Rescue Rangers X: The Short Series

                      Episode # 103

              Forever Your Squirrel

                    Written By Edward Baird


Hello Again Rangerphiles
In this episode,
we find that it’s Wescott’s birthday
and mine as well
and as you read this
Think about how some people are
simply more fragile than others.
I, for one, may seem like a very cold, violent person
at first glance...
but to see a person’s soft side...
you would know that a knock at them
is a knock at their very being.
Thanks for your time...


Mr. Carlton Edward "Eddie" Baird, The Second
High Holy Priest Of The Loyal Order Of Tammiphiles
Licensed Arthologist Since 1994, A.D.
CEO Of UltraBox Industries
Sworn Defender of Love, Truth and Justice
Leading Chip/Gadget Advocate
RRC++ RR++ P+++ AMuR ME I++ Ix! CR+++ Cc-
Cd++ Cm++ Cz+ Ct+++++++++++ M+ Zm(18) GH L--
Ge+ Pc+++ SSs(2) SSd(12)

[Notice: The Rescue Rangers, Chip, Dale, Gadget, Zipper, Monterey Jack,
Foxglove, Tammy and all related materials are Registered Trademarks of
the Walt Disney Company and are used without permission. No infringement
whatsoever is meant in this portrayal and those
to follow. Wescott Vance Atticas, Dr. Jeremy Manniax, Chax Bennet and all
related materials are copyright 1998 UltraBox Industries. All other brand names
and companies are registered trademarks of their affiliated companies. Used
without permission.]

[Closed Captioning symbol appears in upper-right hand corner, fades out]
[Dolby Surround symbol appears in center bottom, fades out]
[Clear rating appears in upper-left hand corner: TV-14-LVD, fades out]

[“Keep Hope Alive” by The Crystal Method begins playing]

[Slow fade in]

[UltraBox sides form Cube, Cube spins on screen as words ripple in]

UltraBox Industries Presents

[Slow fade out]

[Scenes from show flash as the letters RRX cross screen from left to right

[Computerized RRX logo]

Chip Elmwood [Chip turns, folds arms]
Tress MacNeille
Dale Oakmont [Dale turns, smiles, gives thumbs up]
Corey Burton
Gadget Hackwrench [Gadget turns, shows wrench]
Tress MacNeille
“Monterey” Jack Colby [Jack turns, makes fist]
Jim Cummings
Zipper Musca [Zipper turns, salutes]
Corey Burton
Tammy Sorenthia [Tammy turns, gives V-sign]
Noelle North
Foxglove Digitalis [Foxglove turns, raises wings]
Deborah Walley
and Introducing Edward Baird as Wescott Vance Atticas
[Wescott turns and kicks]

Chax Bennet [Chax tilts head to camera, looks upwards]
Charlie Adler
Dr. Jeremy Manniax [Manniax tilts head to camera, looks at viewer]
Rob Paulsen

Based on the graphic novellas by Edward Baird
[Shows Rangers running]

(all Rangers jump onto the screen, stand together, looking at audience)
(Iron door closes with RRX symbol, fade out)
[Fade in to title screen. Mellow instrumental rap playing. A spotlight shines
on a party hat covered in confetti against a crimson BG. White, cursive letters
form in center:]

Forever Your Squirrel

[Letters fade out, replaced by:]

Written by Edward Baird
Edited by Julie Bihn
Artwork by J.L. Solis

[Letters fade out, replaced by:]

Special guest: Russi Taylor as Clarice Hart

[Fade out.]

[Fade in to Wescott’s bedroom. Wescott is sleeping peacefully, if not awkwardly
in his hammock. His clock on the nightstand next to him reads 6:59 AM.
Suddenly, the clock flashes 7:00 AM and screeches forth a horrible beeping.
Wescott sits upright in his hammock and the camera shows a close-up of
Wescott’s bloodshot, constricting pupils. Wescott screams and is flipped
onto the cold, hardwood floor. Wescott growls audibly and reaches
off-screen for a huge black hammer with the word WESCOTT printed boldly
on it’s side. He raises the hammer high above his head and brings it down on
the clock. All that remains of the clock is a pile of unrecognizable plastic.]

Wescott, picking up a broken transistor: Now THAT’S what I call killing time.
Hmm...I wonder what day it is...

[Wescott looks to a calender on the wall that reads “Playbeast’s Squirrelfriends
of The Year” The year is 20XX. On the calendar are beautiful young squirrel
girls, clad in skimpy bikinis, lying on exotic beaches. The calendar reads
that the month is November. Ten days of the month are crossed out. The
current date is circled in red ink, and reads, “DAY OF WESCOTT”.]

Wescott: Alright! My birthday is here at last!!

[Wescott puts on his X-TOONS T-Shirt and his highwater jeans and runs
out to the den, where Chip and Gadget are lethargically watching the news.]

Wescott: Chip!! Do you know what day it is?

Chip: Friday?

Gadget: Veteran’s Day?

Wescott: No, it’s my birthday!

Chip: So? Who cares?

Gadget: What do you want us to do about it?

Wescott, slightly shocked: What? Isn’t there a party?

Chip: Not that I’m aware of. Now stop bothering us.

Gadget: It’s to early to be thinking of silly things like that. Go back to bed.

[Wescott is stunned. He runs to the kitchen where Tammy is fixing breakfast, cracking eggs
into the pan, and almost zombified look on her face.]

Wescott, hugging Tammy tightly: Morning, Cocoa Bean!

Tammy, almost angrily: Wescott, get out of here. Can’t you see I’m making breakfast?

Wescott, shock and sadness in his voice: But...Tammy...

Tammy, throwing a spoon at him: GET LOST!!!

[Wescott has tears welling up in his eyes as he runs from the galley.]

Wescott, crying: Not even Tammy...

[Wescott looks up and sees Dale.]

Wescott, on the verge of breaking down: DALE!!! BUDDY, TELL ME WHAT DAY IT IS!!

Dale, pushing him to the ground: Shut up.

Wescott: ...D...Doesn’t anyone care?

All: NO!! GO AWAY!!!

[Wescott bawls as he flies out the door.]

Wescott, crying: I thought I had love here. I guess I was wrong.

[The door is slammed shut. An embarrassed silence follows. Gadget turns and scowls at

Gadget: You know, Chip, that plan of yours didn’t have to include SLAUGHTERING poor
Wescott’s emotions.

Chip: Well, it was the only plan I could think of on such short notice.

Tammy, pouting at Chip: And so YOUR plan was to hurt him to the point of BELIEVING HE

[Dale punches Chip in the face.]

Dale: You heartless jerk! We all told you, ‘Wescott will follow through with OUR plan’, but
did you listen? had to act like the big shot and say, ‘Let’s do things

[Chip lets out a loud sigh, and looks dejectedly at the floor.]

Chip: Sometimes I can’t believe my own thickheadedness.

Tammy, resolutely: Here. I know Wescott. He’ll listen to me. You all just make sure
everything is ready for tonight. I’ll spend the day with him.

Gadget: Alright, Tammy. Good Luck!

[Tammy zooms down the chute to the hangar where the RangerRovers are parked.
She hops into one and pulls her sweater on tighter.]

Tammy: Hold on, Peanut. I’m on my way.

[Fade to the Starbucks Cafe on Lake Shore Drive. Wescott is sitting at the bar,
dejectedly stirring a swizzle stick in his giant golden coffee mug. Behind the counter, a tall
blonde chipmunk looks at him with concern as she scrubs a mug with a white cloth.]

Maxine: Jeeze, Wes. You haven’t even touched your Kenya AA. Something MUST
be wrong.

Wescott, looking up at Maxine: You’re damn right, Maxine. The Rangers kicked me

Maxine: Oh my God...You have got to be kidding me.

Wescott, dejectedly: Even Tammy...

[Wescott begins to sob. Suddenly, Tammy bursts through the door. She runs over
to the crying squirrel.]


[Wescott points to the back wall.]

Wescott: Tell it to the wall, Tamaria. I know when I am not wanted. I busted my ass
trying to get here, and to have this sort of thing happen to me-on my birthday, no
less-is not something I can swallow down easy. So just leave me alone...

[Tammy sits beside him as tears well up in her eyes as well.]

Tammy: Wes...I didn’t mean it. It’s just that I was really cranky this morning. I didn’t realize
at the time how much it would hurt you. Please don’t be angry...please...Peanut.

Wescott: Peanut...Hah. What the hell does that mean? It’s stupid word for a stupid
wanderer...Stupid for wasting my time and emotions with the likes of you and the
Rescue Rangers.

[Tammy slaps Wescott across the face and points to her tears, grabbing him by
the lapels of his winter coat.]


[Wescott looks deep into Tammy’s tear-filled eyes.]

Wescott: Cocoa Bean...Oh God, I’m sorry...What have I done?

Tammy: It’s not your fault, Wes...I’d be mad too if everyone treated me like they
did...But I’m trying to make amends. Please don’t lock down on me now...I know
you can forgive me...

[Wescott’s scowl slowly turns to a smile.]

Wescott: Cocoa Bean, you know I can’t stay mad at you...

[Wescott and Tammy embrace each other and share a warm, heartfelt kiss.
The other coffee drinkers in the cafe stand up and clap at the squirrels
mending. Maxine puts her paws on her hips and stares at them.]

Maxine: Hey, lover-squirrels! This isn’t the Hotel Fantasy here!

Wescott: Sorry about that, Maxine. Oh, and thanks for the coffee.

Maxine: Anytime, Wes. Anytime.

Tammy: Come on, Peanut, let’s just spend the day together, just you and me.

[The two squirrels walk out of the cafe, paw in paw.]

Maxine, looking at them, her head in her hands dreamily: Now if only that would happen to

[Wipe back to RRHQ: The Rangers are preparing presents for Wescott. Dale comes into
the den with a box full of party favors while Foxglove is wrapping a large box in shiny red
paper. Zipper is tying the bow. Foxglove accidentally wraps Zipper into the bow. Zipper

Foxglove: Oh sorry about that, Zipper.

Zipper: It’s okay.

Chip: We have to get this stuff to the Drake Hotel by five. That’s when the party starts.

Dale: Right, but we still have to get Clarice. Wescott loves her singing, after all.

Chip: Okay. Dale and I will go find Clarice. Gadget, you and Zipper go to Eli’s and find
him a nice chocolate cheesecake. Foxglove, you and Monty finish wrapping the presents
and favors. When you’re done, take them to the Drake. We’ll all meet in the ballroom at five.

All: Right!

[The Rangers split up. Dissolve to the stockyards. Manniax is sitting high atop the tall
pillar, on his seat, thinking. Chax is sitting next to him, looking stupid as ever. Suddenly, a
black raven flies through an open window and lands next to Manniax.]

Manniax: Ah, Morgan, my ever-faithful mercurial messenger. Returned
to bring me good news?

Morgan: Yes, Leader. The Rescue Rangers are splitting up to do various tasks today.
From what I learned today is the birthday of the squirrel.

Manniax: Is that so? Well, I think we can arrange a means to make it his last! Chax,
prepare the Shadow Warriors. Tell them of my plan. Oh, and try not to botch this one
up. We need to make sure that Mr. Atticas has a birthday HE WILL NEVER FORGET!!

[Manniax begins chortling evilly as the camera pans away. The laughter is echoed as
the scene dissolves to the RangerRover driving through the Downtown area. Inside,
Tammy is driving with one paw, and holding Wescott’s paw with the other.]

Tammy: I’m just happy to be with you on your birthday, Peanut. So what do you want
to do?

Wescott: Let’s go to the Sears Tower. It’s been a while since we went up there.

Tammy: Okay.

Wescott: Tammy, I love you very much, and I feel that this is all the birthday present I

[The camera zooms in on Eli’s, and dissolves to the interior, where Gadget and Zipper
are walking through the rows and rows of cheesecakes, searching for one that would
suit Wescott.]

Gadget: Zipper, what do you think Wes would like in a cheesecake?

[Zipper begins squeaking in her right ear his suggestions. He then points to a
cheesecake upon a shelf. The cake is a marbled beige one, with dollops of
fudge on the outside. Zipper mentions in passing that the cake shouldn’t be too expensive,
that Wescott told him that. Gadget and Zipper approach the rodent-sized cake and look at
the price tag.]

Gadget: Good going, Zipper! This cake is perfect! Let’s get it and take it to the Drake.

Zipper: Right.

[Dissolve to East Ohio Street. Chip and Dale are walking down the sidewalk, looking for a
tree. They stop at a tall oak in front of a brick house.]

Chip: Well this is the place. Clarice should be here.

Dale: Okay. You ring the doorbell.

[Chip rings the doorbell. A screaming, tan-furred chipmunk opens the door, dressed only
in a bath towel, swinging her fists at Chip and Dale.]


Chip/Dale: CLARICE!!!!

[Tiny droplets appear over their heads as Clarice realizes who is there.]

Clarice: Chip? Dale? Omigod, I’m so sorry! Please come inside.

[Chip and Dale enter the tree and sit down on the sofa.]

Clarice: Sorry about that, I have been having problems with the local kids. I’ll be with you in
a minute...

[Clarice walks off screen. Chip turns to Dale.]

Chip: Crap! She must have a REAL beef with those kids.

Dale: You can say that again.

Chip, sarcastically: Crap...She must have a real beef with those kids.

Dale, smirking: Ha, ha.

[Clarice returns in a stunning red dress, glittering with sequins.]

Clarice: Now, is there something you boys wanted? You know I can’t thank you enough
for visiting me. God, those little brats are driving me insane!

Chip: What little brats, Clarice?

Clarice: The neighbor’s kids, sugar. They torment me night and day when I practice for
my nightly revues at the Take Five.

Dale: We can fix them. But could you do us a favor?

Clarice, happily: Anything, honey.

Chip: Do you remember us introducing you to Wescott?

Clarice: Oh, you mean that cute squirrel that lives with you guys?

Dale: Yeah. He really likes your singing and we were wondering if you would perform at
his birthday tonight at the Drake.

Clarice: I’d love to...He’s so cute.

[Suddenly a rock smashes through the window. Clarice takes the rock and slings it back
out the window, a thump followed by a loud moaning is heard.]

Clarice, screaming: SERVES YOU RIGHT, BRAT!!!

Kid: Mommeeeeee....

[Chip adjusts his fedora and looks to Dale.]

Chip: to deal with those kids....

[Fade to Wescott and Tammy in the Sears Tower, making their way to the observation
tower. Wescott holds Tammy’s paw as the two squirrels look into each other’s eyes in
the elevator.]

Wescott: Wow...It’s been a while, so I didn’t realize just how high up the tower was.

Tammy: Peanut, now that you’re 21, what are your plans?

Wescott: Well, so far my life is pretty much complete. I have a nice least I
did...I have you, I’m healthy, I’m happy....I don’t think I really need much else.

Tammy: Well, I am certainly happy for you, Peanut.

[The squirrels share a soft, warm kiss. The bell in the elevator dings, and the door
opens. Wescott and Tammy exit and walk out onto the observation deck. Wescott
and Tammy look out over Chicago. Wescott’s winter coat and his tuft of tan hair
ripple in the wind. Tammy turns to Wescott.]

Tammy: Wow. The city is so big. I can’t believe that even now I never fully
understood it.

Wescott: I just like the fact that I can always find something new to explore in the
mornings. With a vast metropolis such as this, I could go flying around forever.

[Tammy looks out over the vast overcast sky.]

Tammy: I wish I could fly...

Wescott: Hmm...I might be able to help you with that, Cocoa Bean.

[Suddenly, Wescott picks up Tammy by the waist. Tammy gasps slightly. Wescott
begins to hover over the deck.]

Tammy: W...W...Wescott? W...What are you doing?

Wescott: Fulfilling your wish, Tammy. Hold on tight!

[Wescott leaps off of the tower into the snowy November air. Tammy lets out a
stifled squeak and closes her eyes. Slowly she reopens them to find herself high
above the Chicago landscape, soaring through the air. Tammy’s eyes widen as
her pupils constrict.]

Tammy: Peanut....I’m...flying!

Wescott: That’s right, Cocoa Bean. How does it feel?

Tammy: It’s...amazing...

[Wescott suddenly dives at Daley Plaza, coming within inches of the untitled
Picasso in the marquee.]

Wescott: WHOO-HOO!!!

Tammy: It’s incredible, Wescott. Thank you.

[Wescott and Tammy share a kiss in mid-air. Wescott does a barrel roll with
Tammy as they continue soaring through the sky.]

Wescott: I wish I could do this forever, but I’m gonna run out of energy soon.
I’ve never been good enough at carrying people, my tail isn’t strong enough.
Let’s get back in the rover and go somewhere else.

Tammy: Okay, Peanut. Where do you want to go?

Wescott: Let’s go to the OMNIMAX. That’s always fun.

Tammy: It’s your day, and that’s fine by me.

[Dissolve to the Ballroom in the Drake Hotel. Foxglove and Zipper are raising
a banner which reads “Happy 21st, Wescott!” on it in bold metallic colors.
They tie the banner to the top of a stage. Jack is wincing, placing presents
in a pile on a table. Meanwhile, Gadget is placing the twenty first candle on
top of the cake. As she finishes with this, she turns to look at Jack.

Gadget: How are you holding out, Monty?

Jack: I’m ‘oldin out, Gadget luv. It’s tough, but nothin’ the ol’ Monterey Jack
willpower can’t ‘andle!

[Foxglove glides down to Gadget’s side and whispers in her ear.]

Foxglove: I think you should make sure he stays downwind of the cake...

[The scent waves from the cake waft directly in Jack’s path. Suddenly, Jack
snaps. Jack’s red mustache twists in two directions as his eyes flash green
as he suddenly runs at the cake.]

Foxglove: Too late!


Foxglove/Gadget/Zipper: OH NO!!! CHEESE ATTACK!!!

Foxglove: I’ll stop him! CHILL FACTOR!!!

[Foxglove’s wings come together as she fires a sub-zero ice ray at Jack’s
footpaws, freezing him in place. Jack struggles to free himself.

Jack: Ugh...roight dirty trick to play on a fella.

[Gadget, Foxglove and Zipper breathe a collective sigh of relief.]

Gadget: Golly, that was close.

Foxglove: One more second and Wescott would have had a Swiss

[Suddenly from the shadows, a small light flashes and gas fills the
room. Gadget, Foxglove, Jack and Zipper pass out. An evil laugh
is heard as two shadows tie up the unconscious Rangers. Fade out.]

[RRX logo appears, “Keep Hope Alive” plays as N64 logo ripples in;
VO Jim Cummings:] Rescue Rangers X on WERB-TV’s SKIT-Zophrenia
is sponsored locally by Nintendo, makers of the Nintendo 64. Get N or
Get Out.

[Commercial break, two minutes]

[RRX Logo, VO Jim Cummings:] And now, back to Rescue Rangers X on
WERB-TV’s SKIT-Zophrenia.

[Fade in. Wescott and Tammy are holding paws in the front row of the
OMNIMAX theater. Tammy puts her head on Wescott’s shoulder and
Wescott churrs loudly. Wescott lovingly kisses her on the lips. Suddenly,
Wescott’s RangerComm beeps. Wescott angrily hears it and picks it up.]

Wescott, grumbling: Yeah, what is it?

Chip: We need some backup here, Wes! Some neighborhood punks have
tied Dale and I to a tree on East Ohio Street. I repeat, we need backup!

Wescott: So, the heartless Rangers want the loser back, huh? Well you can
take your case and SHOVE IT. I’m through with the Rangers. You screwed
me, so you can just screw yourselves.

[Wescott clicks off his RangerComm and sulks into his seat.]

Tammy: What’s wrong, Peanut?

Wescott: Chip really must think I can forget things quickly. Now he wants me
to fish his scrawny butt out of another mess. Like I’m going to.

Tammy: Please don’t be mad at the others, Wescott. You are still a Rescue

Wescott: Can’t you see, Tammy? They don’t want me around! They just
want me to be there when they can’t handle the pressure. It’s not as if
they cared anyway.

Tammy: Of course they care, Peanut! You can’t just quit now! They
wouldn’t have called on you if they didn’t!

[Wescott sighs resolutely.]

Wescott: You are right again, Tammy. I need to swallow my pride.
Well, let’s go lend them a paw.

[Tammy gives Wescott a quick kiss on the cheek.]

Tammy: I knew you could do it, Peanut. Let’s go!

[Wescott and Tammy dash out of the theater to the waiting RangerRover.
Tammy hits the gas pedal, and the two squirrels speed off.]


[Dissolve to A.L.E.R.T. Headquarters in the Chicago Stockyards. Gadget,
Jack, Zipper and Foxglove are tied together in a steel cable rope. The
four Rangers struggle futilely to free themselves. High above them in
his seat is Dr. Jeremy Manniax. Manniax laughs to himself as he looks
at the angered Rangers. He then shouts down to them.

Manniax: You really think you can free yourself now...but you can’t! It’s
pathetic, really it is...Anyway, you should save your strength. I don’t
intend to kill you...just yet. I’m waiting for the bushy-tailed birthday boy
to arrive and get this party started right.

Gadget: You’re crazy, Manniax! Wescott will never bend to your will!

Manniax: Oh, but you are so wrong, my dear. Wescott can and WILL
bend to my saying. You see, your thickheaded squirrel friend has an
uncanny habit of being the hero. All the time, he’s saving this, and
defending that, helping his friends and family...all the time playing
Sir Wescott The Brave...And that’s why he is somewhat predictable.
I know that Mr. Atticas will come looking for his Ranger buddies...And,
since it is his birthday and all, I figured I would give him a nice little gift:

[A huge light cascades from behind Manniax and onto a huge metallic
orange mech. The mech hovers over the ground and is armed with
missile launchers, flame throwers and other assorted deadly armaments.]

Manniax: Chax, introduce our guests to my new little toy of death.

Chax: Sure ting, boss.

[The mech hovers forward as Chax pilots it further into the spotlight. The
mech shines brightly in the white light.

Manniax: Rangers, meet your new playmate: the AO-Z229. A custom
built machine designed for the terrorist who is always on the go. It’s got
enough firepower to level a small metropolis, and yet is comfortable
enough for even Mr. Bennet’s tender tush. I believe that Wescott and the
AO will become life-long friends....too bad that this friendship will be VERY
short lived!!

Gadget, to Jack: I certainly hope that if Wescott does come, he’s careful. I
can’t reach my RangerComm to warn him...

[Manniax laughs evilly. Dissolve to the RangerRover zooming down East
Ohio Street. Tammy looks at her radar.]

Tammy: According to the radar, Chip and Dale are somewhere nearby...

[Wescott peers ahead and sees Chip, Dale and the singer Clarice tied up
to the tree, struggling to free themselves as a pack of delinquent mouse
pups and squirrel cubs terrorize the helpless Rangers. Wescott then
points out the situation.]

Wescott: There they are...but who’s that with them? Looks familiar...

[As the RangerRover comes to a stop at the tree, Wescott brandishes
his bo and screams at the kids, flailing in every direction.]



[As the cubs run away shrieking at Wescott’s performance, Tammy
helps untie the three chipmunks. Wescott joins them.]

Chip: It’s about friggin’ time!

[Wescott puts his bo up against Chip’s neck.]

Wescott: You know nut-head, I’m reeeeally getting sick of your attitude. I
save your ass, and now you have to act like one. I could have just let you
hang there....

Tammy: Wes...

[Wescott lets out a sigh and releases Chip.]

Wescott: But Tammy talked me back into it. The least you could have done
was say thanks.

Chip: Yeah, I’m sorry Wescott. I really wasn’t thinking about your feelings
today. Partners again?

[Chip holds out his right paw.]

Wescott: Rangers again, Chip.

[Wescott heartily shakes Chip’s paw.]

[Tammy looks at her watch.]

Tammy: It’s 4:45.

Dale: Okay. Well, I guess we’ll see you later, you two.

Wescott: Bye...but you never introd--

[Chip, Dale and Clarice leave Wescott and Tammy at the tree. Wescott
puts his bo back into his leather strap and puts his paws on his hips.]

Wescott: Dagum it. I’ll never understand them...

Tammy: C’mon, Peanut. There’s one other place I want to take you

[Wescott climbs into the passenger seat as Tammy starts the

Wescott: Where is that, Cocoa Bean?

Tammy: Just sit back and enjoy the ride, sweetie.

Wescott: Okay...

[Wescott relaxes into the seat as Tammy drives the RangerRover
back down East Ohio Street. Cut to Chip, Dale and Clarice in the
other RangerRover. Dale is driving.]

Chip: Hurry up, Dale! We are gonna be late for the party!

Dale: I’m going as fast as I can, Chip! Jeeze!

[The camera pans to above the 4X4. Two shadowy figures glide over the RangerRover
on black kites. One tosses an equally black sphere into the vehicle. The object explodes,
emitting gas into the RangerRover. Chip, Dale and Clarice emit stifled gasps as they pass
out. Quickly the two shadows snare the unconscious chipmunks from the RangerRover,
but not before the steering wheel is jolted to the left, as the chipmunks are captured, the
vehicle slams into a lamppost and explodes violently. Cut back to Tammy and Wescott’s
RangerRover. Wescott has fallen asleep peacefully next to Tammy, as she reaches for
her RangerComm.]

Tammy, turning on her RangerComm: This is Tammy. Come in, Chip...

[Only static comes from the device.]

Tammy: I repeat, this is Tammy, come in Chip!!

[Still no response.]

Tammy: Oh, crap. I’ll try Gadget.

[Tammy flips another switch on the RangerComm.]

Tammy: This is Tammy calling Gadget. Come in, Gadget!

[No response.]

Tammy: Gadget? Anyone? DAMN!!

[Tammy tosses her RangerComm aside and wakes up Wescott.]

Tammy: Wescott, this is serious....

Wescott: Huh? What’s up, Tammy?

Tammy: I tried calling Chip and Gadget. Neither of them came in. I think something
happened to them.

Wescott: What should we do, Tammy?

[Suddenly, a letter falls down from the sky and lands in Wescott’s lap. Wescott reads
the cover.]

Wescott: What’s this? ‘To the birthday squirrel...’

[Wescott opens the letter with his claws. He then reads it.]

[VO Manniax:] Dear birthday squirrel: where are your friends? At my own private party
in the Stockyards. You, my friend, are the guest of honor. Please come by A.S.A.P.
Trust me, it will be a celebration TO DIE FOR!! Love, Dr. Jeremy Manniax.

Wescott: THAT BASTARD!!!

Tammy: What happened?

Wescott: Manniax has the others as his prisoners!

[Fade out.]

RRX logo appears, “Keep Hope Alive” plays as Burger King bun halves logo ripples in;
VO Jim Cummings:] Rescue Rangers X on WERB-TV’s SKIT-Zophrenia is sponsored
locally by Burger King. When you have it your way, it just tastes better.
[Commercial break, two minutes]

[RRX Logo, VO Jim Cummings:] And now, back to Rescue Rangers X on WERB-TV’s

[Fade into The RangerRover slowing to a stop in a Stockyard alleyway. Wescott and Tammy
leap out of it. Wescott draws his bo as Tammy loads her DHT-2.]

Wescott: Okay, Tammy, we are going in. Stay right by me, I don’t want to lose you too.

Tammy: Alright.

[The two squirrels carefully walk towards the A.L.E.R.T. HQ warehouse. Suddenly, a shadow
jumps quietly from behind Tammy and silently gases her. She is dragged by the tail into a side
door, leaving Wescott alone to face the door.]

Wescott: Okay, Tammy, this is it. Tammy? Oh crap! They took her too! DAMN YOU,
MANNIAX!! You’ll pay for messing with the Rescue Rangers!

[Wescott runs with his bo forward like a battering ram at the double steel doors of A.L.E.R.T.
HQ. However, when he gets there, the doors automatically open for him, and he enters.
Manniax appears above Wescott as he sees that Chip, Dale, Tammy, Gadget, Jack, Foxglove,
Zipper and Clarice have been captured and are held in the steel cables.]

Manniax: Welcome, Mr. Atticas. I see that you have finally decided to join our party.

[Manniax clears his throat.]

Manniax: Tonight we bid a fond farewell to the ever-heroic squirrel member of the Rescue
Rangers, the incomparable Mr. Wescott Vance Atticas....

Wescott: Eat me, you slimy turdball.

Manniax: I would, but I don’t know where you’ve been. Get him!

[Suddenly Wescott’s arms and footpaws are shackled by two pairs of steel tentacles. Wescott
finds himself slammed against the wall and shocked. Wescott grits his teeth as he is painfully
jolted with electricity. Manniax chortles evilly.]

Manniax: And now, the AO will end your life..ironically enough, on the day you were given life!

[Wescott grits his teeth as the camera zooms in on his muscles, which begin to bulge under his
t-shirt. Suddenly, Wescott reaches down to the tentacles and crumples them in his paws.]


Manniax: That can’t be!! That’s pure steel!...

Wescott: Let’s just say that pumping iron has its advantages. You should try it sometime.

Manniax: But your not going anywhere!

[Manniax pulls out a taser and prepares to fire upon Wescott. Wescott deftly leaps into the air
and throws several shurikens from his coat pocket at Manniax. Manniax receives several cuts
on his legs as he pulls out his sword from his cane. Wescott pulls out his petrified hornbeam bo
from his strand in mid-air and twirls it menacingly at Manniax.]

Wescott: Hey party pooper...Let’s dance.

[Wescott and Manniax duel, bo to blade. Manniax swipes his blade at Wescott’s chest, which
Wescott dodges deftly to the left. Wescott feigns a blow to the head, but instead butts Manniax
in the gut. Manniax, slightly pained, slashes at Wescott’s head and cuts his cheek. Wescott
winces and brings the bo down hard on Manniax’s skull, before a slow motion sequence shows
Wescott bringing the bo back up to Manniax’s jaw, then across his side, and pushing his gut
against the wall of the pillar. Manniax falls to the ground, exhausted and battered. Manniax
holds himself up shakily by his paws, pointing to the mech.]

Manniax: You may think you have won, but you didn’t stop to think about the AO!! Kill him,

[Manniax falls face first against the floor as Chax floats the mech over to Wescott, and begins
firing lasers at him. A section of Wescott’s winter coat is burnt. Wescott jumps up the steps
behind the pillar out of the sights of the mech. Wescott holds his bleeding cheek.]

Wescott, breathing heavily: Damn! They’ve got me trapped! Alright, Atticas....It’s your
birthday...Your friends are all tied’re bleeding...there’s a huge mech tailing ya...
what are you gonna do?

[Wescott pulls out a huge M-80 from his inner coat pocket and a solid gold lighter that reads
“To my Peanut”.]

Wescott, with a sly grin: What else? Blow stuff up.

[Wescott leaps up onto the pillar and whistles to Chax from the seat. Chax looks over to see
Wescott with his tail stuck up in the air at him, pointing at it.]

Wescott: Hey, Cletus! Over here, hick-o-rama! I got your moonshine right here!

Chax: Tha’ tain’t funny, nut-munchah! Ah’m gonna drill you good!

[Chax pilots the mech towards the pillar launching heat seeking missiles and plasma shots at
Wescott. Wescott flips through the air and feigns mid-air injury as the pillar is blown to bits.
Chax raises his fist.]

Chax: Gotcha, ya long-tailed bastard!

[Camera cuts to behind the mech. Wescott crawls up the back of the mech with the M-80 in
paw and taps Chax on the shoulder.]

Wescott: Hey dumbass, I got a riddle for ya.

Chax: Huh?

[Wescott speaks as he lights the M-80, opening the fuel intake to the mech.]

Wescott: What happens when you place highly explosive pyrotechnics inside an extremely
flammable object?

Chax: Ah daown’t know. Whut?

[Wescott throws the explosive into the fuel tank and flies down to his friends.]

Wescott: Let’s just say you don’t want to be near it. Have a nice day, grit-brain.

[Chax looks back at the fuel tank.]

Chax: Mama....

[Wescott pushes the Rangers to safety as the AO mech explodes across the screen. The
explosion is replayed from three diffrent angles-the front, the back, and a wide shot- the
last of which is shown in slow motion. Wescott winces at the burning mech.]

Wescott: Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark. Are you guys alright?

Gadget: We’re fine, thanks to you.

Jack: Too roight! If it wasn’t for you, we’d all be crispy critters!

Foxy: I guess we all owe you an apology...

Zipper: Yeah...

Wescott: Well, I look at it this way...

[Suddenly the steel doors of the warehouse burst open and a slew of uniformed policebeasts
come in, tasers drawn.]


[The Rangers put their paws in the air.]

Wescott: Gak! Coltrane! Put those things down!

Coltrane: Wescott?!?

Wescott: In the fur. What are you doing here?

Coltrane: One of our units reported suspicious activity in the area. Thought we’d stop by our
favorite little hotbed to check things out.

Wescott: Well then, I guess you can escort Bubba and the bad doc here to their favorite prison
cells now. Little mouse, you’ve had a busy day.

Coltrane: Wescott, you and the Rangers are saints. I don’t know how we’d make it without you.

Wescott: Well, this makes us even for the time you flushed the thugs out for us in Case 98.

Coltrane: No problem Wes...oh, and happy birthday...

Wescott: Thanks, Coltrane. I’m just lucky to be alive after all this.

[Coltrane and the police officers leave with Manniax and Chax in custody. Wescott scowls a bit.]

Wescott: I just wanted a restful birthday...the next thing I know, I’ve got missiles flying up my butt.
Where is it all gonna lead....

Tammy: Well, I still have that thing I was going to show you.

Wescott: Okay, Tammy, lead the way.

[Dissolve to the main doors of the Drake Hotel. Tammy leads Wescott through the doors. He is
blindfolded with a red bandana. Tammy holds Wescott’s paw as she takes him blindly through
the lobby and into the ballroom. Tammy sits Wescott down in a seat.]

Tammy: Okay, Peanut, you can take off your blindfold now.

[Wescott takes off the bandana and the camera quickly pans out to show that Chip, Dale, Gadget,
Zipper, Jack, Foxglove, Tammy, Coltrane, all the members of the police force, Maxine, and all of
Wescott’s friends have gathered together with Wescott at a huge banquet table. Wescott is at the
head of the table and everyone cheers Wescott on simultaneously.]


Wescott: shouldn’t have!

Tammy: We almost didn’t!

[The cake is presented to Wescott by Chip. Wescott rubs his paws together as the gang sings
“Happy Birthday”. Wescott blows out the candles and everyone cheers. Soon, the lights dim.
A spotlight shines on the stage, and from behind the curtain, Clarice walks out-amidst wolf
whistling and cheering on by the boys in the room-and begins singing “What You Won’t Do
For Love” by Bobby Caldwell:]

Clarice: I guess you wonder where I’ve been....
I searched to find the love within,
I came back to let you know,
Got a thing for you, and I can’t let it go...

My friends wonder what is wrong with me...
Well, I’m in a daze, from your love, you see...
I came back to let you know,
Got a thing for you, and I can’t let it go...

Some people go around the world for love,
But they may never find what they dream of...

What you won’t do, you do for love...
You’ve tried everything, but you don’t give up...
In my world, only you...
Make me do for love, what I would not do...

[Wescott begins cheering wildly.]

Wescott: It’s Clarice! It’s Clarice! It’s really her!! I don’t believe it!!!

Clarice: Believe it, cute stuff...

[Wescott gasps.]

Wescott: This rocks! This might possibly be the best birthday ever!

[Tammy scowls at Wescott.]

Wescott: I swear she has NOTHING on you, Cocoa Bean.

Tammy: It’s good to keep things in perspective, Peanut. Shall we dance?

[Wescott takes Tammy by the paw.]

Wescott: Let’s shall. I got to hi-de-ho anywho.

[The band strikes up “Zoot Suit Riot” by the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies as Wescott and
Tammy take it to the dance floor. Performing well choreographed spins and dips, the
two squirrels cut a rug as Wescott splits off momentarily to show off his stuff:]

Wescott: Who’s that whisperin’ in the trees?
It’s two sailors, and they’re on leave,
Pipes and chains and swingin’ hands,
Who’s your daddy? Yes I am!
Fat Cat came to play, now he can’t run fast enough...
You’d best stay away when the pushers come to shove..

Zoot Suit Riot...RIOT!!
Throw back a bottle of beer...
Zoot Suit Riot...RIOT!!
Pull a comb through your coal black hair...

[Everyone cheers as Wescott struts his stuff to the swing. Soon the music dies down
to the applause of his friends. Wescott makes an elegant bow, and Tammy takes him
by the arm. Dissolve to the balcony. Wescott and Tammy slow dance in the snow,
Tammy burying her head in Wescott’s chest. Wescott churrs contentedly.]

Wescott: You know, Tammy, I don’t think I could have picked a better place to be...

Tammy: Uh huh....

Wescott: Do you think it will last?

Tammy: I’m certain we’ll be together forever...

Wescott: Then I will be forever your squirrel, Tammy...

Tammy: Just hold me, Peanut...

Wescott: Okay.

[Wescott holds Tammy close as they share a warm, passionate kiss. Camera pans
out to the Chicago skyline. Fade to Black.]


[“What You Won’t Do For Love” plays as sketch art is shown on the right side of the
screen, credits scrolling on the left.]

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