The Return of Winifred

By Jareth

Chapter Five: Moon rock missing!

It was around 3:47 by the time Foxglove had returned to Rescue Ranger HQ. In her anger, she had flown practically to the other side of the park. Foxglove opened the door and peered in to see Dale, alone on the couch, watching TV and eating popcorn. Behind him, the chocolate box lay open, with only 2 out of the 5 remaining. She crept in and slowly made her way over to the couch. When she had finally gotten over to the couch, she flew over the back and landed next to dale.

“Ah!” Dale yelled with shock and surprise as popcorn went everywhere.

“Hiya cute stuff.” Foxglove said affectionately, looking into dales eyes.

“Oh, uh… Hi Foxy.” Dale said as he brushed popcorn off his lap.

“What are you watching?” Foxglove asked as she put her wing around Dale. She knew very well just by looking at the hundreds of brides chasing a groom, that Dale was watching The Bachelor, but Foxglove wanted to start up a conversation.

“I dunno.” Dale said, moving uncomfortably out of Foxglove’s wingspan. “Everyone is forcing me to watch all these love movies to teach me some sort of lesson. I think it had something to do with you flying away.” Dale paused and looked at Foxglove. “By the way Foxy, why did you run off like that?”

“I overreacted.” Foxglove said, looking at her feet. “I was upset that you had gotten those chocolates for yourself and not me.”

“Aw, come on.” Dale said reassuringly. “You know I would have given you some if you wanted some.” Before Foxglove could react, Dale reached behind him and pulled a piece of chocolate out. “Do you want some?” he asked, showing her the chocolate.

“That’s okay, I can’t eat chocolate.” Foxglove said, pushing the chocolate away.

“Well if you can’t eat it, then why did ya want me to bring you some?” Dale asked quizzically.

Before Foxglove could answer, Chip walked in front of the TV. He was about to change the channel, when he noticed Foxglove on the couch. “Uh… I think Gadget wanted to talk to you.” Chip said nervously.

“Am I in trouble?” asked Foxglove, a worried expression forming on her face.

“No, she just uh… Wanted to show you her latest invention!” Chip gave a forced smile.

“Oh, okay. I’ll be right back Dale.” Said Foxglove as she got off the couch and headed to gadget’s workshop.

“*Whew, I almost turned the news on with Foxglove right there.” Said Chip, sounding relieved.

“So what?” said a confused Dale.

“You block head! Weren’t you listening to a word I said!?” Yelled Chip, sounding more than frustrated.

“Remember what?” said Dale, becoming annoyed.

Chip lowered his voice. “We can’t let Foxglove know that there was a jail break. If she finds out, she’ll be a nervous wreck until Winifred is behind bars again.”

“FREDDIE’S O—” Chip slapped a hand over Dales mouth and put a finger to his lips, making the shhhh sound. “Freddie’s out?” He whispered, not wanting another slap on the mouth. Dale remembered being turned into a frog (As that is an experience few could forget), and wanted to avoid that happening again at all costs.

“Yes,” Chip whispered, “Freddie is on the loose. It’s been all over the news, haven’t you seen it?”

“No, because you guys told me to watch nothing but love movies!” Dale seemed very satisfied with himself at pointing out the obvious contradiction Chip had overlooked.

Chip rolled his eyes “It happened a day ago.”

“Yeah, uh… so!?” It was obvious that Dale had lost.

“So move over!” Chip bumped Dale off the couch and turned to the news.

The newscaster was in mid sentence: “—still have yet to find the mastermind behind the escape. In other news, despite increased security, the rock brought back from the Apollo moon landing was stolen again, this time, while the exhibit was still open. The thief reportedly used a club from the caveman exhibit to knock the guards unconscious and shatter the glass case containing the rock. This is a tape taken from the security camera:”

The tape clearly showed Winifred walking up to the two guards. She screamed and pointed behind them. Instinctively, the guards turned around. That’s when Winifred produced a large club from behind her back and beat the two guards senseless.

The newscaster continued: “The suspect is described as a red haired man wearing a cleaning apron, a blue coat with star/moon patterns on the outside, and red sneakers. If you see this man, please notify the police immediately! Now to Chuck Roberts with sports…”

“Ha ha ha ha!” Despite the extreme seriousness of the matter, both Chip and Dale doubled over laughing.

“He-he thought Freddie was a guy!” Dale said hysterically. Even Chip, who had been very serious up until now couldn’t help but laugh.

However, somewhere across town in a certain abandoned Laundromat, somebody wasn’t laughing. “How dare they!” Winifred yelled as she threw the moon rock at her 8” black and white TV, shattering the screen. “Arghhhh! My moon rock!” Winifred jumped up and stuck her hand into the smoking hole in the screen and pulled out the rock. “I really need to be more careful about what I do with this thing.” Winifred said as she held the rock in her palm. “I’ve got it!” Winifred ran over to the cabinet and took out a roll out duct tape and a ball of twine. She then proceeded to tape a long strand of twine to the moon rock. Winifred tied the strand together at the ends, making a necklace. “There,” She said as she put the crude necklace on “now I can’t possibly loose it.”

Wearing the moon rock, Winifred walked toward the cauldron and looked on the ground beside it. Lying on the ground was the duster she had been using as a wand. She bent down and picked it up. “But have my powers truly returned?” With that, Winifred swiftly pointed her “wand” at a nearby box. Instantly, sparks shot out of the wand and hit the box, sending wood splinters and little detergent cubes flying every which way. “Oh yeah,” Winifred said with an evil grin. “they’re back.”

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