The Return of Winifred

By Jareth

Chapter Two: A disturbing discovery

Foxglove awoke to the sound of dishes and running water. Monty was apparently washing dishes. “Mm… What time is it?” she said as she stretched her wings and fluttered to the floor.

“’Bout time you got up.” Monty said cheerfully. “I was start’n ta worry”

“No, I’m fine,” Foxglove said as she rubbed her eyes and yawned “but what time is it?”

“’Bout one thirty luv.” Monty said as he stacked another dish onto the large pile in front of him.

“ONE THIRTY!?” Foxglove said, her eyes widening. “How did I sleep that late?”

“You were pretty scared last night. I’m surprised you woke up as early as you did.”

This reminded her about the previous night, and about the dream. It was so nice that everyone had come to check on her. Monty and Zipper and Gadget and chip and Da…
“Where was Dale last night?” Foxglove said in an upset tone.

“Slept through the whole thing. Ol’ Dale gets so little sleep. It takes a lot to wake him up” Monty said very matter-of-factly.

“Is Dale here now?” Foxglove said, ears standing up with interest.

“Nope, he went out with chip.” Said Monty

Foxglove’s ears went back down and a sad expression formed on her face.

Monty saw this “Aw, don’t worry luv,” he said reassuringly. “I’ll bet he went out to buy you something nice. It is Valentines day after all.”

“That’s right, it is Valentines day! Oh, I bet Dale is out buying me candy or flowers or… Hmmm… ?” Foxglove thought to herself dreamily.

“Only ones here are me, Gadget and Zipper.” Monty continued. “So, are ya gonna fly out and look for new homes again?” Monty asked half laughing.

“Not today…?” Foxglove said dreamily

“Isn’t that sweet?” Gadget said turning away from the TV. She was apparently watching a Valentines day marathon of some sort.

“Yeah,” Monty said “aint it?”

At that moment, somewhere in the city, Chip was walking back to Rescue Rangers HQ carrying a large box of chocolate and a rose. “Gadget will love these.” He said to himself as he walked passed the police station. “There was something else I was supposed to do, but what?” Chip asked himself as he stopped in front of the police station. Just then, the station caught the corner of his eye. “That’s right,” Chip remembered out loud. “I promised Foxglove I’d check and see if there were any jailbreaks.” Chip ran up the railing, chocolate in one hand, flower in the other, until he got to the top. He laid the chocolate and flowers against the wall, and climbed into the air vent. Chip walked quietly down the shaft, as to make as little noise as possible. He stopped when he got to their usual spot and looked down. No one was there. “Well, as long as no one’s here.” Chip thought, “I guess it’s safe to look at the days report.” Chip slid open the vent and using a small rope he had with him, tied a knot around one of the vent screws and slid down it.

He landed on the desk very gracefully. “Now, where’s that report?” Said Chip as he looked around the desk. However, today, there didn’t seem to be one. “That’s odd,” Chip began, “there’s always a—” But something he saw made him stop. There was a Paper sign with something written on it in magic marker taped to the glass window on the door. Apparently, the marker had bleed through, reveling what had been written on the front. Although from Chips side of the glass, the sign was backwards and the marker bleed was barely legible, he could just make out the words, “Code blue” hastily written on the other side. “Code blue!?” Chip said with alarm in his voice. He remembered once, when he was unable to sleep, he stayed up late with Dale and watched an old cops and robbers movie. Although he had forgotten exactly how the movie went, He remembered that during the scene where the prisoners were escaping, the prison guard was yelling, “Code blue! Code blue!” That was just a movie.” Chip reminded himself shakily. “I’m sure that if there was a jail break, there would be at least some kind of note of it.” However, as Chip turned around, he tripped over something. “Ouch!” he said, sounding annoyed “What—” Again, Chip stopped in mid sentence to notice something else. The object he had tripped over was a note written on a small piece of memo paper. The note simply read, “Street patrol 24-7, Jailbreak.”

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