ChipN'Dale Rescue Rangers: The Movie
The Next Chapter

by Brian Walmer

Rated: PG

Disclaimer: The Rescue Rangers, Tammy, Foxglove are copyright of Walt Disney Pictures/Television and their creators and authors and are used without permission, Wescott Vance Atticas Copyright 2001 Eddie Baird and is used with permission. Inspired by "Transformers the Movie." Started on 2/14/01. Done on 2/16/01.

Chapter 1: “The end of an era”

“It was the year 2005. In a far corner of space, a giant dark monster planet glided mysteriously through the vast darkness of the planets. It approached a peaceful home of distant star-settlers known as Dawn. Approaching for what reason? The inhabitants were engaging in their normal activities when the ground began to shake. The scientists Damon and Eve recognized the evil mass as Armada, a breathing creature larger than any other living being. Armada shot a giant beam of light on Dawn's surface, breaking its structure. Its huge claws dug deep into the small planet. The monster planet's magnetic field tore apart everything on Dawn, and sucked it into its gaping mouth. "The ships! Get to the ships! It's our only chance to live!" Damon cried. Several Dawnians managed to run to the escape pods just before the bridge collapsed. Even as the ships blasted off, one of them got pulled back into Armada's horrible mouth. Within minutes, the entire planet of Dawn was gone. Its inhabitants, land, buildings all consumed and digested by Armada. Armada glowed after his meal, his deadly hunger temporarily appeased.

Elsewhere, the treacherous Villains had come together and conquered the Rangers home planet of Earth. But in the course of time, the Rangers were poised to recapture Earth. Two of Earth's hidden bases were Rescue Ranger outposts. Rangerbase 1 was military headquarters for the invasion, and Rangerbase 2 was a forward observation post. On Rangerbase 1, Sparky, an impatient but brave mouse of a Ranger watched the Villains crawling over his home."I'm tired of waiting Plato. When are we going to start busting some Villains?" "Listen, Sparky, we don't have enough resources to power a full-scale assault," replied Plato, commander of the Rescue Ranger (he was the one first named them). "I want you to make a special run for Ranger City in the western part of the country for another supply.” Prepare the shuttle for launch." "Your days are numbered now, you Villiancreeps!" Sparky grunted. Before Sparky departed, Tammy and Bink on Rangerbase 2 broadcasted a message. "Tell my son Daniel that I miss him, and that I'll be home as soon as we've kicked Fat Cat's tail across the planet." In a short time the shuttle was ready. Plato watched as it blasted off. "All we need now is a little bit of resources....and a lot of luck!" Just as he spoke, a small metallic bird ejected from a console behind the Rangers. Unseen by all, it was one of Nimeuls inventions, the Villain spy who hurtled at top speed towards the arm of Fat Cat, imperial leader of the Villains! Fat Cat replayed the transmission of the bird's recording, and discovered the Ranger's plan. "More (luck) than you can imagine, Plato!" Fat Cat grinned at the monitor. The Villains leader made his plans and issued his orders. The villain airship lifted off from their home base, packed with Villains. In the Ranger shuttle, Buzz and Sparky sat at the controls. The Rangerbases was dropping behind fast when, suddenly the ship was rocked by an explosion on the starboard. "Fat Cat!......Villains!" One of the techno-rats cried in alarm. The ship was invaded! The brave Rangers confronted the Villains in a blaze of laser fire. But in moments, Fat Cat and his army destroyed the Rescue Ranger crew and took control of the ship. Fat Cat was triumphant. "When we slip through the early warning system in their own shuttle and destroy Ranger City, the Rescue Rangers will be vanquished for ever!" "Nooooooooo.." A mortally wounded Sparky desperately clung on to Fat Cat's foot. "Such heroic nonsense!" Fat Cat fired a gun shot into the Ranger's chest.

Meanwhile, outside Ranger City in Arizona, a boy and an Rescue Ranger were fishing. The boy was Daniel, the young son of Tammy, and the Ranger was his best friend, Dale. Dale tried to cheer up Daniel, who missed his mom far away on Rangerbase2. Suddenly, Daniel's viewer-scope alerts him that the Ranger shuttle was approaching and would land shortly. "The Shuttle's coming," cried Daniel. "let's watch it land!" Dale put Daniel on his shoulders and got on his hoverboard , and they sped to Look-out mountain, the highest point around Ranger City. Daniel was watching the shuttle coming through a telescope when he noticed something wrong: "Dale, there's a hole in the shuttle!" Indeed, a hole in the side of the ship- full of Villains! Dale immediately opened fire on the shuttle, hoping to blast them out of the sky before they do any damage. The Villains abandoned the ship and began an attack from the sky to the land. Dale and Daniel were blasted from Look-out mountain and narrowly landed on the edge of a cliff. Wart took out a huge rifle and aimed his deadly sites on Dale and Daniel. In the nick of time, Dale’s best friend Chip sped to the scene, twisted Wart's shot just enough to divert the shot to save his friends and blast the unlucky Sugar Ray Lizard. Realizing they have not a moment to waste, the Rangers got on their hoverboards and raced towards Ranger City- The city's occupants most be warned that their security system had been penetrated! Before Dale, Chip, and Daniel reached the walls of the City, Rescue Ranger Zipper saw a sky full of ships. Monty, the City Commander, evaluated the Rescue Rangers were badly outnumbered and needed to organize the defenses. "Gadget, you and Foxglove transform Ranger City to battle mode!" he ordered. "Zipper, tell Queenie to radio Plato for reinforcements!" Gadget and Foxglove dodged the continuous air attacks from Rat Capone to activate the City's defenses. Beneath the city walls and floors, gears began to turn slowly, opening hidden compartments, unleashing banks of mighty laser cannons. The City changed into a battle-ready fortress....Dale and Chip managed to break into the city through a blasted hole, just before the shield resealed itself. Fat Cat, determined to break the city's defenses, ordered his men to increase their attack. Explosions and laser fire flashed all around the City as the Rangers and Villains battled it out head to head. All afternoon, a continuous Villain barrage of rocket fire and cannon blasts pounded the City's walls. The Rangers' only hope now was to request help from Plato. As Queenie broadcasted the transmission, Fat Cat sent many rodent gang members, to interfere. Did the message get through before the Villains destroyed the transmitter? There was no time for Zipper and Queenie to wonder as the gang of rodents broke into the radio tower. Queenie retaliated by dispatching her hive to fight.

As dusk set, the defenses of Ranger City began to weaken. The Villain army penetrated to the interior walls of the City. Even Zipper's fast shooting could not keep the Villains at bay. The evil warriors closed in, outside the range of the City's laser guns. Foxglove dragged some of the Rescue Ranger casualties inside. Realizing Fat Cat was going to make his big push, Gadget led the other Rangers to set up the rocket launcher. Together Gadget, Chip, Dale, Foxglove and Daniel managed to push the heavy launcher into place and aimed at the gathering Villains outside. Fat Cat ordered Nimnul to unite his robots into one. The quick units leaped onto each other to create a huge force of evil. Danny and Chip stared in disbelief.

In front of their eyes, the robots fit together to build Doomsday, a single giant force of destruction. "Prepare for extermination!" the giant robot boomed in a deep terrible voice. No weapon in Ranger City even slowed down the bulk of Doomsday. Ranger rockets exploded around him, leaving him unharmed. He brushed them aside and tore at the seemingly invincible walls of the City. Pulling a large chunk of the wall from its foundations, he threw it at the Rangers and the launcher. The Rangers put up a brave resistance throughout the night, holding out against the Villains. By dawn however, Ranger City was reduced to smoke and rubble. Doomsday finally ripped through the walls of Ranger City. "Their defenses are broken. Let the slaughter begin!" Fat Cat cried triumphantly. This could be the end! But there was hope! The transmission had reached Plato, and with a roar of jets, his ship approached

Chapter 2: “The Next Level”

Seeing Doomsday was turning the tide in favor of the Villains, Plato sent the Pirats to destroy Doomsday and hold back the Villains until he landed. The Pirats dove in mid-air and attacked. Together they managed to knock the giant off his feet. However, Doomdays gave all the Pirats a pounding. But Plato knew it was Fat Cat, the leader, who must be stopped – no matter the cost! Boarding into his ranger car, he pursued the row of Villains penetrating into the city. Plato knocked over the unexpected Snout and Sugar Ray Lizard with ease. Jumping out his ranger car, Plato jumped in front of the Villains. With rapid firepower, he brought down the remaining Villains.

Fat Cat was entering a building when he turned around and saw Plato, having decimated his troops. "One shall stand! One shall fall!" the Rescue Ranger Leader said sternly "Why do you throw away your life so recklessly?" Fat Cat asked Plato. "That is a question," answered Plato "that you should ask yourself!" - and their duel began The two arch-enemies fell upon each other. Fat Cat hurled a broken dagger from the ground, wounding Plato - but not enough to keep him from finally throwing Fat Cat into a metal heap. Plato retrieved his gun and pointed it at the fallen Villain leader. Fat Cat pretended to plead for his life, but he moved towards a gun hidden from Plato. Foxglove saw Fat Cat's move and tried to stop him. The young Ranger leaped on the wicked Villain. Turning the tables, Fat Cat overpowered Foxglove and used her as a shield. Picking up the gun, he fired a shot at Plato who wouldn't shoot for fear of hitting Foxglove. "Fall!.......Fall!" Fat Cat exclaimed, and fired more direct hits at Plato. Plato fell to his knees. "Ah, I would have waited an eternity for this." Fat Cat pointed the gun at Plato "It's over, Plato." "Never!" Plato on his last burst of strength responded with a mighty uppercut that sent Fat Cat crashing from high on the city walls to the ground far below. With his last bit of energy drained, Plato fell to the ground. "Plato, forgive me." Foxglove ran to help the fallen hero. Below, the Villains gathered around Fat Cat. With a brief flicker of movement, the Villain leader laid still. "How do you feel, 'mighty Fat Cat'?" Rat Capone mocked him sarcastically. "Nimnul, get your jet bot to change into jet mode and get us out of here!" The jet bot changed into a jetcaft, boarded by the retreating Villain army under a hail of Rescue Ranger fire. Fat Cat, about to be left behind, convinced the faithful Wart to carry him onto the ship. The jet bot blasted off in full retreat back to the Villains home base. As the dust of battle settled, the Rescue Rangers gathered about their fallen leader. "I fear the wounds are..." Gadget examined Plato. "...fatal." "Do not grieve," a faint glow showed on the eyes of the leader. "soon I'll be one with the Leaders Crest." Plato turned his head to Chip. "it is to you, old friend, I shall pass the Crest of Leadership, as it was passed to me."

When Chip replied he was not worthy, Plato told him one day a Rescue Ranger will rise from their ranks and use the powers of the Crest to light their darkest hour. He reached around his neck and lifted up the crystal crest. Weakening, the Chest dropped from Platos' hand. Dale caught it and for a moment felt the power of the Crest. Chip placed the glowing Crest around his own neck. Plato told the new leader to continue the struggle "until the day when all are won..." With these last words, Plato died. His body turned charcoal gray, leaving the Rescue Rangers to mourn. But not all grieved at his death. Out in the endless blackness of space, the giant monster planet Armada detected the power of the Crest. His internal sensing spirit observed the changing of the Crest from Plato to Chip. Sensing a possible threat, Armada continued his journey towards Earth..

Meanwhile, Nimnul's jet bot veered across the planet. "Jettison some weight, or it'll never make it back to home base!" Nimnul spoke urgently. "It is the survival of the fittest!" said Bubbles. Next moment, the unhurt Villains began throwing the wounded out into space. Rat Capone, seeking control of the Villains threw Fat Cat. Lighter, the jet bot blasted off, leaving the others to drift into space. The wounded Villains drifted towards Armada's magnetic beam, who had drawn them there for a purpose. Armada ordered Fat Cat to seek out Chip and destroy the Crest.

When Fat Cat refused, Armada threatened to blast him back on his trip to oblivion. Fat Cat finally agreed. Armada gave Fat Cat a new body, transforming Fat Cat into a more powerful feline....Tiger Cat! To help him conquer the R angers, Armada took the broken remains of the Villains and recreated them into Iron Wall (Mepps), Deathray (Sugar Ray Lizard), and the Doom Squad (Mole. Arnold, and Snout). Lastly, Armada produced an immense new airship for Tiger Cat to lead his army towards Earth and their home base, Chip, and the Crest of Leadership. "Now, go. Destroy the Rescue Ranger Crest!" roared the giant monster planet. "I will rip open Chip and every other Rescue Ranger until the Crest has been destroyed." Tiger Cat assured.

The jet bot had made it safely back to the Villains home base. After a lot of argument, the Villains had accepted Rat Capone as their leader. But now he wanted to make his leadership official. He summoned every Villain to the Hall of Heroes for his coronation. Wearing a gold crown, he prepared to make a speech but was interrupted by the sound of jets. Tiger Cat and his warriors poured in, with a debt to repay. "Fat Cat....I..Is that you?" Rat Capone inquired. "Here's a hint!" Tiger Cat responded by morphing his entire arm and hand into a cannon shape.

He fired at Rat Capone at full power, the flashes blinding the other Villains in the court. In seconds, Rat Capone was reduced to black fumes. His golden crown rolled down the steps and was crushed underfoot by Tiger Cat. After a little hesitation, the assembled Villains chanted together: "LONG LIVE TIGER CAT!" Tiger Cat, reinforced with supplies and troops, prepared to attack.

Meanwhile on Rangerbase 1, Flash and Canina looked out into space. Bearing down on them was a monstrous planet shape: Armada! "Where'd that come from?" cried Flash "Who care?" shouted Canina. "I'm more worried about where it's going!" Flash quickly transmitted a message to Ranger City where the Rescue Rangers were repairing the battered Ranger City. Queenie’s hive picked up on the faint signal as the Rangers gathered to listen to Jazz's voice. ".....A gi-normous, weird-looking planet just showed up in the suburbs of our home......and it's attacking Rangerbase 1" The transmission ended.

Back at Rangerbase 1, Flash and Canina raced to their shuttle and blasted off as Armada's giant claws gripped the base and began to drag it towards a vast circular opening. As the shuttle moved away, Rangerbase 1 was crushed to fragments and sucked inside. The shuttle with Flash and Canina, with engines still in full power was pulled back inside also. Tammy and Bink watched in horror from Rangerbase 2. They had to do something. The base contained a great store of explosives. Setting a timer, they blasted clear in their shuttle. Armada headed towards Rangerbase 2. Once more his claws gripped, and drew into the other moon. The explosion was tremendous. For a second, Tammy and Bink on their escape ship thought they had destroyed the monster planet.

As she looked closer however, Tammy realized Armada wasn't even dented. The next moment they in turn were sucked into the interior of the monster planet. "Mom!" Daniel sat on Gadget's shoulders and watched helplessly as the video monitor screened the fate of Rangerbase 2.

The Rangers considered their course of action. "May be the Crest can stop it." Chip said. "You're right; it can!" Foxglove cried, ".....I've just for this feeling..." "Look!" Dale cried suddenly as he pointed towards a fleet of Villain ships. Led by Tiger Cat, the Villians ruthlessly bombarded the scattering Rescue Rangers. "To the shuttles!" Chip ordered. The Rangers ran dodging Villain fire, and hoped to reach their ships and save the Earth before it was too late. Despite the Pirats lumbering, the Rangers managed to board two space shuttles and blasted off immediately. Soon they left the Villains far behind. This gave the Rangers a chance to rest.

But only a chance! Tiger Cat redirected his forces and bore down upon the Rescue Ranger ships. The fight was fast and furious. Tiger Cat sent IronWall to cripple the Pirats' ship. Those in Chips' ship watched helplessly as the other shuttle spun away trailing smoke and flames. Tiger Cat then set loose a barrage of torpedoes aimed at Chips' ship. Thinking quickly,

Chip called for emergency separation, ignoring Gadget's protests. The ship divided behind the cockpit. His intention was to draw the Villain fire power to the larger part of the ship - away from the cockpit holding the Rescue Rangers. The Rangers watched as the rockets completely destroyed the back of the ship. The Villains watched the smoke and debris flying past. "The Rescue Rangers have been terminated!" reported Deathray. "Excellent." Tiger Cat believed the Crest of Leadership was also destroyed.

Chapter 3: “Countdown”

As the Pirats' shuttle disintegrated, the crew were thrown clear through space towards a nearby planet. Foxglove found herself falling into wide sea on the planet surface. Instantly, she had to defend herself from a shoal of ferocious metallic fish, sea weeds, and a giant squid.

Fighting her way clear, Foxglove found the bruised remains of her friend Dale who had been mangled by the sea creatures. Gathering him up in her arms, Foxglove help her friend recover at the shore. Dale stood up carefully and tried to move all his body parts. "Thanks for helping out Foxy (kissed her on the cheek). Thanks" Dale commented. "Now let's find the Pirats and get out of this twisty land." Both Rangers flew and raced across the strange land. Suddenly, they were confronted by a band of ferocious-looking warriors. "Bah weep graaaagnah wheep ni ni bong." Dale used the universal greeting to try to make friends with these strangers.

But his efforts were in vain. The warriors turned into evil crocodile creatures and attacked the Rangers. Dale and Foxglove were dragged into a large complex where they were locked up in a barred cage. Another prisoner named Damon in an adjacent cell told the Rangers this was twintessa- the ruthless land of the twintessons and Sharkmonsters. Before he could say anything more, the guards took him away. He was made to stand trail before the 5- faced twintesson judge and was never seen again.

Soon it was the turn of Dale and Foxglove to stand trail. The pair stood on a plank above a pool churning with Sharkmonsters, hungry for their next meal. The prosecutor waved long tentacles and addressed the twintesson judge on the throne: "Has the Imperial Majestic delivered a verdict?" "I have." the Judge replied. "Guilty or innocent?" "Innocent." At this, the platform dropped, hurling Dale and Foxglove towards the watery pit below.

The pair were soon attacked by the swarm of Sharkmonsters as they hit the bottom of the pit. They had to take out as many Sharkmonsters as they could. Realizing there were more Sharkmonsters than their hoverboard’s photon charges, the Rangers held their breath and took off their hoverboards. "Let's hold a demolition derby!" cried Dale. The Rangers dived to the bottom, and raced around the edge, creating a whirlpool and raised the water level.....until it was high enough for them to fly out onto dry land. Foxglove and Dale rammed into many Sharkmonsters, but were hopelessly outnumbered by the vicious sea creatures. The Sharkmonsters kept appearing! No matter how many they blasted, ten more appeared.

Things looked bleak until the Pirats busted through the door, crushing a few twintesson guards along the way. The mighty Pirats took control of the situation. Jolly Roger led by crushing Sharkmonsters underfoot, thanks to some robot suits that they had found. Soon it was all over as the Sharkmonsters retreated. The Pirats introduced Dale and Foxglove to Alex, a white mouse boy they encountered while searching for the pair. Alex pointed out a strange twintesson ship the Rangers could use to leave the land. They blasted off.

Elsewhere, Armada summoned Tiger Cat and told him that he had failed. The Rangers had made a fool of him. The Crest has not been destroyed, and Chip still lived. He ordered Tiger Cat to seek out the Rescue Rangers in the Planet of Junk. Meanwhile, with most of their ship gone, Chip and the other band of Rangers attempted a crash landing on the rugged land of Junk. The crew recovered quickly and at once began to do some repairs. Daniel tried on his mother's old Ranger-suit and assisted the Rescue Rangers.

The inhabitants of the land- the Junkrats observed the strangers from a distance. Suddenly, both Junkrats and Rescue Rangers were startled by the sound of jets. Tiger Cat and his fleet of marauding Villains descended upon the land. The Rangers scattered, and dodged for cover. Tiger Cat aboard a jet with Iron Wall quickly detonated the Rescue Ranger ship with a few rockets. The Rangers made a fighting retreat down a long valley. The cave formed by junk on either side gave some protection from villain fire. Chip brought up the rear. He waited until the Rangers were clear, then fired his weapon to bring down some of the junk as a barrier behind him.

Now he stood alone before the fury of the villain attack. From a ridge nearby, Tiger Cat watched. Chip took the Crest from his neck. He tried desperately to open the bright glowing object but a special shield prevented its power from being released. "Plato!"he cried "You said the Crest would light our darkest hour!" "Chip, I want the Crest!" Tiger Cat demanded. "Never!" Chip cried defiantly, believing the Crest would protect him from laser rockets. But it didn't. Chip was blown to pieces by the Doom Squad at Tiger Cat's command. Tiger Cat gained hold of the Crest. "Armada, my master, with this I shall make you my slave."

As the Rangers regrouped, they discovered to their horror the smoking remains of their leader. "First Plato. Now Chip" cried Gadget "What do we do?" Before any of them could respond, there was a roar of motor cycle engines. The native Junkrats attacked the visitors riding their motor cycles. The Rangers boarded their hoverboards and fled, but the Junkrats popped from beneath the Junk like crabgrass to trap the Rangers.

In the midst of the confrontation however, a strange ship approached. Rangers and Junkrats dropped their guard alike. Familiar faces peered through the ports: "It's Foxglove!" Monty cried excitedly. "And Dale and the Pirats!" said Daniel. The Junkrats watched suspiciously as the Rescue Rangers disembarked. But Foxglove had learnt her lesson from twintessa and used the universal greeting to convey to the Junkrats, that the Rescue Rangers meant no harm.

The Junkrats turned out to be a friendly people, and they returned Foxglove's greeting. With the mis-understanding cleared up, the Junkrats helped the Rescue Rangers bring Chip back to life. Things now seemed better for the Rangers now they have a leader. But Foxglove realized all this was nothing because Tiger Cat had stolen the Crest of leadership. Without it, the Rescue Rangers were doomed. Treck-Dan, leader of the Junkrats vowed to enlist his people to help the Rescue Rangers presue Tiger Cat, winning back the Crest to destroy Armada.

Chapter: “A New Leader is Born”

Meanwhile near Earth, Tiger Cat stood confidently on Armada. The Crest was secured by a chain around Tiger Cat's neck. "Armada! Armada! Answer me! See this: the Crest. I now possess that which you most fear!" Tiger Cat threatened. "You'll do my bidding, or taste my wrath!" Tiger Cat tried with all his strength to open the Crest but was unable to. "You underestimate me, Tiger Cat!" boomed the giant monster planet. At the next moment, Tiger Cat was brought to his knees as the surface upon which he stood began to shake. Body parts turned and hidden arms and legs appeared. Armada revealed himself to be a real monster of an animal - perhaps the most powerful of all! Tiger Cat watched in horror as the evil planet changed into a gigantic, horned, and winged demon. Armada spoke: "For a time I considered sparing your wretched little planet Earth. But now you shall witness..................................its dismemberment!" Armada propelled himself towards the relatively small planet. His giant arm smashed Earth's surface, disintegrating buildings and bridges. Villians were sent fleeing for safety. But there was none - only destruction! "Villians we are under-attack! Scramble!" Bubbles rallied the Earth-fleeing Villians. Villians ships swarmed around Armada like flies on a hot day. The monster had no trouble swatting them away into oblivion. Tiger Cat morphed his right arm into a cannon shape and fired at Armada. The monster picked up Tiger Cat between the thumb and finger and swallowed him. But coming up from the right side of Armada was the ships carrying the Rescue Rangers and the Junkrats, in the Rangers ship, their were in shock in what they were seeing, “I don’t believe it.” Exclaimed Chip. Foxglove then looked over to Monty, and asked, “Ever seen anything like this?” Monty answered, “Nope, I’ve never seen anything like this before.” Then Daniel asked out loud, “What happen to Rangerbase 2, where’s my mom?” Then Dale answered him by saying, “That’s what we’re going to find out.” As Gadget speed the ship, Armada turned around just as the Ranger’s ship crashed though Armada’s left eye and into his body, where all the jumped out and landed on the ground, all except Foxglove who fell in another direction, when she landed, she clawed up, and walked a few feet until she saw the glow of the Crest of Leadership, “The Crest!” she exclaimed, but Tiger Cat’s voice boomed out at her, “Don’t bother bat. It cannot be open.” She walked up a few more feet, until she Tiger Cat, and said, “Not by the likes of you.” Tiger Cat reponsed by telling her. “Like it or not, we’re on the same side now, against a common foe.” Then all sudden, Armada’s boomed out telling Tiger Cat to destroy her, or he too would be destroyed. So with that, he obeyed Armada, and started to fire at Foxglove, who ran or flew in her case to avoid the blasts coming from Tiger Cat’s morphed arm, he then said to her, “Puny bat, you lack even Plato’s courage.” While this was happening, all the other Rangers and their friends battled many obstacles in and outside Armada’s, in this process, Daniel who had become separated from the other Rangers, found his Mom (Tammy), Bink, Flash, and Canina, and with the help from his Ranger-suit, he blasted the lid to the acid pool shut, and saved his mother and the others from certain doom. Now we come back to see Tiger Cat looking for Foxglove, “Come out Ranger, we all must die sometime” Foxglove came out alright, “Not today Tiger Cat!”, she then hit Tiger Cat in the mouth, and with hoverboard in hand, she then flew the other way at a fast speed, she then turned around to try and ram Tiger Cat, but he caught her, and tackled her down, “I will crush you with my bare hands”, he then tried to choke the life out of her, “First Plato, then Chip, and now you, it’s ashame that you Rangers die so easy, or I might have a bit of satisfaction now” But as he said that to her, Foxglove saw the crest start to glow, and with all her might, she ripped the crest off of Tiger Cat’s neck, and pushed him off as well, she then stood up, holding the crest in hand, she heard Plato’s voice saying to her, “Arise Foxglove, new leader of the Rescue Ranger”, she replied, “Plato…” As Tiger Cat saw, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and started blasting, until he knocked the crest out Foxglove’s wings, she then looked him eye to eye, and said, “This is the end Tiger Cat.” She then charged him, ducked his fists and then with all her might, she threw him right through the side of Armada, making a huge hole on impact. Foxglove then went and picked up the crest and started to open it slowly, “Now light our darkest hour.”, and with that the crest opened up and released energy all over, Foxglove then held it above her head, she started to spin around, letting the crest’s energy flow throughout Armada’s body, causing many area’s of his body to explode on the in and the outside of him, as this was happening, the other Rangers reunited with their other Ranger friends, “Gadget, what’s going on?” “Never mind, Tammy, let’s just get out of here!” As they started to run, Dale notice that Foxglove was coming their way, with the Crest around her neck, “Hey guys, look!” As Foxglove finally reached them, she said in true leadership fashion, “Rescue Rangers, board your hoverboards, and get ready to take off!” And that’s what everyone did, even Dale, “I knew you had it in you Foxy.” And so all the Rangers got on their hoverboards, and followed Foxglove, who ran flew straight through Armada’s other eye, and with that, as the Rescue Rangers got clear out of sight, Armada exploded in a million pieces, with nothing left, but small pieces floating around in space. Now back on Earth, at Ranger City, Foxglove stood on a platform, “Let this mark end of this Earth wars, as marched forward into a new chapter of peace and happiness, Rescue Rangers Away!”

So our epic Rescue Ranger adventure comes to end, but what does this hold in store for the Rescue Rangers in the future, stay tuned to find out.


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