Indy and Chris Silva's stories
An extra thanks to Indy who has allowed me to use his html code. It is used on nearly all of the stories with only minor changes to make it look better with this website's layout. If he hadn't allowed me to use his code it would have taken me month's to put his stories up.

Indy and Chris Silva has also written some TaleSpin stories that definitively is worth mentioning. I, the maintainer, especially like their story Cat Baloo. You can find their stories at Indy's website, here.

Short stories

A Day In the Life of Gadget and Dale: School Daze
This story is based on events that happened in "Untold Ranger Tales" part 1-8.

A Ranger Christmas Carol

Chip and Dale VR Donald Duck

Chip... and Tammy?

Dale on the Jazz

Paris and Paradise

Pinky and The Brain vs the Rangers

Rangers - Animainiacs

Texas Rangers

The Adventures of Sagramore Fayremounte

The Day Dale Became Smart
Part 2 Part 3

The Gift of Thundera
Part one, two, three, four

Zipper's Wonderful Life

Zipper The Shadow in The Claw of Death


Novell length stories

The Spy Who Loved Monty
Chapter two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine

The Times of Their Life
Chapter one, two, three part one, three part two, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine

Untold Ranger Tales
This is a serie whith several stories. Indy and Chris Silva has finished it with the tenth part and there is totally 707,740 words in all parts together.


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