale wondered, feeling stupid for asking.

“No silly he’s a music writer, Camille Saint-Saens.” Chip explained while she started up the Danse Macabre.

Being a rich child, Dale felt a bit embarrassed that she didn’t know the names of any musicians from long ago. But that passed while the two chipmunks spend their afternoon listening classic, rock, jazz and the funniest choice of music Dale ever heard. It seemed pretty weird to Dale to change from fanfare to disco to reggae. But because Chip got all her music from aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends it was inevitable she’d get a silly collection. Chip even tried her best to get Dale to dance, but her lessons brought out more laughs than actual familiarity. Time flew, and after dinner and some more practice with music it was time for Dale to go home. Chip’s father was able to give her a ride back home with her sitting on the back of his bicycle with Chip cycling next to her to continue chatting with Dale. Once she was home Dale tried to practice her dancing a little more, but only succeeded in tripping whilst dancing up the stairs to the front door. Fortunately her mother was there to help her up again and talk the idea out of her head before she got another bleeding.

To be continued?

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