Authors Note: What follows is a short piece of work, based on my usual subject matter. It
is a reflection from the character's point of view. I did not label it,
therefore, it is up to you to decide who is writing (or saying) it, Chip,
or Gadget? I will never tell, so don't ask. I intend to write a counterpart
to it very shortly. Then, you can compare both and try to tell them apart.
but for now, enjoy this. And have fun trying to decipher which of the two
this belongs to!


Christopher "Malachite" Sweeters Mail Two and Three
(He never responded when I E-Mailed him at the first address but perhaps I'll try the second two soon...)

In all my life, I have never known, someone who cared so much as you. You

have always been there, always fighting for me, through the darkest hours

of my life. I have hurt you in the past, I may do so again, and I never

knew how to ask for forgiveness. But you have always forgiven, whatever the

cost, and I have no way to repay you. I am nothing without you, but more

powerful than the everafter when with you.

I was wrong when I tried to hide my love, the greatest thing given to me.

It is a gift, from above, this power to love. And I had heard of it's

power, of it's unyielding splendor, but I never understood it, until you. I

didn't know what love was until you.

There was a night that we parted, I felt my soul break in two. Everything I

ever was, meant nothing without you. All those years, I hadn't realized,

how important my own feelings were. All those years, I hid, afraid my love

for you was wrong in some way. But one dark and quiet night, we somehow

crossed that barrier, and I will never forget, the sheer bliss you brought

to me. And when it was gone I felt so empty inside, I felt like I had no

purpose, how could life be so cruel?

I have lost so much in my life, my darling, but in you I have found them

again. Within you beats the heart of one that I could only love, one have

always loved, before such time we had ever met. And this love of ours may

take us to places few others dare to go. I fear it may take us to the edge

of the abyss. But I have put my trust in you, ever sice the first time we

joined hands. You have been scared of some of my endeavors, but never once

stopped trusting me. You gave me more than any one person could ever be

expected to give. And you told me you loved me, but I didn't need to hear

it. I always thought I did. But then I heard it and I realized that it

mattered not one bit, that I had always known. And I realize that I may

have put you through some difficulties. I realize I have scared you, hurt

you, at times. I have spoken words in anger that I wish I could take back.

But all the while I never stopped loving you.

I am not proud of everything I have done. I can't take back the things I've

done. But I know that no matter what, you will not stop loving me.

And that is what has made it worthwhile. I will never cease to return your

love, even beyond this world.

I do not pretend to understand you. But I love you despite the fact. You

didn't ask me to understand you, but you opened up despite all of you

inhibitions. And I soothed your pain as best s I knew how, never have

stopped. I thought that no one could understand me, but you tried anyway.

And over time, I realized that you did understand. And I looked at myself

in the mirror and didn't see the same person, but a combination of two. And

for the first time in my life, I am happy.

It was almost by accident that we first kissed, and what seemed like

minutes lasted throughout that cold night. I have never heard someone's

rhythm beat so closely in tune with mine before that. And when we finally

became aware of an outside world, you looked at me and smiled perfectly.

And you didn't have to say anything, because I knew.

And this is where I will stay, with you, with you, within you; I love you,

I always have, and that is all I need to know.


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