The Rangers...Graduate?
Part 1- Chip and Dale

by rowantree13

A/N Here goes. This was whirling around my head for days, while I am still working on my Redwall/Rangers fanfic. Now, I plan to write it. I hope you enjoy it. End A/N

"Wowie zowie! Wowie zowie! WOWIE ZOWIE!!!!!" Dale shouted as he tore through his bedroom, his graduation robes on his bed and mortarboard
on his head, wearing his Hawaiian shirt. He jumped on his bed a few times, yelling, "I'm graduating from high school! No more school for me!!
"Hey, slow down a minute, buddy!!" His dad said as he entered his room. "You haven't graduated yet, the ceremony's tomorrow!!
"Yeah, I know," Dale said. "I'm just really happy. I mean, no more school, I get to go out into the world..."
"And we are very proud of you, son." His mom walked in and hugged him, some tears streaming down her face. Dale wiped some tears from his mom's face. "Aw, mom, please don't cry, otherwise I'll start!"
Everyone enjoyed a laugh at this. Dale was usually happy when he was a youngster, hardly ever crying, except when something tragic happened.
Dale's dad put a comforting arm around his son. "You'll be ok, son, we know you will. But Mom's crying cause we will miss you, even though we will appreciate the freedom of no kids around," he finished jokingly.
Dale's mom smiled. "Despite what your dad thinks," she said, hugging her husband, "We are proud of you and will miss you. But we were wondering, what are you going to do with your life? I mean you can't live off someone forever, son."
"Oh, that's ok, Mom," Dale said. "Me and Chip-"
"Chip? Oh, your friend you knew since elementary school?"
"That's him, Dad. Anyway, we plan to get odd jobs and find a tree in the park to live in, y'know, as roomies. Then, I'm not sure what I'll do, but what ever it is, I'll make you proud!!"
Dale's mom blinked back more tears and hugged her husband. Dale's dad,
struggled in her grasp as he wheezed, "We know you will, Dale, we both do. Now, I'd better get your mom some tea, before I can't breath..."
Dale opened the door for his parents. After they left, he took off his mortarboard and stared at it, thoughtfully...

"What do you think, Dad?" Chip asked as he stepped out of his room. He was wearing his mortarboard and robes as he walked into the living room. Chip's dad put down his paper he was reading. "Wow Chip, you look like a college graduate!"
"He looks like a mature young munk," Chip's mom said, walking out from the kitchen. Chip's dad got up from his chair and patted his son's back. "Neverous, son?" he asked. "A little," Chip admitted,"but not much. I'll be ok." He gave a confident smile.
"We're so proud of you, Chip!" His mom said, hugging him. Chip patted her back reassuringly. Tears were welling up. "Thanks, Mom."
Chip's dad gently pulled his wife away from Chip and whispered to her, Honey, why don't you go make some tea? It'll calm your nerves. And um, bring the family 'gift' ok?"
"Yes, dear," Chip's mom said, wiping tears away with a hankerchief.
She hurried to the kitchen, and got some pots and tea leaves out.
"Chip, let's go out to the porch. We need to talk about things."
"Uh, ok." Chip followed his dad.
"Me and your mother are very proud of you, son, and glad you finished school before going out on your life. But we need to know. What do you plan to do with your life?"
Chip considered a moment before answering. "Dad, I guess I've been interested in a lot of subjects, but I know what I want to do with my life. I want to be a detective. I like reading mysteries-"
"Son, reading mysteries is all detective work."
"I know, Dad. But just for now, I plan to get some odd jobs and move into a tree in a nice place with Dale."
"Dale? Isn't he the munk you knew ever since-"
"Yeah, Dad, I knew him since kindergarten. And we are great friends! That's why we plan to live together, y'know, pay for the tree together, then one of us keeps it.
"Who keeps it, Chip?"
"Well- we don't know yet. All I know is that my long-term goal is to be a detective, somehow. And I plan to."
Chip's dad nodded. "I'm glad son, that you know your goal and have most things planned so far. But there's something we wanted to give you, and I think now's the time."
As soon as he said now, Chip's mom walked in, holding a hat and a jacket. She sat down next to Chip, who was wide-eyed with realization.
"That's the jacket Grandpa wore! But why do you have them, Mom?"
Chip said, knowing the answer. His mom explained.
"Chip, we know we can't help you out on you life, pay you money for your plans, and things like that. But we can give you these."
She sat the jacket and hat in Chip's lap, and explained.
"This jacket is your grandfather's jacket. It saved him many times, many years ago. He lived a full life wearing it. When he passed away, he wanted you to have it, so you'd be protected, too. And the hat-"
"Was mine." Chip's dad grinned. "I was wearing that fedora when I met your mother. Hopefully, you'll meet someone speical wearing it, like I did." He grinned in his wife's direction. She blushed.
Chip took off his mortarboard and switched it for the fedora. His mom and dad laughed. "If only your grandad could see you now, son!" Chip's dad chuckled.
Chip grinned. "Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad. I love you both." he said, hugging them. "We love you too, son." They said, blinking back tears.
Chip's dad broke the silence. "We'll leave you out here a few minutes, son."
His dad gently led his mom back inside. "We'll see you tomorrow, ok, son? Don't stay up to late."
"I won't. Good night, mom. Good night, dad."
"'Night, son. See ya in the morning." Chip's dad answered. Chip's mom was still crying a little.
Chip stared at the mortarboard in his hands. He wondered where the fedora was. He realized he was wearing it. Grinning, he took that off.
"I guess I got used to it being on," he said, thoughtfully. Staring out into the fading sky, he let his mind wander. His dad met his mom with this hat on. Who would he meet?

The commencement...

The auditorium was full of different species, mice, rats, squirrels, hedgehogs, hamsters, even a pair of hummingbirds, all gathered to watch their children graduate from the 12th grade. Pomp and Circumstance played in the background, compliments of the school band.
"I'm neverous, I'm neverous, I'm neverous..." Dale stuttered to himself as he waited in line for his diploma.
"You're neverous! I'm ahead of you! I'm so neverous, I'm wearing my grandad's jacket under my robes!" Chip turned to Dale. Dale grinned.
"I'm wearing my Hawaiian shirt." Chip chuckled to himself. He breathed deeply. "Hey, Dale, everything will be ok, alright? We'll have diplomas, we'll be done with school, we'll get some ice cream.."
"YESSS!!" Dale shouted. Almost everyone around said "SHHH!!!"
"Sorry," he whispered. "Don't worry, Dale. As soon as it's over, the parties begin. Good luck, pal." Chip grinned.
"Thanks, buddy." Dale said, grinning back. Chip walked foward, wondering what to do.
Then he heard a name being called.
"Maplewood, Chip!"
"That's him! That's our boy!" His dad shouted. "Yaaayyyy, Chip!" His mom shouted. Chip waved at his parents and blushed a little. His classmates laughed. They shouted encouragement."WAY TO GO, CHIP!!!" "GO GET EM', CHIP!!" "ALRIGHT, CHIPPER!!"
"YOU DA MUNK!!" Dale shouted. Chip grinned at that last comment. As soon as he got his diploma, he waved it in the air. Then he heard another name called.
"Oakmont, Dale!"
"Wahhooooo!!" Dale cried in joy as he ran up the stairs. The other classmates laughed and grinned. "THAT'S HOW YOU GET A DIPLOMA, DALE!"
one joker shouted. "ATTABOY, DALE!!" other classmates shouted.
"WAY TO GO, DALE!" "NO, YOU DA MUNK!!" Chip shouted.
Dale's mom sobbed as his dad shouted out, "We're proud of you, son!
"You're number one to us!!"
Dale shook hands and hugged his teachers. As soon as he got his diploma, he felt relief and joy around him. He rose it up, jogging and pumping his fists like a champion boxer.
"HEY, ROCKY!! OVER HERE!" Dale turned. Chip shouted to him pointing to a camera used to take portraits of graduating members. They one-armed hugged each other and grinned. The photoragher smiled. "Say, walnuts and acorns!"
"Walnuts and Acorns!!" Chip and Dale grinned, raising their diplomas up, eyes bright and shining. Click! Flash! A picture was made, developed, copyed for family and friends and 2 extra copies for Chip and Dale, to remember the day by.

The End

Part 2 Monterey Jack and Zipper- To be written soon.

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