Rescue Rangers X: The Short Series

Episode # 101: A Force Reborn

Written By Carlton Edward Baird II



Good Day All Rangerphiles, Gadgephiles, Tammiphiles and General Net Junkies Everywhere. This is Rescue Rangers X: The Short Series. This series is yet another of my ever-growing fantasies With this, my wishes would be to have this script be magically transformed Into an animated series on my fantasy television station, WERB-TV in Chicago, Illinois. But, if that happened in Real Life, Disney and Eisner’s wild dog pack Would be on my hide like carnivorous bugs on a piece of carrion. So this dream will never come true... But you can still read this script and those to follow it...and see what goes on in my fantasy world. Please enjoy it. There is more to come. My best wishes to you all, MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS ALL THAT YOU DO!! Thank you all,

Carlton Edward “Eddie” Baird, The Second Last Of The Great Tammiphiles CEO of UltraBox Industries Licensed Arthologist Since 1994, A.D. RRC++ RR++ P+++ AMuR ME I++ Ix! CR+++ Cc- Cd++ Cm++ Cz+ Ct+++++++++++++++ M+ Zm(17) GH L--Ge+ Pc+++ SSs(2) SSd(12)

[Notice: The Rescue Rangers, Chip, Dale, Gadget, Zipper, Monterey Jack, Foxglove, Tammy and all related materials are Registered Trademarks of the Walt Disney Company and are used without permission. No infringement whatsoever is meant in this portrayal and those to follow. Wescott Vance Atticas, Dr. Jeremy Manniax, Chax Bennet and all related materials are copyright 1998 UltraBox Industries. All other brand names and companies are registered trademarks of their affiliated companies. Used without permission.]

[Closed Captioning symbol appears in upper-right hand corner, fades out] [Dolby Surround symbol appears in center bottom, fades out] [Clear rating appears in upper-left hand corner: TV-14-LVD, fades out]

[“Keep Hope Alive” by The Crystal Method begins playing]

[Slow fade in]

[UltraBox sides form Cube, Cube spins on screen as words ripple in]

UltraBox Industries Presents

[Slow fade out]

[Scenes from show flash as the letters RRX cross screen from left to right quickly]

[Computerized RRX logo]

Chip Elmwood [Chip turns, folds arms] Tress MacNeille Dale Oakmont [Dale turns, smiles, gives thumbs up] Corey Burton Gadget Hackwrench [Gadget turns, shows wrench] Tress MacNeille “Monterey” Jack Colby [Jack turns, makes fist] Jim Cummings Zipper Musca [Zipper turns, salutes] Peter Cullen Tammy Sorenthia [Tammy turns, gives V-sign] Noelle North Foxglove Digitalis [Foxglove turns, raises wings] Deborah Walley and Introducing Edward Baird as Wescott Vance Atticas [Wescott turns and kicks]

Chax Bennet [Chax tilts head to camera, looks upwards] Charlie Adler Dr. Jeremy Manniax [Manniax tilts head to camera, looks at viewer] Rob Paulsen

Based on the graphic novellas by Edward Baird [Shows Rangers running]

(all Rangers jump onto the screen, stand together, looking at audience) (Iron door closes with RRX symbol, fade out)

[Fade in to title screen, spotlight shines on RR badge against a forest green back drop. Solemn woodwind incidental music plays. White, thin art-deco letters in center read:]

A Force Reborn

[Letters fade out, replaced by:]

Written By Edward Baird Edited by Julie Bihn Artwork by J.L. Solis

[Fade out.]

[Fade In: Wescott writing in Razorback in the main console, night. Wescott is looking into computer, where he talks, camera looks at Wescott through the computer screen.]

Wescott, to camera: Dear Razorback: It’s been a long time in coming but I finally made it. I am part of the team, and everything’s gonna be alright. I don’t think I told you the story of how I met the Rangers, or even the story of my life for that matter, but I think I’ll do that now, just to show something.

[Wescott scratches his head as he thinks.]

Wescott: Hmm...As far back as my memories serve me...

[Fade to Wescott’s past: Denver Zoological Park, Denver, Colorado. A baby Wescott is sucking on his thumb while four spider monkeys groom each other.]

Zookeeper: Feeding time! [Zookeeper throws monkey chow at the monkeys, which they eat greedily. Wescott yanks on an elder monkey’s tail.]

Baby Wescott: Father...[Wescott points to mouth]

[Monkey grunts angrily and smacks Wescott across the face, sending him hurtling towards the ground. Wescott cries loudly. Zookeeper sees Wescott crying and hands him some chow]

Zookeeper: Here you go little fella.

Baby Wescott: Thank you, sir. [eats hungrily]

[VO Wescott] I was constantly abused by my monkey parents, and realizing that obviously they were not my true parents, I longed for the day when I would finally meet them.

[Daytime, the monkeys are climbing around the cage swinging on ropes and Adolescent Wescott is watching them]

[VO Wescott] I wanted to at least show my foster parents that I was worth their keep, so I tried to swing from the vines using my tail like my brothers, but it was no use.

[Adolescent Wescott, trying to swing from the ropes, but falling on his face, getting laughed at by the other monkeys]

[VO Wescott] I tried and I tried, until one day...

[Wescott looks like he will give up but attempts it one last time, and instead of swinging, he is flying with his tail like a propeller]

Adolescent Wescott: Wow!

[The monkeys stare in amazement while Wescott flies around the cage three times. One of the monkeys tries to chase Wescott but Wescott simply flies out of the cage through the bars in the roof of the cage. The monkeys scream at him as he flies away.]

[VO Wescott] I had decided that they were not to bother me again. I flew off to explore the rest of Denver. I was about 13 then, so I figured I could handle myself out alone in the world.

[Wescott flies into the Denver Recycling Plant, and curiously explores it. He unwittingly flies into a wall and falls into a drum filled with broken glass. Wescott screams as he struggles to escape. He falls out of the drum badly cut and stumbles off to get help.]

[VO Wescott] I never will forget that awful experience. It instilled in me my worst fear: being cut to death by broken glass.

[Dissolve to outskirts of Denver. Wescott is dressed in a long brown jacket and a Ballco T-shirt, with denim jeans, looking back at Denver before walking away from it.]

[VO Wescott] I figured it was time for me to leave the horrors of my childhood in Denver and to explore the world around me.

[Map of United States, red line moves from Denver slowly to Phoenix, Arizona as Wescott speaks]

[VO Wescott] I had heard from some friendly locals that a good place to start my journey was to head southwest to Phoenix, Arizona, home of the legendary rabbit sensei, Usagi Yoshimura. They said she could teach me to defend myself.

[Wescott walks up to a quaint dojo and looks up at the sign which reads, “Usagi’s Dojo”. He walks inside.]

Wescott, bowing to Usagi: Sensei Yoshimura, I would like to learn the ways of Kenpo. Teach me.

Usagi, looking over Wescott: look sturdy enough. It is difficult to learn the ways of Kenpo, do you think you can handle it?

Wescott: If I can handle the horrors of my childhood, I can handle Kenpo.

Usagi, shaking Wescott’s right paw: Alright then, stranger, welcome to my dojo. What is your name, anyway?

Wescott: My name is Wescott. Wescott Vance Atticas.

[Various overlapping scenes of Wescott training with Usagi: breaking boards, doing crane kicks, etc.]

[VO Wescott] I worked like a dog for five years with Usagi, until she saw fit that I was ready for the real world.

Usagi, reaching above a mantle, and grabbing a finished case: I have been saving this for someone with your integrity. I would like you to have this upon your completion of learning the Kenpo Arts.

[Usagi opens the case, revealing a shiny, hardened, imported hornbeam bo. She presents the bo to Wescott]

Usagi: I want you to have this. You show great potential with the staff, so use it in good health. I also packed for you some rice balls to eat on the way. I know you will make it, Wescott. Good Luck!

[Usagi hands Wescott a bag filled with rice balls which Wescott takes gratefully. Wescott twirls the bo menacingly, and hugs Usagi tenderly before leaving the dojo]

[VO Wescott] I knew I had found my niche, but now all I had to do was find my way.

[Camera pans away from Wescott as he walks down a long road. Fade out.]

[VO Jim Cummings, Ballco Yin-Yang logo ripples in, “Keep Hope Alive” plays]: Rescue Rangers X is sponsored by the clean, crisp taste of Ballco Cola. Since 1911, Ballco. A Real Refreshing Tradition.

[Commercial Break, two minutes]

[VO Jim Cummings, RRX Logo appears] Now, back to Rescue Rangers X on WERB.

[Fade In: Map of US, line moves from Phoenix to Houston, Texas. A Transparent image of Wescott on the road again appears, showing him walking, a look of determination on his face]

[VO Wescott] Now I was on my own as I wandered off to find myself. I walked the lonely highways by day, and slept away from the highways by night. One night I will never forget. It was the time of my first battle, a day I will always remember as The Great Dinner Snapping.

[Wescott goes into a diner, a big neon sign of red and green declaring “Linda’s Diner” Wescott enters and bellies up to the bar, taking a menu and reading it.]

Wescott: I’ll have a double bacon cheeseburger with Tabasco sauce, please.

Waitress, looking over Wescott with a look of surprise in her eyes: You look a little rough, stranger.

Wescott: That’s because I have been wandering the highways for the past few weeks, madam.

Waitress: One double bacon cheeseburger with Tabasco, coming up.

[Waitress brings out the burger and Wescott eats with gratitude. As Wescott is eating, a tall, muscular rat walks up to Wescott and taps him on the shoulder.]

Rat: Excuse me, punk.

[Wescott wheels the swivel chair around and receives a sturdy punch from the rat’s right knuckle, sending Wescott to the floor. Everyone in the diner laughs at him. Wescott gets up and shakes the dust off of himself.]

Wescott, extending paw: Sorry about that, I’m Wescott.

[Wescott grabs the rat’s arm and yanks it, landing an uppercut to his armpit, knocking it out of alignment, a loud crackling is heard.]

Rat: Damn! What the--

[Wescott rams the bo into the rats groin, doubling the rat over in pain.]

Rat, weakly: Ok...ok...I...give...

Wescott, grabbing the rat by the lapels: Don’t you ever, EVER interrupt me while I’m eating...punk.

[Wescott slams the rat’s head against a bar stool, leaving him unconscious. Wescott pays the tab and quickly leaves, as everyone in the diner looks at him.]

[VO Wescott] I continued my wanderings until one day, I stumbled into a town called Houston, Texas. One night, as I searched the town for a place to stay, I found an old drive-in, which caught me up in one of its movies. I had watched the movie, the cheesy flick that it was, until I bumped into an old hamster at the concession stand.

[Wescott bumps into an aging, wrinkly tortoiseshell hamster carrying a large popcorn covered in an orange dust.]

Wescott: Oh, pardon me. I am so sorry.

Hamster, in a cheery tone: Oh, that’s quite alright, son. I don’t know how many times that’s happened to me. Just on m’way to get some popcorn. See, I live here at this drive-in and actually I hate this bland popcorn, so I sprinkle on a bit of this stuff that I made m’self from a bunch of things over at the Safeway not far from here.

[The hamster pours on another sprinkling of the orange dust onto her popcorn.]

Hamster: Tastes mighty good with this stuff, yes sir.

Wescott: I’m sorry if I disturbed you, I’m just looking for a place to stay the night.

Hamster: Oh that’s fine, I have an extra bed at my house on the other side of the drive-in. You can stay there if you’d like.

Wescott, thankfully: That’s great..miss...

Hamster: Mrs. Edna Branson. Paul’s in the house, sawin’ logs.

Wescott: Thanks, Mrs. Branson.

Edna: No problem, kid. Come on over here and I’ll tell you a little bit about this movie.

[Dissolve to Edna’s house, Wescott talks with Edna and she sits in her rocker. Camera slowly moves away.]

[VO Wescott] I ended up staying with Mrs. Branson for two years. She helped me learn some values that I keep dear to my heart, like Love and Truth. Mostly the kind of morals that keep a cheap movie from becoming a downright tasteless one. She also taught me how to make that orange dust that she calls, “popcorn magic”, which really is pretty good. I’ve used it ever since.

[Sunrise. Wescott has a small burlap bag attached to his bo. He waves back at the Bransons and flies off into the distance.]

[Dissolve to US map, red line moves from Houston, Texas to Saint Louis, Missouri.]

[VO Wescott] The next place I thought of going to was Saint Louis, Missouri. Mrs. Branson often talked about that place and that it had excellent ribs. I went there and had a wonderful time.

[Wescott is flying around St. Louis looking around at the sights, one scene shows him flying all around the Gateway Arch. It becomes night and Wescott is flying along a busy highway when he suddenly turns and stares into a window. It turns out to be a CompuMega Store. Wescott waits patiently for the electric door to open, and enters. As he does an overweight man and a skinny tall man proceed to lock up the store.]

Edgar, yawning: Time to close down, Chauncy.

Chauncy: God, I love the big holiday season, Edgar. What say we go get ourselves a beer?

Edgar: Ok, but you’re buying.

Chauncy, slightly irritated as he locks up the doors: As usual.

[Wescott wanders through the building, which remains lighted, much to his surprise.]

Wescott: Wow, they have all sorts of electronic stuff here. What’s this?

[Wescott looks at a huge computer flashing lights and talking]

Computer: The MegaDex Multimedia Desktop will dazzle your home with it’s 800 megahertz X9-1 processor, 256 megabytes of SDRAM , and a stunning 30 Gigabyte hard drive. You just have to use it to believe it!

Wescott: It talks?

Computer, screaming: TRY ME!!!

Wescott: Alright, alright, I try you, just don’t yell at me. Cheez and crackers!

[VO Wescott] so I spent that whole weekend alone in the computer store working on the computer, learning the passwords and even hacking into confidential files I didn’t even realize I was looking at. I even found out the link up to the Internet, and began surfing, finding out more about life and the ways of society. I hacked my way into the FBI’s online database and learned about the Justice system. One thing in particular I looked at that sparked my interest was of a city called Chicago, Illinois and of the delicious deep dish pizza they have there. I also learned of a crime fighting group called the Rescue Rangers. I figured they could help me find my way. I even had a dream that I would join them one day, so I made up my mind that when the store opened up again I would head up to Chicago and find them.

[Morning, Chauncy and Edgar are opening the doors]

Chauncy, opening up the doors: What a weekend, eh, Edgar?

Edgar: Yup, Chauncy.

[Wescott zooms out of the door, Chauncy’s hat flies off]

Edgar: What the...?

Chauncy, eyeballing the store, now in a mess: How are we gonna explain that a little squirrel did all of that?

[dissolve to US map: red line moves from St. Louis to Chicago, Illinois. A transparency of Wescott flying becomes an opaque image of Wescott landing at the Chicago city limits.]

[VO Wescott] Well at last I came to Chicago. it took me seven years to traverse the country from Denver to Chicago. But I was here, and I had a good feeling that today I was going to find my place in the sun.

[Wescott is flying through Chicago]

Wescott: Whee!!!

[VO Wescott] I never felt so free in all of my life. I was free of the pain of my childhood in a beautiful city and I didn’t have a care in the world. I decided to go play in the park for a while.

[Wescott flies to Grant Park, where he happily walks through the grass, whistling as he goes. Up ahead, the camera zooms in on Dale Oakmont, attempting to steal gumballs from a gumball machine. Wescott sees this and quickly runs after him.]


Dale: Ahh! Help!

[Wescott chases Dale to a tree, where he pins him against it.]

Wescott: Don’t you know It’s against the law to steal from a public facility? Why if I had the notion I could have the police cart your butt into jail faster than you could speak your name.

Dale, screaming: Ahh! Chiiiiiiiiiiip!!!!

[Chip Elmwood appears from the tree’s high terrace.]

Chip, angrily: What’s going on out here?

Wescott: He was stealing from a gumball machine, a federal misdemeanor!

Chip: So he was, eh?

[Chip climbs down the tree and brings his fist down hard on Dale’s head]

Dale: Ow! Whad’ya do that for?

Chip: Idiot! You’re supposed to be a Rescue Ranger, not a common criminal. It’s a good thing this guy here caught you, or...

Wescott, wide-eyed: RESCUE RANGERS?!?! You guys are the famous Rescue Rangers?

Chip: That’s us. Chip Elmwood, at your service.

[Chip elbows Dale hard in the stomach]

Dale: Ow. And I’m Dale Oakmont, second-in-command.

Wescott: I have searched all over the country for you guys. I had a big problem that you guys could help me solve.

Chip: Sure! How can we help you?

Wescott: Well, I don’t really know were to turn. I have been searching all over the country for a place to call my own. All of this wandering is getting to me. I just don’t know what to do.

Dale: Maybe you could stay with us! We just moved here about two months ago, and we could use some extra help.

Wescott, happily: REALLY???

Chip: Sure, but you may have to pull your weight around the tree.

Wescott. That’s cool.

Chip and Dale show Wescott into the tree. Gadget Hackwrench is dusting the large screen monitor with a small feather duster.

Gadget: Hi, guys!

Chip and Dale, simultaneously: Hi, Gadget!

Gadget: Who’s that? [pointing at Wescott]

Wescott: Dagum, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Wescott Vance Atticas. I am looking for somewhere I can fit in.

Gadget: Pleased to meet you! I’m Gadget Hackwrench!

Wescott: Wow. This is all too intense.

[Echoed coughing and buzzing is heard from downstairs.]

Jack: Crikey! It’s more dusty in there than the Sahara Desert on a cold day in January!

Zipper: Uh-huh. [coughing]

Wescott: Wow! It looks like the whole gang is here!

Jack: Who’s this bloke, Chippah?

Chip: His name’s Wescott, Monty.

Jack: Izat so? Well I’m Monterey Jack Colby, but you can call me Monty, and this here’s me little bucko, Zipper.

Zipper: Hi!

[Wescott shakes paws with Jack and Zipper]

Dale: Today, we’re expecting a call from Foxglove and Tammy. When she e-mailed us last, Tammy said that she was taking a taxi with Foxglove up to visit us from Manhattan.

Chip: I certainly hope she got over her crush on me.

Gadget: Now, let’s not start that again.

[Three knocks on door.]

Foxglove: Open up, cutie. I know you’re in there.

Tammy, in sing-song voice: Oh, Chipper...

[Chip and Dale open the doors and in burst Foxglove Digitalis and Tammy Sorenthia. Wescott’s pupils constrict as he looks at Tammy. He gulps audibly.]

Wescott: Wow. I must have died and gone to Heaven. I am looking at an angel!

Chip: Well, now that everyone is here, maybe we should have a celebration feast!

Tammy, cheerfully: Great! I’ll start up the oven.

Jack: Now hold on there a minute, miss. I am the head cook around here and I say...

Tammy: Oh, come on, Monterey. It’s time we added a new flavor to this crew.

Jack: Well, alright. But don’t come crying to me when things start going awry.

[Tammy scowls at Jack, sticks her tongue out at him, and continues her work.]

[Dissolve to the den; Foxglove is snuggling Dale. Dale is struggling to free himself, but only slightly.]

Foxglove: So how has life been without me, cute stuff?

Dale, slight strain in his voice: I...have through...tough...squeezes.

Foxglove: Well, now Tammy and I have decided to become full members, so we can be together more often.

Dale, still strained: That’s...great...Foxy...but...could you...let me...go?

[Chip and Gadget are talking next to Foxglove and Dale]

Chip: So Gadget, how's the clean up of that big room downstairs?

Gadget: Well, Monterey and I were working on it earlier today, and by tomorrow we should be able to use it.

Chip: Good. Maybe we can use that room to build your new worklab.

Gadget: Okay.

[While Tammy works in the galley, Wescott is peeking around the corner at her. His mind is racing.]

Wescott, thinking to himself: How do I approach her? What if she rejects me? Oh the agony...

[Tammy looks over and sees Wescott.]

Tammy: Hi! Don’t be bashful, C’mon in!

[Wescott enters the galley, and smiles]

Wescott: I don’t believe we have met. My name’s Wescott Vance Atticas.

Tammy: That’s a nice full name. I’m Tammy Sorenthia. It’s really good to see you.

Tammy, thinking to herself: Wow, he’s a hunky one. What do I do?

Wescott, thinking to self: What if I do something stupid?

Tammy, thinking to self: How do I...

Wescott, thinking to self: What if she...

Wescott and Tammy, simultaneously thinking to selves: AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!

Foxy, bursting into the galley: How’s the grub coming, guys?

Jack, noticing the boiling pot that Tammy was supposed to watch: it’s coming along fine.

[Fade to dinner table. Everyone is seated as Tammy presents the food. She places a fresh green salad, with light vinaigrette dressing, a basket of breadsticks, and a huge plate of fettucine alfredo onto the table. everyone eats hungrily, but with manners...except Dale.]

Gadget: Chip, pass the breadsticks.

[Chip passes the breadsticks. Wescott gains boldness between mouthfuls of the fettucine and comments on the food]

Wescott: Tammy, this is some of the greatest food I have ever eaten!

[Tammy blushes]

Tammy, thinking to self: Hmm...That’s one way of getting to I’ll have to try some other recipes. Wescott, you’re mine.

[Foxglove raises her glass]

Foxglove: Everyone, I would like to propose a toast. To the Rescue Rangers, that they may always be looked to as a sign of hope for peace.

Everyone: Hear! Hear!

[Everyone raises his or her glass, brings glasses together with a resounding ding]

Everyone: Cheers!

[Fade to den, everyone is lethargic from the fine food. Chip and Dale are surfing through the channels on the main console.]

Dale, making a grab for the remote: C’mon! I wanna watch X-Toons!!!

Chip, struggling: No! We are gonna watch the News!!

Dale: X-Toons!

Chip: News!!

Dale, screaming: X-TOONS!!!

Chip, screaming louder: NEWS!!!

[Chip and Dale begin punching each other and rolling around on the ground, chattering like angry cubs]

Wescott, paws in his ears: Great Feems of Lightning! Are they like this all the time?

Jack: 24-7, mate.

[Wescott makes a wry face]

Wescott: Ugh....STOP!!!

[Chip and Dale stop fighting. They look at Wescott.]

Wescott, pulling a coin from his coat pocket: Here, let’s let the fates decide what we’ll watch. Heads we watch X-Toons, tails, we watch the news.

Chip: Okay.

Dale: Fair enough.

[Wescott flicks the shiny coin into the air and catches it deftly. He slaps it onto his wrist. Chip and Dale look on intently as Wescott moves his paw.]

Wescott: HEADS!!!

Dale: Hurrah!

[Chip snaps his fingers in disgust. Dale swipes the remote from his friend and turns on X-Toons.]

Dale, to Wescott: Fates, huh?

[Wescott shows off his double-headed coin to Dale privately]

Wescott, whispering: Shhh....fixed fates.

[Dale and Wescott sit and enjoy the disturbingly twisted mixture of animé and live action shorts as Chip sulks in his seat]

[Wipe to thirty minutes later: Dale yawns.]

Wescott: That show never fails to amaze me. What I want to know though is, how did you pick Chicago for the Rescue Ranger Headquarters, Chip?

Chip, picking himself up: You know, I’ve been waiting to tell the story of how we came to Chicago for a long time.

Foxglove: Yes, Chip. Tell us.

Chip: Are you sure you want to know this?

Wescott, nodding: Yes.

Chip: Okay.

[Ripple to NYC. The Rescue Rangers-Chip, Dale, Gadget, Monty and Zipper-are being chased by Fat Cat, who has an automatic gun, firing wildly at the Rangers through Times Square. Loud honking and mild cursing are audible in the BG.]

[VO Chip] Fat Cat had recently gone crazy. He found out where we lived and had chased us from our home earlier that morning. We were running for our very lives. He had a tommy gun in his claws and was shooting at us the best he could, but his mind was so clouded with anger he couldn’t focus.

Fat Cat, screaming: You little furred bastards!!! I’ll drill you so full of holes you wont be recognizable from Swiss cheese!!!

Gadget, huffing: Chip, I’m running out of steam. I don’t know if we’ll be able to keep running much longer...

[Chip grabs Gadget’s paw and together they run faster. The Rangers approach the busy intersection and run at breakneck to escape the mad cat. Suddenly, a blue Ford Explorer appears out of nowhere in front of Fat Cat, bearing down on him.]

Fat Cat: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

[Screen turns red. A loud squashing sound is heard. Silence.]

Chip, looking back as he runs: Omi....

[Fat Cat’s corpse is shown.]

Dale: He’s dead...

[The Rangers cross the street successfully.]

Gadget: I never thought our greatest enemy would be smashed like some roadkill...

Dale: Now what do we do?

Chip: Well, our home is now a burnt-out shell, so I’m not sure were we can go...

Gadget: Maybe we could stay with Tammy.

Chip: That’s a good idea, Gadget. Let’s go.

[Ripple to present.]

Tammy: ..And you stayed with us for a week, and Foxglove came to visit, too.

Chip: Yup, that’s right. That’s when we learned that Nimnul had died, too. He died in his SUPERMAX cell up in the Catskills. They say he died from a stroke caused by self-inducted hallucinations. So we thought it over for the next few weeks and decided to move.

Dale: And we had decided that you two [pointing at Tammy and Foxglove] could become Rescue Rangers. Tammy said she would think about it, and gave us an idea...

Tammy: That’s right...

[Ripple to Tammy’s house, nighttime. Chip is presenting Elizabeth “Bink” Sorenthia with an honorary Rescue Ranger badge.]

[VO Tammy] Chip made Bink into a Rescue Ranger, seeing as how she was old enough. He told her that when she got mature enough, he would place in her paws the full title of “Rescue Ranger Leader, NYC Division”. He told her to start a branch of Rangers in Central Park, and she decided on a name at that time: the Silver Rangers. He told everyone also that they had decided to move to another distressed metropolis: Chicago, Illinois. I said that Foxglove and I would be glad to join them as full members when they got there, but that first we would have to help Bink assemble some other members in Central Park. She got together six others and now, in the newly rebuilt spot where the original Rescue Ranger Headquarters stood several years ago, there is a new Headquarters, and Bink is the leader.

[Ripple back to present]

Tammy: ...And so Foxglove and I took a taxi here to Grant Park and we are here to join the team.

Foxglove: That’s right.

Chip: Well, good for you. Gadget, Dale and I have personalized your very own badges, and we have been saving them for you ever since. Welcome aboard.

[Chip personally pins the badge on Tammy, while Dale pins a badge on Foxglove. The badges both read ‘Rescue Ranger, Second Class]

Wescott: congratulations, you two!

Gadget, yawning: Well, It’s getting late. Maybe we should hit the sack.

Chip: Ok. See you all tomorrow!

Dale: G’night!!

Foxglove: Goodnight, cutie [kisses Dale playfully]

[Dale accepts the kiss, although he blushes visibly]

[Dissolve to the Quarters Hall. Everyone is dressed in sleeping clothes. They all go to their separate rooms accept Wescott, Tammy and Foxglove.

Wescott: I just remembered. I don’t have any room laid out for me!

Tammy: Me either.

Foxglove: Neither do I.

Wescott, reluctantly: Well I guess we’ll have to sleep in the den.

Tammy: Okay.

Foxglove: Sounds good to me.

[As Tammy and Wescott walk together, Wescott tries to say something. He mumbles a bit. Tammy looks at him, concerned.]

Tammy: Is there something you want to say, Wescott?

Wescott: Uh, yeah. You know Tammy...I just thought...Uh, what I mean is...Oh I don’t know...

[Wescott waffles a bit. Tammy looks at him and thinks.]

Tammy, thinking to self: I bet I know why he’s waffling. He’s trying to tell me...Oh, just do it, Tammy!!!

[Tammy grabs Wescott by the lapels and gives him a long, passionate kiss. Wescott’s pupils constrict into small discs as he stares. Foxglove looks on in amazement.]

Foxglove: Man alive, Tammy! You’re melting him!!

[Tammy lets Wescott go. There is a big pink kiss on his face as he stares at Tammy, dazed and confused.]

Wescott: I’ll never wa...wash..this..[faints onto sofa]

Foxglove: Wow. I wish that *Dale* would act like that when I kiss him.

[Tammy smiles and plays with Wescott’s hair. A huge smile comes over Wescott’s face.]

Tammy, lying down beside Wescott: Well g’night Foxglove. [Falls asleep]

Foxglove: G’night, Tammy. [Foxglove flies up to the rafters of the skylight and hangs her claws there and begins to snore.]

[Fade out]

[VO Jim Cummings, Esdexco logo appears, “Keep Hope Alive” plays] Rescue Rangers X is brought to you by Esdexco Underwear. Esdexco. Underwear Is Forever.

[Commercial Break, two minutes]

[VO Jim Cummings, RRX logo appears] And now, back to Rescue Rangers X.

[Fade in, morning. Birds are chirping as the sun rises over Lake Michigan. Sunlight wakes Tammy. She gets up from snuggling Wescott without him knowing and goes to the galley where she prepares breakfast. Various scenes of cracking eggs and frying bacon are shown. Wescott’s nose is lifted into the air as he smells the food.]


[Foxglove as well smells the food and falls from the rafters. She lands gracefully on the floor next to Wescott and tucks in her wings.]

Foxglove: Did you have a nice rest, Wescott?

Wescott: You can call me Wes. Yeah. I dreamt of so many things...can I tell you a secret, Foxglove?

Foxglove: You can call me Foxy, Wes, and yes, I can keep a secret.

Wescott, whispering in Foxy’s ear: I’m starting to fall in love with Tammy. I had a dream about it last night. I’ve never felt this way before.

Foxglove: Well, don’t look now, Wes, but Tammy’s falling for you, too. I mean the way she kissed you.

Wescott: Gosh, you might be right, Foxy. Somehow, I need to express my true feelings to Tammy.

Foxglove: Well, then, let me help you.

Wescott: I’ll be eternally thankful to you.

Foxglove: Well the first step is to get her into a situation where she is comfortable and ready...and alone. [said with seductive tones]

Wescott: Okay. Thanks Foxy. You are a life saver.

Foxglove: No problem, Wes. Anytime.

Wescott and Foxglove sit at the table and prepare for the morning meal.

[“Brown Derby Jump” by Cherry Poppin Daddies plays as Foxglove turns on the radio in the far corner of the den. Wescott snaps his fingers to the beat as Tammy swings her hips to the rhythm.]

Wescott: Ah...I love this song. Good rhythm.

Tammy: You know, I love this song too. Hmm...

Tammy and Wescott simultaneously thinking to selves: SWING!! MUSIC IS THE KEY!!

[Suddenly Wescott and Tammy get up and dance together during the first stanza. Wescott flails his paws wildly while Tammy kicks up her heels. Steve Perry sings on radio.]

Radio: She was a woman of mystery, And what she wanted, I could not see, A three-year trip on the dragon, ‘Till the clinic had to get me clean, We were a party and always drunk, Before I knew it, the wreckage sunk, Shake, trip, shimmy and we’d do the bump, Ev’rybody swingin’ to the Brown Derby Jump.

Wescott: JUMP!!! [Jumps.]

Tammy: JUMP JUMP JUMP!! [Jumps thrice.]

Wescott, to self: Wow, she is even beautiful in the morning...

Tammy, to self: I’ve never felt quite so attached to anyone before...not even Chip.

Foxglove, quietly: Bingo. [giggles]

[Gadget, Chip, Dale, Zipper and Jack enter to see the two squirrels swinging together. Jaws drop all around.]

Dale, to Foxglove: What’s going on?

Foxglove, slyly: Sparks, darling. Sparks.

[Dissolve to after breakfast. Chip is looking at the news as Gadget uses the computer to log online and check out the Chicago Police precinct and look up problems. Foxglove is playing a game of mancala with Dale that she is winning. Wescott and Tammy sit on the sofa, staring into each other’s eyes. Chip suddenly looks up and shouts to the others.

Chip: Guys! The news guys say there are strange disturbances in the area of the Chicago Stockyards. Anyone want to join me in a little morning crime watch?

Dale: Yeah!

Gadget: I do.

Jack: You betcha, bucko.

Tammy: Of course!

Foxglove: Let’s go!

[Zipper trumpets]

ALL, except Wescott: RESCUE RANGERS AWAY!!

Wescott, confused: Rescue Rangers away? What does that mean?

Chip: It means it’s time for action!

Wescott, excitedly: ACTION!!! ALRIGHT!! Can I come?

Chip: Sure! We could use all the help we can get. But it might be dangerous.

Wescott: DANGEROUS?!!? COOL!!!

[Wescott picks up his bo and twirls it menacingly.]


[The Rangers run to the waiting RangerWing. One seat has been added to the back near the plunger harpoon. Tammy hops into that seat.]

Chip: Sorry we don’t have room for you, Wescott.

Wescott: Oh that’s okay. [Spins tail and begins to hover] I have my own way of getting around.

[The other rangers stare in amazement.]

Dale: Cool!

Wescott: Yeah. I’ll fly along side the plane.

Chip: Okay! To the Stockyards!!

[The RangerWing takes off. Foxglove and Wescott fly on either side of the plane as it flies into the distance.]

[Slow fade to a dark part of the Stockyards. A tall warehouse-like building stands behind two walls. There is a steel door on it with a symbol of a capital A with an orbiting circle diagonally going around the A. Mild chatter is heard within. Fade to the inside where a huge group of darkly dressed thugs and lackeys stand mulling about. high above them on a pedestal sits a tall, lanky scraggly-looking cat wearing thin glasses. He wears a lime green lab coat and has tan brown fur. He sits with an ebony cane at his side which he strokes occasionally. Standing next to him is a brawny looking rat that looks like he has been on steroids. He wears a brown sweater and beat-up denim jeans. He scowls at the crowd below. The cat calls the crowd to be quiet.]

Cat: Silence, my comrades, the day of Project Revelation is at hand. Today marks a historic landmark for the organization of A.L.E.R.T. We, the Anarchist Law Enforcement Removal Team, have before us a great task. We must purge this, the city of Chicago, Illinois of its crime-fighting denizens once and for all time. Only then can we continue onto the other great cities of the world to insure the destruction of Rule in times to come, and let Chaos, pure sweet Chaos rule in the ages forevermore!

[The crowd of lackeys roars out approval and sing the praises of the cat, who again puts up his paws in silence. Suddenly he opens his cane to reveal a deadly sharp kitana, honed to a glimmering shine. The cat holds up the sword to the crowd.]

Cat: And I , Doctor Jeremy Manniax will alone lead you to your destiny! So now let us go forth and destroy the sinful tides of Justice!!

[Manniax nods to his rat assistant.]

Manniax: Now, Chax. Release them. They are ready.

[Chax nods back and pulls on a lever which opens the steel door. The swarm of enraged lackeys mill out of the door and into the Stockyards. Manniax laughs hysterically. Soon, he and Chax exit behind the lackeys in a giant mech with the A.L.E.R.T. symbol on it.]

[Wipe to the Rangers in the sky. Chip points to the crowd of lackeys swarming below.]

Chip: Uh oh. That’s not a good sign. Let’s go, Rangers!!

[Foxglove and Wescott follow the RangerWing. Wescott pulls out his bo and descends knowingly. Foxglove brandishes her pair of shiny black ton-fans and prepares to do battle]

Chip: Let’s get those punks!!

[Everyone except Gadget leaps out of the Wing. Gadget loops skyward to fire the harpoon net at the attacking mob. Dale swings his nunchaku, and Chip lashes out his bullwhip. Jack cracks his knuckles and Zipper cracks his. Tammy loads her taser]

Lackey: So you’re the Rescue Rangers? Nice meeting and beating ya! [lackey brings bat over head to strike Chip.]

[Dale sneaks up behind and knocks the lackey senseless with his nunchaku.]

Chip: Teamwork, buddy [high fives Dale]

Dale: Ya dang straight, pal. [High fives back]

[Wescott is staring down a group of lackeys]

Wescott: Come get some if you’ve got the balls!

[The lackeys are angered and charge at Wescott, nasty looking weapons drawn. Wescott simply takes the lead thug and grabs a hole in his shirt with the end of his bo. He slings the thug at the others bowling them over.]

Wescott, pumping his fist: Strrrrrrike!!!

[A group of hoods behind to circle Tammy. She feigns defeat and lies on the ground, in a fake faint.]

Tammy: Oh my, I simply can’t take this...

[Tammy jumps up and fires rapidly at the hoods doubling them over in pain.]

Tammy, smiling angrily: ...LYING DOWN!!

[Jack moves his fists as two beady-eyed lackeys prepare to move in on him]

Jack: Show ‘em your stuff, Zipper me lad.

[Zipper flies at them and pummels them into submission with his tiny but powerful fists. The thugs scream as they run away]

Jack: That’s showing them a thing or two, although you should have left me some.

[Gadget is high up on the air. She sets the RangerWing on autopilot and moves back to the harpoon, and loads the giant net, and prepares to get the sights in her eyes. She aims for the large mass of lackeys cornering the others near a dumpster.]

Gadget: Don’t worry guys I’ll get you out of this...

[Manniax looks up to the RangerWing. He aims his trigger sights at the fuselage and fires a heat seeking missile. He shoots down the RangerWing, which explodes in mid-air.]


[Gadget appears unharmed from the smoke cloud, although her face is slightly blackened from the explosion. She is drifting to the ground in her belt parachute.]

Gadget: Thank God for my parachute.

[Gadget descends into the thick of the battle. All of the Rangers are trapped at the mercy of A.L.E.R.T. The camera zooms in on Wescott, who is shaking with rage. Suddenly, his fur begins to stand on end. His claws begin to grow, and his shirt is ripped as he tears out of it, roaring like a werewolf. His eyes glow red. The other Rangers look at him in shock as the squirrel becomes a nightmarish monster.]


[The lackeys, thugs, hoods and even Manniax and Chax look on in horror as Wescott slashes thug after thug into ribbons in an effort to make a pathway for the Rangers. The lackeys try to advance on the Rangers, but Wescott simply turns on them and growls. The thugs back away.]

Manniax: Retreat! Retreat!

[The lackeys beat a hasty retreat into the safety of the dark stockyards as does the mech.]

[The Rangers are now running in a breakneck pace as Wescott suddenly returns to normal. Chip looks over to Wescott and tries to talk to him.]

Chip: Jeeze, Wescott. You never told us you turned into a monster!

Wescott: I’m really sorry. I truly am. I can’t control it. I don’t even know what the hell it is! It just happens to me whenever I get really pissed off, and I mean PISSED OFF. I wish I could control it, but whatever it is, never, EVER harms those who are good-natured. Notice how it only slashed the bad guys and not the good guys.

Foxglove, interrupting: I know what it is, Wes. It’s a condition called the Bloodlust. In ancient times great warriors would become fixated with a somewhat holy rage. Whenever the bearer of the Bloodlust witnessed an evil deed that person would become a sort of monster, with red eyes, with only one goal on it’s mind: destroy that evil. It seemed as though you have a sort of modified version of it that seems to use its head more often.

Wescott: So now what are we going to do?

Chip: We’ll we had better go back to headquarters and think up a plan.

Wescott: We have to stop Manniax. If we stop him, the lackeys won’t stay.

Chip: Good thinking, Wescott. Using the old “stop the leader” strategy.

[Nightfall. The Rangers are thinking at the round sofa. Chip is pacing while Gadget is sitting down, her paw on her chin.]

Wescott: I think I’ve got it! We have to topple his mech. If we go for the legs, it won’t be able to stand up on it’s own. He’ll obviously abort his plans when he sees us display courage. What we need is a pincer attack.

Chip: Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?

Gadget: But we don’t have any means of getting us there. Unless I can rig something up..

Chip: We do have Wescott. He and Foxglove will lead this mission.

[Chip turns to Wescott]

Chip: Wescott, if you can help us defeat Manniax, you will have proven what it takes, and we will make you a Rescue Ranger, Second Class.

Wescott: You’re kidding. Me, a Rescue Ranger?

Chip: Well this IS a tough mission, and obviously we are stumped, so we need you on this one. Will you help us?

Wescott: Yes, Chip...oh, and you all can just call me Wes.

[Wescott shakes Chip’s paw.]

[Fade to The Stockyards. A slight amount of sunlight is coming up over Lake Michigan. The Rangers are flying in a makeshift flying craft made from a plastic soft drink bottle and some metal wings.]

Wescott: Okay. What we’re going to do is take a distraction haul. Chip, you take the Uno Team to the alleys and distract the thugs. Foxy, you and I will attack Manniax in the mech. Our target is the legs. If we can knock out the legs, it will crumble over, and Manniax will be forced to give up.

Foxglove: ...And if we can’t get the legs?

Wescott: Well, let’s just think positively.

[Wescott and Foxglove fly off to the roof of the A.L.E.R.T. compound. Gadget is landing the strange vehicle on top of a dumpster. The Rangers leap out of the vehicle and prepare to hit the thugs.]

Chip: We have to lure them out of hiding. Dale, make some noise.

Dale: Anything you say, Chipper!

[Dale reaches into his pockets and starts blowing on party favors and rattling the dumpster.]

Chip: I never thought I’d see the day when that would come in handy.

[Camera switches to inside the compound. Manniax hears the noise.]

Manniax: I heard something, Chax. It’s an intruder. Send out a thug.

Chax: Uh, you got it, boss.

[Chax sends out one of his men to look for the intruder. Seconds later he returns bloodied and bruised.]

Thug: It’s those guys with the squirrel that turns into a monster!

Manniax: Of course! I remember who they are now...THEY’RE THE RESCUE RANGERS!!! After them, my children!! Kill them all!!!

[Chax pulls the lever and lets out the army, and once again, Manniax and Chax head out in the mech.]

Manniax: This time they wont escape. There roadkill friend isn’t here to help them.

[Wescott jumps down as the mech passes and jumps in from behind. He puts Manniax into a chock hold with his bo.]

Wescott: Freeze, dirtbag. The Rescue Rangers are here.

Manniax, laughing mildly: You can’t harm me, Rescue Ranger.

Wescott: Yeah, assmunch, why not?

Manniax: Because you’re a Rescue Ranger. There are rules against such violence for a Rescue Ranger.

Wescott: Yeah, that’s what Chip keeps telling me.

[Wescott proceeds to kick Manniax in the groin.]

Wescott: That’s for the RangerWing.

[Wescott punches Manniax glasses off]

Wescott: That’s for trying to kill my friends.

[Wescott then head butts Manniax’s teeth]


[Wescott jumps into the air as Foxy drops down to leg level with a long piece of rope. Together, they begin to pull the rope around the legs of the mech. Sure enough, the mech falls to the ground and explodes. Manniax and Chax roll from the wreckage, burnt and covered in smoke. Manniax runs back into his stronghold as his minions scatter, afraid that their leader was defeated.]

Manniax: This isn’t over, Rescue Rangers! Rest assured, we will meet again!

Chax, coughing: Yeah, what da boss said.

[Wescott and Foxglove return to the other Rangers.]

Chip: Well, Wes, you did it. You’re one of us now. Congratulations! [Chip shakes Wescott’s paw.

Wescott: I could not have done it with out the help of Foxy here. We all worked as a team.

Chip: But it was your bravery and quick thinking that got us out of this fire, and so for that, Wes, you are now a Rescue Ranger.

[Chip reaches into his imitation leather bomber jacket and pulls out a golden badge similar to the ones Foxglove and Tammy earned. He pins the badge to Wescott’s coat.]

Chip: Wescott Vance Atticas, I hereby proclaim you Rescue Ranger, Second Class. You have done well.

[The other Rangers clap at Wescott’s achievement.]

Wescott: Thanks you guys. I really appreciate this.

[Fade to the computer, where Wescott is typing. He continues talking the words on the screen.]

Wescott: And so, I am where I am now. I am now Wescott Vance Atticas: Rescue Ranger, Second Class. I got a tattoo of the RR logo on my arm, and we are currently working on a project to get a new vehicle into the newly built worklab, and soon we will move that vehicle into the soon-to-be-completed hanger. Gadget and I have dubbed the vehicle the RangerKestrel. It’s gonna be huge! Well, everything’s doing fine, so I’m going to shut down the computer now. Happy Trails!

[Wescott shuts down the computer and turns around to see Tammy there.]

Wescott: Hey, Tammy.

Tammy: Hey, Wes. Whatcha working on?

Wescott: I was working on my diary. Well, Tammy, I just wanted to tell you something after all this time, I just never got the courage to say it.

Tammy: And what’s that?

Wescott: Tammy...I love you.

Tammy, touched: Oh...I love you too, Wes.

[They kiss for a few moments.]

Tammy: I’m just glad we could be in this team together.

Wescott: Well, I got double my expectations when I became a Rescue Ranger. I became a part of a good family, and I met you. And I don’t ever want to change that.

[Fade To Black]


[Credits scroll on the right side of the screen as “Brown Derby Jump” is played again. Sketch work from the show is displayed on the left side.]

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