The Return of Winifred

By Jareth

Epilogue: Vigo Carpathia’s Book Of Spells

The cleanup of the Onyx Towers had been more than difficult for everybody; especially for officer Kirby, and officer Muldoon, who had not really felt quite like themselves since they had been pulled from the pile of debris three weeks ago. Oddly, they not only had no idea how they had gotten there, but had no memory of the events that had transpired. Still, despite their minor back pains and amnesia, they had insisted on aiding with the clean up in any way they could. For them, that meant carting small debris off to the nearby trucks.

“Hey, Kirby,” Officer Muldoon called in his deep baritone voice “Give me a hand with this one!”

“Sure thing!” Officer Kirby called back. “I’ll be right the— OW!” He yelled, stubbing his toe on a large but thin, fragment of onyx. “Stupid onyx!” He said, kicking the thin slice of onyx away. However, upon doing this, he noticed a smaller object beneath it. A book. “A book?” He said aloud, bending down and picking it up. He slowly read the title aloud: “Vigo Carpathia’s Book Of Spells… Vigo Carpathia’s Book Of Spells?” He repeated. “What the hey.” Gingerly, he opened the book, and began leafing through its pages. “Oh my god…” He thought to himself, his eyes growing wide with interest. “This book is… is… ON FIRE!!!” He yelled, dropping the book. Apparently, a fleck of molten onyx, heated from the pressure of the tower, had flown onto the book and set it ablaze. “Aaargh! Die die die die!” He shouted, stamping his foot on the burning book in a desperate attempt to put it out. “The last thing we need today is another fire!” As he continued stamping, the book’s pages began to fall out, blowing away with the wind; now unreadable due to charring and crumpling. Officer Kirby continued to stamp on the book, until nothing but a charred cover remained. “*Whew.” He sighed, wiping his brow in relief. “That was a close one.”

“Hey!” Came officer Muldoon’s voice. “Are you gonna help me or what?”

“Oh yeah, right.” Officer Kirby said, remembering his original task. With that, officer Kirby ran over to help officer Muldoon lift the large Onyx fragment into the back of the truck.

THE END (for real)

Disclaimer: The Rescue Rangers, Tammy, Foxglove, Sparky, etc. are copyright of Walt Disney Pictures/Television and their creators and authors and are used without permission. Darien and Jamba are copyright of their creator, and are used with expressed permission. God is copyright of no one, and therefore, no permission was needed.

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