C - G : A Romance
By Ronnie Rabbit

After The Credits Roll...

[After the credits roll offscreen, suddenly the scene lights up again. The theme song that was playing over the scrolling words continues.]

Chip bemusedly studied his reflection in the hat store’s mirror. He turned to the side, then gave in to the irresistible urge that strikes all men faced with a reflection, and flexed briefly. The chipmunk himself looked okay, sure, but he was pretty sure the top hat was NOT going to cut it… he looked like Mandrake the Magician.

The chipmunk took off the hat and tossed it on the pile of others with a sigh as the sales associate came in with another huge armload of boxes, nothing but her legs visible behind the teetering tower that stretched nearly to the ceiling, wobbling dangerously.

“I don’t know. I think I’m just going to pack it in,” he said resignedly. “Nothing fits my ears right! Thanks for all your help, though, Miss…?”

She plumped down the boxes, giving her his first good look at him.

Mousy brown hair, worn loose around her shoulders. Huge glasses. A crisp white blouse with a brown vest over it; and a long, pleated, plaid skirt.

It was a REALLY bad disguise. Thin as a blueprint.

“Oh, yes! I haven’t introduced myself!” she squeaked, adjusting her glasses. “Hi! My name’s Gidget!” She took a deep breath, and extended her hands. “Gidget Haberdasher.”

Chip looked down numbly. She had both hands extended, but not to shake paws. Her wrists were squeezed together in front of her. The classic pose of the criminal… waiting to be handcuffed and led away to prison.

‘Gidget’ swallowed. Chip could see the tension in her body. Her extended hands trembled as the bravest mouse he’d ever known forced down her urge to flee.

She moistened her lips, and said, voice cracking slightly, “…um. What comes next?”

Chip took her hands in a swift movement, holding her wrists together. He stared down at them, feeling their warmth… feeling the gentle shaking as she stared at him, waiting. For a long time the store was totally silent.

Finally, gently, he prompted her with the answer to her question. “’What’s YOUR name.’”

And then he let her go.

She didn’t dare breathe. Her eyes widened slightly, unsure. Carefully, she repeated after him. “Oh, right! What’s YOUR name?”

Chip ran a hand slowly over his bare head, thinking, and answered her.

“Chip. Chip Maplewood. I’m a detective.”

He shook his head. “Sometimes.”

And then he smiled at her. “But not today.”

Her eyes lit up with the complete, total joy of a child, and he knew he’d finally gotten it right.


As for what happens next… that’s a completely different story. Even Chip and Gadget don’t know how THAT one ends yet.

But they’re working on it.

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