Trite Fright Nite THE REVENGE!

Written by James Simonds

[Tronma Films is not affiliated with the makers of TRITE FRIGHT NIGHT. Any resemblance to the prior film in this series is coincidental and highly unlikely.]

"Gadget, this is just NOT a good idea," Chip said suspiciously, tapping his foot as he watched her.

"You said that about the automatic nut plucker, too," she reminded him. Chip winced, wishing she'd picked ANY other example, as she continued.

"Dale will be MUCH happier with her, Chip, we both know that. That Foxglove will be happier goes without saying, even though I said it," she said brightly, studying her checklist. "Really, we should have done something like this a long time ago! It being Halloween just allows an absolutely foolproof plan."

Chip pushed back his hat on his forehead. "Most plans don't have to deal with fools like Dale."

The mouse gazed at him levelly until he looked properly contrite, then carried on as if there'd been no interruption. "You know how Dale gets in costume, Chip! He's completely a different person. And we both know the only reason he's not responding more to Foxglove is his lack of confidence around someone who's actually, you know, interested in him. I've chosen the PERFECT costume for him to overcome that!

"PLUS", she carried on, as Chip tried to remember how long it'd been since she'd taken a breath, "he'll be hopped up on chocolate all night, thus further lowering his inhibitions!"

"I don't know," Chip said dubiously. "Won't Dale just pack so much away he'll turn into a gurgling, very round mass?"

Gadget shook her head rapidly. "Oh, nonono, I thought of that! I've precisely calculated Foxglove's flight capability and vectors, and all possible locations they could get candy tonight within her effective radius. Even under optimal conditions, Dale's hyperactive metabolism can handle every piece of chocolate in range without ill effects!" she tapped the sheet of paper with her pencil as Chip peered over her shoulder, vainly trying to make sense of it.

He finally sighed, and grinned a little. "It WOULD be nice to see them get together and... be happy," he said. /And eliminate a major portion of the pool of competition. Which reminds me.../ Gallantly, Chip offered her his arm. "It's an official holiday, Gadget- no more work for you tonight. After all, you've done SO much good already today, helping those two out! I insist we spend the rest of the night doing something more relaxing."

Gadget looked thoughtful, chewing the tip of her pencil, then brightened. "Oh! That's a wonderful idea! There's a full moon tonight, it should look wonderful from the launching area!"

Chip did a quick arm pump- /YESSS!/ quickly covering it with a winning smile as she turned back to him. "I couldn't have made a better suggestion myself, Gadget..." he said as he led her upstairs.

About five minutes later, the front door opened, revealing a struggling Dale trying to pull the end of a sack. "A little harder, Foxy! One more push an'... wAAAAh!" the front of the bag burst apart, and trial size candies of every description poured into the room, filling it to chipmunk-waist depth.

Foxglove peered in worriedly. "...Sweetie?"

Dale popped up out of the pool of swag gleefully, his expression pure ecstasy such as Foxglove had never seen. She smiles dreamily just to see it... of course, his outfit helped QUITE a bit in making that dreamy expression, too.

Dale was impeccably dressed in a black pinstripe suit, with all the trimmings: a chipmunk sized pocketwatch replica tucked in one pocket, the gold chain precisely clipped in place; a blood red kerchief smartly folded and tucked in his breast pocket; a natty, wide-brimmed hat that went with the look perfectly.

"I can't belieeeeve our luck, Foxy! When we swooped down an' accidentally smacked that little kid in the face- zowiiiie! It was EXCITIN'! And he AND the kid he was with dropped all... this... great... LOOT!"

Foxglove giggled languidly, taking a little happy glide-hop to perch lightly on top of the candy stash. "You know I'd do anything to make you happy, sweetie..." she said coyly. "...I'm glad it's made you so- Dale? are you there?"

Dale had gotten an odd light in his eyes, rubbing his hands together. "OhboyohboyohBOY.." he gurgled, clearly not listening to Foxglove. "I... am gonna choc... til I POP..."

Foxglove looked concerned. "Pumpkin? You don't think that's, um... Sweetie?"

She sighed. Dale had already vanished back into the pool, and rustling noises announced about five Bite Size Treats being unwrapped.

Foxglove resignedly flapped up to the ceiling, found a perch to hang from, and waited to drag the unconscious Dale out of the pile.

Later that night...

"DEVIL WOMAN" by Cliff Richard

[A dapper figure dressed in a perfect black pinstripe suit stands casually, head bowed. The brim of his hat hides his face, as he lazily swings the chain of his pocketwatch round in a circle.]

[The scene is entirely in black and white. He stands under the pool of light given by a streetlamp. A chill wind blows past a tattered newspaper as he begins to sing.]

I've had nothing but bad luck
Since the day I saw the bat at my door

[The scene dissolves, flashback style. The singing continues throughout in voiceover. The same figure, looking much less confident, and clearly visible as DALE, gingerly approaches a storefront. A garish neon sign proclaims:

Fortunes and Love Potions

Dale gulps, but gamely enters.]

So I came here to you, sweet lady
Answering your mystical call

[FOXGLOVE sits behind the table, smugly looking at her vic- er, client- with half-lidded eyes, leaning her head on her wing-hands. Unlike everything else, the bat's eyes are in color, a vivid emerald green. SPOOKY.]

Crystal ball on the table
Showing the future, the past
Same bat with them evil eyes
And I knew it was a spell she'd cast.

[A subtitle appears as Dale sings the following:

Due to Foxglove's strong personal beliefs, she wishes to affirm that she in no way practices or endorses the occult

Dale blinks, and is apparently making an effort to act as if he can't see the subtitle as he slips into the chair across from Foxglove.]

She's just a devil woman
With evil on her mind
Beware the devil woman
She's gonna get you

[Dale GULPS again, and whistles (soundlessly, as the only sound effects and voice we hear is from the song itself), tapping his fingers together. Again, he's clearly attempting to not hear the lyrics, and failing miserably.]

She's just a devil woman
With evil on her mind
Beware the devil woman
She's gonna get you from behind...

[Foxglove's bright green eyes shine as she extends her hand toward Dale, who hesitantly extends his own across the table in return. Foxy casually plucks a ring- it is bright gold, and the only other thing we've seen not in black and white- off his paw. Dale blinks rapidly, attempting to recall when he started wearing one.]

Give me the ring on your finger
Let me see the lines of your hand

[Foxy smiles lazily, trailing a fingertip along Dale's upturned palm.]

I can see me a tall dark stranger
Giving you what you hadn't planned

[Foxy reaches under the edge of the table, and produces a large thimble full of steaming hot chocolate, offering it to Dale. The poor chipmunk, alas, has no protection against THIS form of seduction, and tilts it back readily.]

I drank the potion she offered me
I found myself on the floor

[Dale beams, then promptly topples backwards in the chair. The next shot we see is his POV, looking up, into Foxglove's smiling face as she leans over him.]

Then I looked in those big green eyes
And I wondered what I came there for.

[Everything goes blurry, then dark.]

Stay awake
Look out

[The scene fades back in. We are back under the streetlamp, watch still swinging. Dale's head is still lowered as he sings:]

If you're out on a moonlit night
Be careful of the neighborhood strays
Of a lady with big brown ears
Tryin' to win you with her feminine ways

[A shadow falls across him, and a moment later Foxglove curls up behind him, with the same seductive grin and half-lidded eyes.]

Crystal ball on the table
Showing the future, the past

[She reaches around as she cuddles him behind, and tickles his chin. A smile plays across Dale's muzzle, all we can see of his face.]

Same bat with them evil eyes

[Foxglove tilts up his chin, revealing Dale has the same smug look, and the same bright, green, colorized eyes Foxy has.]

You'd better get out of there fast!

[Dale grins, turning to face her. Closing his eerily emerald eyes, he cups her chin, and kisses her. The singing continues in voiceover:]

She's just a devil woman
With evil on her mind

[They put their arms around each other as the kissing grows more passionate.]

Beware the devil woman

[Groping begins to occur, creeping rapidly into a PG level, and threatening to shoot higher any second, as:]

She's gonna get you-

[Dale falls out of bed, screeching in terror.]


Chip scooted discreetly closer on the tree limb and stealthily began to lean in Gadget's general direction. She was lost deep in contemplation of the full moon, as she had been for what seemed like hours. He didn't mind terribly, as it had let him be deep in contemplation of her for the same length of time without interru-

"Chooooooocalate ZOOOOOOOMBIES!" Dale shrieked- well, a vaguely Dale sized blob shrieked as it barreled past, and bounced off of Gadget who went tumbling forward off the branch. The screaming blob ricocheted off in another direction, bounding madly across tree limbs at inhuman speed.

"Choklitsuckin VAAAAAAAAmpire BATS!" it wailed. Chip quickly bent over the side worriedly, but Gadget was dangling by one paw, hanging from a smaller branch on the underside of the limb. She studied the checklist in her other hand, frowning. "I don't understand... what could have possibly gone wrong?"

Chip was about to facepalm when another, browner, bat-shaped blur whizzed by behind him. He wobbled precariously, and saved everything but his favorite hat, which tumbled off his head and out of sight into the darkness below.

"Aaaaaaaaliens!" the receding wail drifted through the Halloween sky.

THEN Chip put his face in his hand.



Written by James Simonds, Jr.


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