Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers

"Miami `Munks"

Written by David Walker

Characters herein are © Walt Disney corporation. Distribute freely, but do not modify.

This is an actual Script I submitted to Diney back in 1990, only to
discover it was not accepted because they were busily working on
Darkwing Duck (Even Talespin was done already!)

New characters:

CRACKET: A Very large Rat.  Twice the size of Monterey.  All the
Rats wear Denim Jackets and wear caps.  Cracket is the biggest
member of the gang

STUBBS: A small rat about the size of Monterey, but not very
muscular.  Stubbs can almost pass for a mouse.

RAT #1 

RAT #2

CAT BOSS: The largest cat.  All the Cats wear black leather Jackets
and T-Shirts saying "Alley Cats."  The Boss does NOT resemble Fat





VARIOUS MOUSE CITIZENRY (some of the mice from earier shows might be


Miami Beach (Water)

Miami Beach (scrub bushes)

Interior Warehouse

Mouse Villiage (alley)



Exterior, Ranger Headquarters (Wintery)

Interior, Ranger Headquarters (Living room)

			    ACT ONE:

SCENE ONE: Miami Beach


note to Animators: This scene only, Chip has shed his usual coat for
swim Trunks, and is wearing a Straw version of his hat (White
instead of brown, with a black band). Dale is wearing his Hawaiian
shirt, and a pair of round sunglasses. Zipper has square sunglasses
on.  Gadget has a purple and white diagonally striped one-piece
swimsuit and her goggles.  Monterey is in an Orange Tank top and
swimsuit (Same color as his hair), and is not wearing his hat.

Gadget and Monterey Jack are in the water.  Dale and Zipper are
Building a sandcastle.  Chip is lying on a towel under an umbrella.
The umbrella is one of the Oriental Paper types.  The Ranger Wing is
parked nearby.

GADGET: (Coming in from Water.  She grabs a towel and starts to dry
herself) Dale, your idea of a winter vacation in Miami was a great

MONTY: (Cavorting in the water with a beach ball) Yeah, bonzer
idea, Dale.

CHIP: I don't know. (sits up) I have this feeling that we're missing
important cases.

CHIP: Aw, Chip, lighten up.  It's cold and snowy back home.  We
wouldn't have anything to do anyway.  Let's have some fun!

CHIP:(slightly reluctantly) All right, Dale. (gets up to join him)


Scene shifts to some scrub bushes across the beach. It is obvious
that someone is watching the Rangers.  Chip has gotten up and is
playing with Dale in the sandcastle.  Scene shifts to show Cracket,
Stubbs, and the two Rat Thugs looking through the bushes. The scene
shifts back to show they are eyeing the Ranger Wing.

STUBBS: Cracket, that plane would be perfect for cheese smuggling.
But how can we get it away from them?  The only rodents with a plane
are the Rescue Rangers.

CRACKET: I agree, Stubbs. I have an idea how to get it, too.  And we
can kill two birds with one stone: We get the plane and rid
ourselves of those cats.  Here's what we do:

The Rats go into a huddle

STUBBS: (protesting) But Boss!

Spin the scene, to show time has passed


Stubbs comes out and begins admiring the Ranger Wing.  He wears a
yellow shirt and white pants, and he wears a straw Huck Finn-style
hat.  He puts the hat on as he walks out of the bushes.

Chip notices Stubbs at the Ranger Wing, and walks over to him.
Gadget follows a couple seconds behind

CHIP: May I help you?

The other Rescue Rangers leave their activities, and walk over

STUBBS: (in a clearly faked Spanish accent) Pardon me, senor, I was
just admiring this toy plane here.

GADGET: (indignant) Golly! That's not a toy, that's the Ranger Wing.
I built it myself.

The rest of the Rangers arrive.

STUBBS: Is that so?  A marvelous machine, senorita.

GADGET: Thank you.

STUBBS: (continuing as if Gadget had said nothing)  But who does it
belong to?

CHIP: It belongs to us, we're the Rescue Rangers.

STUBBS: Excuse me, did you say the "Rescue Rangers"?

Chip nods.

CHIP: (Nodding with Chip) That's us. (He puts his arm around Chip,
buddy style)

STUBBS: (Excitedly) The Rescue Rangers!  (he starts vigorously
shaking everyone's hands) Your fame has spread even to Miami.  The
rodent detectives who have helped animals of all kinds.  You are the
heroes of every mouse in the city!

The Rescue Rangers are clearly flustered and slightly embarrassed
by this heaping of praise.

{CHIP: Well, gee...
{  (simultaniously)
{GADGET: Golly!

STUBBS: Perhaps the great Rescue Rangers could see fit to help me?

CHIP: (starts shaking hands with Stubbs) Of course, uh...Mister?

STUBBS: Pardon again, senor. I did not introduce myself.  I am Juan
Carlos Peratz.  Our village of mice and rats is being terrorized by
cats.  Can you help?

GADGET: Of course we can.

MONTEREY: (Unheard by the other Rangers) Gang of CATS?


MONTEREY: Oh well! (He follows them)


In the mouse Village.  The village is in an alley

The Rangers are now dressed in their regular attire

The Ranger Wing is parked nearby.  An impromptu festival in honor of
the Rescue Rangers has sprung up.  Inside a human warehouse, the
Rescue Rangers are preparing for the cats.  Gadget is working on a
device of imprecise function.  They are in their regular attire.
Mice are excitedly gathered around them, watching them.  Chip, Dale,
Monty, and Zipper have their hands full of kids, trying to keep them
away from Gadget.

Monty is telling one of his adventures, Dale is fooling around with
several children.  Other kids are playing with Chip's straw hat. (He
is now wearing his brown hat)

Suddenly a scream comes from outside.  The Rangers, except Gadget,
rush outside. The cats are attacking the village. They begin
trashing the little town.

CHIP: Come on!

They run back inside.

CHIP: (Grabs a dart-crossbow made from a pencil stub, a rubber band,
and a broken comb for a crosspiece.  A rubber dart with a spool of
thread tied to it completes the harpoon.) Zipper, you get those kids
to safety.

ZIPPER: (Salutes) Yezzzs, szzzzir!

CHIP: Gadget, finish the Ranger Car, quickly!

GADGET: Sure, Chip!

CHIP: Dale, you and Monty come with me. We gotta hold 'em off!

CHIP: (Grabs another Crossbow) Right with you Chip!

MONTY: Righto, Mate!  We'll show them what it means to mess with
the Rescue Rangers!

They rush out of the warehouse.  Below the Cats have cornered a
group of mice and rats.

MONTY: Hold it right there. (He halts in mid-threat) C-C-C-CATS!

The Cats turn to see a mouse and two Chipmunks threatening them.

BOSS CAT: And who are you to dare to threaten us?

CHIP: We're the Rescue Rangers.

BOSS CAT: Rescue Rangers? Well, (Sarcasticly) "Rescue Rangers", this
is our turf, and no one threatens us on our turf and gets away with

Scene pulls back from the three Rangers.  They are surrounded by all
five cats.

(first commercial)

			     ACT TWO


The scene has not changed from the end of the previous scene.

CHIP: Um...Chip.  We're surrounded.

MONTY: Not to worry, Dale!

Monterey Jack charges two of them.

CHIP and CHIP: Monty!

Chip and Dale each fire their Harpoons.  A net is strung between
the two harpoons.  Cat #1 is netted.

CHIP: Ya-hoo!

Dale's cheer is short-lived.  Monterey has come out on the wrong end
of his brawl with two cats.  The last two cats chase Chip and Dale
across the street.  The Cat boss catches them. He holds Chip and
Dale in each hand.  Monterey is held firmly by cats #2 and #3.  Cat
#1 is freed from the net by Cat #4.

CAT BOSS: I told you.  No one messes on our turf and gets away with
it.  Now you're lunch!

CHIP: It was nice knowing you Chip.

MONTY: Sorry, mates, but this looks like the end.

CAT BOSS: (to Miami's mice) And YOU will pay for bringing them here!

At that moment, the doors to the warehouse burst open.  The 'camera'
looks high up, as is something gigantic is supposed to be there.  It
pans down to the very bottom, where Gadget and Zipper are in the
Ranger Car.  The Ranger Car is made from a remote control car, It
bristles with rubber darts.  It is very fast.  Zipper is flying

GADGET: Let them go!


CAT BOSS: Another one?  Get her, boys!

CATS #1 and #4: Yes, boss.

The two cats charge.  Gadget dodges the two cats with an S turn.
Zipper flies over to Cats #2 and #3 and pulls their whiskers,
causing them to drop Monterey.  Meanwhile, Gadget throws the car
into a bootlegger reverse (180-degree controlled skid), and throws a
switch on the control panel.  A Dart with a net attached catches
Cats #1 and #4.  Monterey has Cat #2 held over his head and he
tosses him.  Cat #3 is trying to sneak up on Monty.  Another Dart
flies out and hits Cat Boss.  Gadget drives around him in circles,
wrapping the string around him.  He drops Chip and Dale.  They rush
over, and pull a string tight to stop cat #3, who trips and falls.
They quickly wrap his legs up. Gadget finishes wrapping string
around the Boss Cat, who falls.


The Rangers have put all the cats into a net and hoisted it up on
the Ranger Car. They drive them out of town to the airport.  The cat
gang is put in a shipping crate headed for somewhere else.

CAT BOSS: (From ship) Someday, I'll get revenge on you, Rescue Rangers!

CHIP: Yeah, sure!  You and what army?

The Cat Boss snarls, and Dale jumps into Chip's arms, both fall to
the ground.  Chip glares at Dale.  Dale grins and shrugs.


Back in the mouse village in the alley.

MONTY: What a bonzer adventure!

CHIP: Yep.  But I want to get back to the beach!

GADGET: (Returning from inside the warehouse) Guys, we have a

The others turn to look at Gadget

CHIP: What's the matter, Gadget?

GADGET: The Ranger Wing.  It's missing!


CHIP: Nonsense!  (running over to its former location) We parked it
right...(he arrives at the empty space)

CHIP: (Shocked inhale)  The Ranger Wing!  It's been stolen!

(Second commercial set)

			    ACT THREE

MONTY: Turaloo! What a dilemma.

MOUSE #1 (A villager): What happened?

CHIP: Our plane has been stolen!

MOUSE #1: I bet the notorious Cheese Smuggler, Cracket and his gang
took it!

MONTEREY: Cheese Smugglers?  Crickey!  I tangled with Cracket's gang
years ago, but Cracket got away.  Well, what are we waitin' for?
Let's go get him!

CHIP: How can we?  We can't follow him.

GADGET: (looking around at the junk around her.  In particular,
there is a bleach bottle) Wait a second, Chip.  I think I can make a
copy of the old Ranger Plane with the stuff we have around here.

(the scene fades out, again to show time has elasped)


(fade in)

Gadget has built an almost-exact replica of the Ranger PLane, the
most unusual plane ever made. The whole thing is made of junk and
trash. The Body is a white bleach bottle, with four red seats. The
landing gear resembles bird's legs with suction cups on them. The
wings flap like a bird, causing the plane to wobble in flight. A
rear stablizer is made from a piece from a hand fan. The whole thing
is held aloft by a hot dog-shaped blue balloon. You are amazed that
this plane could even exist, much less fly. Yet fly it does (on a
wing and a prayer)

GADGET: Well, I had to take a lot of parts from the Ranger Car,
but we have a plane we can follow them with.

Chip pastes a R/R symbol on the plane.

CHIP: (With faked pomposity)I dub thee, Ranger Plane II.

GADGET: I might as well tell you, the Ranger Wing has a number of
advantages over us.  Its more maneuverable, has more speed, and able
to climb faster and higher.

CHIP: Do we have any advantages?

GADGET: Well, we can turn sharper, and we know both planes better
than they do.

CHIP: That's IT?

GADGET: (at the controls) Get aboard everyone.  Cracket should be
coming back now.

The Rangers pile in, with Zipper on the nose of the plane.  As if
on cue, the Ranger Wing appears and zooms by overhead.  The
Ranger Plane II takes off in pursuit.


In air.

In Ranger Wing:

STUBBS: Cracket, its the Rescue Rangers!  They've built another
plane and are coming after us!

CRACKET: (At controls) (Looks back):  Not for long.  Stubbs, man
that harpoon gun.

STUBBS: Yes, sir, Boss.

Cracket puts the Ranger Wing into a loop, and comes up behind the
Ranger Plane II.

In Ranger Plane II

MONTY: Zipper, old buddy, We are about to go into some rough
maneuvers.  You might want to get out and fly for yourself!

Zipper nods and gets out.

Gadget swings the Ranger plane around in an Immelman turn (Half
loop, and a roll)

CHIP: Whaaaaaa!
DALE: Whaaa-ha
MONTY: Whoa-ho-ho!

Both planes are on a collision course.  At the last second, Gadget
climbs out of the way.  As the Ranger wing passes above, Stubbs
fires the harpoon gun. It hits the body of the Ranger Plane II, next
to where Monterey Jack is sitting.

MONTY: I'm gonna go settle an old score.

He slides down the String.

RESCUE RANGERS: Monterey! Wait!

Too, late, of course.  Monterey has slid down into the Ranger Wing.
He tosses Stubbs and Rat #1 off.  Both open parachutes.  Then Monty
smells the cargo:

MONTY: CheeEEeeEEeeEEzzzzzze!

Monty falls into the trunk, which is full of cheese.

ZIPPER (Next to Monty): Oh, no! Not again!

By now the Ranger Plane II is alongside the Ranger Wing.  The
Harpoon dart has fallen off.

CHIP (To Dale): (exasperated) Come, on!  We've gotta help Monty!

Chip grabs a crossbow, and fires.  Just as Rat #2 is about to grab
Monterey, Chip hits the Rat with a dart and pulls him from the
plane.  Rat #2 also has a Parachute.  Cracket throws the Ranger wing
into a loop.  Monterey, having just finished the cheese, falls out.

GADGET: Monty!

She fires the landing gear at him, and catches him.  Then she turns
the Ranger Plane II around to face the Ranger Wing again.  Monterey
swings at the end of the rope under the Ranger Wing and in on the
other side.  Chip and Dale leap into the Wing as it passes by again.
Gadget takes the Ranger Plane II down.  Monterey climbs into the
passenger seat of the Ranger Wing, Zipper is above him, and Chip and
Dale are in the back.

MONTY: Remember me, Cracket?  I busted up your first gang.  But now
its your turn.

CRACKET: Monterey Jack!  I never thought I'd see YOU again!

CHIP: You won't get away with stealing OUR plane!

Chip, Dale and Monty all jump him.  A cloud of dust hides the fight,
but it ends up with Cracket flying out of the pilot's seat and
falling away, arms flailing, and Chip at the controls.

Cracket, arms flailing, lands on the balloon of the Ranger Plane II,
and claws in to hold on.  This pops the balloon, sending him falling
into the water.  Gadget immediately looses control.


Chip dives after the rapidly crashing Ranger Plane II.  It flies
into the beach, slides, and crumples up against a wall.  Gadget lies
on the ground.  Chip lands the Ranger Wing, and the Rangers rush
over.  Zipper arrives first and watches her with concern.  Gadget
sits up and rubs her head as the others arrive.

CHIP: Gadget! Are you all right?

GADGET: A few bumps and bruises, and a headache, but otherwise
ok. (She tries to stand, but when she moves her left arm, she yelps
in pain).  My Arm! I think it's broken.

CHIP and DALE: Don't worry Gadget, I'll take care of you!

Each glares at the other

GADGET: I'll be ok, especially with you guys to look after me!

MONTY: You take it easy, Gadget, luv.


Back at Ranger Headquarters.  Snow covers the tree and ground and is
falling lightly.  The camera zooms in slowly on the tree. Scene
shifts to the landing pad (Facing the door), the Ranger Wing is
parked outside.  Scene shifts inside, where Monty and Zipper are
warming themselves by a fire in a tin can.  Gadget is sitting on the
couch, her left arm in a sling.  Chip is bringing Gadget a thimble
of hot chocolate.  Dale is propping up a pillow for her.

GADGET: Golly, boys.  You're the best friends I could ever ask for.
Sorry my arm forced us to cut short our vacation.

Chip and Dale blush.

CHIP: Aw, shucks, Gadget.  It wouldn't have been any fun without

DALE: Chip's right.  Besides, after that vacation we ALL need a

Everyone laughs

(Fade out)


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