The Return of Winifred

By Jareth

Chapter One: Foxglove’s new life

“Ouch.” Foxglove said softly, rubbing her head. “That’s never happened before.” Foxglove sat up in the darkness, still rubbing her head. After the Winifred case, Foxglove had been allowed to stay with the rangers and sleep in their living room until she could locate a new home for herself. Originally, the routine was that she would get up every night to scout out new homes. After a while, Foxglove had adjusted her sleeping patterns to fit the rangers because it was “safer to fly during the day” as she had put it, but in truth, she had done it for Dale. After a while, she had stopped looking for possible homes altogether and just flew around the park. The rangers were all well aware of this because unfortunately, Foxy forgot to fly somewhere that the rangers couldn’t see from their house, but they were fine with it and actually, enjoyed Foxglove’s company.

“Are you alright Foxglove” Gadget said as she came in.

“What’s all the commotion?” Monty said, following Gadget.

“What was that?” Chip said, following Monty. Even zipper came in to see what happened Foxglove looked up, tears welling in her eyes

“Aw, the poor sheela’s just had a bit of a nightmare’s al.” Money said comfortingly. “Why I remember once…” Chip cut Monty off.

“What was it about?” Chip said with concern and interest.

“Well,” Foxglove began “I dreamed that Winifred escaped from jail in a huge jail break.” Foxy began sobbing.
Zipper made an “It’s alright” noise and patted Foxglove on the back

“Don’t worry Foxglove,” Gadget said. “Dreams are just neurons firing off stray information in the cerebral cortex”

“…What?” Foxglove said sounding confused.
Every laughed, including Foxglove.

“I think what Gadget’s tryin ta say, is that It’s all in your head luv.” Monty said as he stopped laughing.

“I know, but it felt so real.” Foxglove said, concern coming back into her voice. “What if it was a premonition?” Foxglove said, shuddering.

“If it makes you feel any better, we’ll check at the station tomorrow and see if there were any jail breaks.” Chip said trying to sound as reassuring as possible.

“Chip, that was very sweat of you” Gadget said, smiling at chip.

“Anything for a friend.” Chip said, only directing it at Gadget.

“Well, I’m bushed” Monty said, stretching. “See you all in the morning.” He said as he Chip and Zipper left the room.

“Good night Foxglove” Chip said as he left the living room and headed back to his own.

“Good night Chip” Foxglove responded

“Are you sure you’re alright Foxglove?” Gadget asked with concern.

“Yes” Foxglove said with a forced smile.

“Okay then, Goodnight.” Gadget said as she left the room.

“Goodnight…” Foxglove said as she hung from the ceiling once more.

“Winifred is in jail” Foxglove began. “She has no power and can’t escape. Winifred is in jail. She has no power and can’t escape. Winifred is in jail. She has no power and can’t escape. Winifred is in jail. She has no power and can’t escape… Foxglove kept saying this to herself until she drifted back to sleep.

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