Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers


Written by T. Richard Williams

Characters herein are © Walt Disney corporation. Distribute freely, but do not modify.

Note: This is my first attempt at fan-fiction, I hope you like it.

	The ship hung in space, almost directly over Colorado. It was shaped
slightly like an airplane, with a narrow fuselage, wings, and a vertical
stabilizer. Inside the cockpit Arron radioed his home base.
	"Base, this is Experimental Vehical 1, I am activating the computer
uplink, do you read my signal?"
	"EV-1, we copy, your computer status displays are being recived. Are
you go for Ion Reactor Startup?"
	Arron quickly checked the location of several switches and confirmed
that all systems were ready.
	"EV-1 is ready for Reactor startup sequence.", he spoke into the mike.
This will be a historic day.
	"Roger, begin procedure EV-1, and good luck."	
	He reached out and toggled the switches that would activate the ships
main reactor. With a low hum the power plant cycled up to maxium power. Status
displays flashed on around him, all where good and in the green. Here goes
nothing.....except maybe me, he thought.
	"Base, I have a green reactor, I repeat, a green reactor, all systems
	"Copy, you are go for main engine start at your discretion."
	"Thanks base, wish me luck."
	Arron slowly transfered power to the ships two engines, one embedded in
each wing. The reactors tone took up a distenctivly louder rumble. As the power
increased the ship moved forward. Suddenly sirens sound and the cockpit was
washed in red warning lights. 
	"Object detected on collision course with this vessel", stated the
computer, "Impact in 5 seconds."
	Arron snapped his head around and sighted the meteor just before it
impacted on the port engine, causing it to explode and sever half the wing.
Drive plasma vented from ruptured lines as electrical sparks shot from live
wires. In the control room in Colorado all the up-link monitors flared and the
status displays quickly shifted from green to red. The ship begins to tumble as
it was surrounded in a cloud of plasma. Smoke erupted from several panels as
sirens screamed. Arron fought the controls, trying to stop the tumble.
	"Computer! Lock down the plasma leaks!"
	"Unable to comply, the transfer system is off-line."	
	The Earth was now completly invisable through the plasma cloud, small
bolts of blue lightning began to flash.
	"Warning! Sub-space anomaly detected!"
	Oh no, thought Arron, the drive plasma is reacting with the power bleed
	Suddenly the ship was sucked through a hole in the dimensional fabric.
All the displays in the Colorado base went dark as contact was lost. Everyone
stared, shocked, at the screens.

	Gadget Hackwrench was watching the skies through the telescope she had
just invented. She had set it up on the highest sturdy branch on the tree that
was the HQ of the Rescue Rangers. Suddenly a bright flash caught her attention.
A dimensional tear had briefly been opened. 
	"Golly", she exlclamed excitedly. She turned and quickly went to inform
her friends. 

	In space above the parrallel Earth, for that is what it was, Arron's
ship tumbled toward the atmosphere. He was struggling with the controls as
gravity pulled the damaged craft down. Arron radioed a call for help, hoping
someone would hear.

	"A what tear?", asked Dale for the third time, the slow chipmunk was a
co-founder of the Rangers. 
	"A diminsional tear, lame-brain", replyed Chip, also a chipmunk and the
Rangers leader.
	"Mates! Quite arguing and listen to Gadget!", bellowed Montary Jack, a
large mouse and self-appointed gormet chef. The two quarrling friends
immediatly stoped and starred, dreamily, at Gadget who ignored the looks.
	"This could be trouble, something must have triggered the opening of
the tear, and that something probally traveled through it", she continued.
	"Are you sure?", asked Chip, suddenly concerned.
	The discusion was interupted by the short-wave radio, another of
Gadgets inventions, in the other room. It was broadcasting Arron's call for
	"Mayday, Mayday, this is EV-1, does anyone copy? I have suffered a
collision with a meteor..."
	"Meteor? Whats he talking about?"askes Dale.
	"Shhh!!", the others hiss.
	"My port engine has been destroyed and I have lost main power,  helm
control is eratic. I am caught in the gravity well and am desending at a 38
degree angle. I am currently 3 miles up and on heading 73 degrees from 15
latitude and 34 longitude. Can anyone hear me?", the radio asked.
	Zipper, the fly, buzzed a question to Monty. 
	"Too right!, what is all that mumbo-jumbo luv?", he asked Gadget.
	"His heading and rate of descent, Monty, just like in an airplane", she
replied. She did some quick calculations in her head, she was suprisingly smart.
	"The impact sight is down by the river, somewhere around East park",
she stated.
	"Well then, we should be there, the cops certianly will be....Rescue
Rangers, away!", said Chip.
	They all piled into the Ranger Wing,  a vertical take off and landing
aircraft and one of Gadget's inventions. The wing shot straight up and flew off
toward the river and East Park. They arrived with time to spare, but not much.
Suprisingly, no police or even any crowds gathered around the projected impact
	"Hmm...we should see it by now", frowned Gadget.
	"Maybe it was just a trick...", began Chip.
	"I see it! I see it! Look over there!", Dale yelled and pointed.
	They all turned and looked. Just visible was a small sivery dart,
trailing smoke and spiraling downward. The craft look suprisingly small, as the
voice on the radio was definatly human. The craft roared overhead, and impacted
on the river. It skipped across the water and partially up the bank before
embedding itself in the dirt. The Rangers stared openmouthed.
	"Yow!", said Dale.
	"No kidding, lets go check it out, whoever's inside might be hurt",
said Chip.	
	The Ranger Wing made a quick hop across the river and landed about ten
feet from the wrecked ship. The shattered angine and port wing were clearly
visible. Also visible was the emergancy airlock. Gadget ran up to it and
punched the button next to it, the hatch opened halfway and jammed in its bent
tracks. She reached in and punched the second door open. Inside was caos, as
the lights flickered and smoke poured from ruptured panels, overhead bare
wires spark omniously. Gadget gingerly picked her way through the debries,
heading forward. She opened another hatch and crawled into the cockpit, where
she discoved a mouse-sized human. He was unconcious with a large cut on his
head. She reached over and felt for a pulse, as she did his eyes flickered
	"An angel...", he gasped and fell unconsious again.
	Gadget blushed as she realized he was talking about her. He must have
hit his head hard, she thought.  She jumped as she heard something moving
around in back. Then she realized her friends must have followed her in.
	"Guys! Up front, I need help, he is hurt!", she called back. Soon her
friends where at the hatch, 
Chip stepped into the cockpit.  His eyes got huge when he saw the pilot.
	"Yikes! a human! and he's our size!", he exclamed.
	"What!?!?", bellowed Monty.
	"Its a human and he's hurt, we have to get him back to HQ for medical
attention, help me get the streatcher", said Gadget.  She and Chip went to the
Ranger Wing and returned with the streacher promptly.
	"Luv, are you sure this is a good idea?",asked Monty. Zipper buzzed his
similar feelings.
	"Yes, and he's hurt so we have to help him. We are Rescue Rangers,
after all", she replied. Monty turned and looked at Zipper, who shrugged. She
did have a point. 
	"Righto then, lets load him up and go home", he said.
	The Rangers carefully unstraped the saftey harness and slid Arron from
the seat and onto the streacher, he moaned slightly as they moved him. The
carried the streacher to the airlock where it was discovered they had to tilt
the streacher to get it out. That was unacceptable. Monty wedged himself in the
jammed hatch and heaved as much as he could, the hatch protested then slid into
the wall. As they left Dale absently-mindly snagged a large satchel and placed
it in the Ranger Wing under the seat, where he promptly forgot about it. As
they flew toward their Headquarters they where unaware that they weren't the
only ones to have heard the shortwave broadcast.

	Fat Cat peered over the small hill at the crashed spaceship. He had
brought two henchmen with him, they looked around nervously. 
	"Hmmm....a spacecraft eh? It may hold the secret to ridding myself of
those pesky Rescue Rodents for good! Too bad I didn't see the occupant", he
purred. He turned to the henchmen. 
	"Grab the space ship and meet me back at the warehouse", he ordered as
he walked away, thinking, This could be a Wonderful day. The henchmen
scrambled to obey his order and strained to carry the heavy craft back to the
new warehouse headquarters.

	Arron slowly came awake, the first thing he realized was that someone
had bandaged his head. Why is my head bandaged, he thought, Oh yeah, the
crash....I thought I was dead. He opened his eyes and saw what suprisingly
looked like a Humungous T.V tube and a pair of headphones. Weird, I would think
a screen that size would be digital, or at least projection. He thought about
sitting up, but then heard voices and decided to play unconcious, after all, he
didn't know where he was and who had rescued him. 
	"Why do you think he's so small, could he be from another world?", Chip
asked from the other room.
	"No, he is definitly human, I bet he traveled through that dimensional
tear, as to his size, I can't even begin to form a therory", Gadget replied.
	"Maybe he was sick when he was young", Dale added. He got a dirty look
from Chip for it.
	"Well, no use thinking on an empty stomach, I'm going to wip up some
food", stated Montey. The others groaned, Montey's food was usually less than
desirable, way to much cheese. Soon the sound of Monty humming and banging
around in the kitchen filled the tree. The others continued to speculate on
their visitors origin. 
	Hmm....three males and a female, I wonder if she's the angel I thought
I saw, thought Arron. He decided he had layed there long enough and sat up. He
moaned and fell back, hurting in places he hadn't ever hurt before. Musta been
a bumpy landing.
	"He's awake!", the three rangers siting in the other room yelled as
they raced over to the coach.
	"Are you ok?", asked the female.
	Arron looked up and saw the same blonde angel looking down on him,
slightly worried, also visible where two chipmunks and a fly in a red shirt.
Arron noticed something else about the girl, she was a mouse!
	"I...I.. don't think so, I must have bumped my head look
like a mouse, those two are chipmunks, and there is a fly wearing a red shirt
over there", he said, pointing vagely at Zipper.
	The girl/mouse smiled at him.
	"I'm Chip, he's Dale", Chip said, "thats Zipper, and she's Gadget. Yes,
we are a mouse, two chipmunks and a fly. Monty's in the kitchen, he's also a
mouse. Who are you?"
	"Are you an alien, like in It came from another World ?", Dale asked
excitedly. Chip gave him another look.
	"My name is Arron, and no, I'm from Earth. Why are you all so big?"
	"Actually, were not big, you're small", Gadget stated, "any therory as
to why?"
	Arron began to like Gadget, she was obviously very smart. Dale was
another matter, he acted kind of goofy, and dressed in a Hawian T-shirt. Chip
was probally the leader though. I bet he fancies himself an adventurer, Arron
thought, looking at his Indian-Jones style clothing. Zipper just seemed to be a
fly. From the sound of his voice Monty seemed to be Australian, and his cooking
was questionable from the reaction of the others.
	"Actually, yes. Just before the power failed my comuter picked up a
sub-space anomoly", Arron replied.
	"I bet that was the gateway that opened the dimensional tear, probally
some outside factor caused you to be shrunk. You mentioned a metoer in the
distress call?", Gadget asked.
	"A sub-space whatsit?", asked Dale, looking confused. Chip bonked him
on the head, he shut-up.
	"Yes, it impacted on my port engine and tore off half the wing. Wait!
That caused a plama leak, it interacted with the energy field from the
starboard engine and would have set up a osolating field matrix. That would
have caused the ship, and me, to be subjected to emince gravitational forces!",
Arron concluded.
	Gadget nodded excitedly, "Your ship used Ion Fusial engines, right?" 
	Arron nodded yes.
	"Then, yes, thats probally what happened, the plasma responded to the
high-energy Ions from the remaining engine and formed a osolating field matrix.
That probally triggered the dimensional tear!", Gadget concluded
	Chip and Dale starred, openmouthed, at Gadget. They where obviosly in
love, although Gadget ignored the looks. Arron was also stunned, this was one
smart mouse! He tried to shift his position and winced in pain.
	"Oops, let me get you an Espran", Gadget left the room and soon
reappered with the medication.
	"Thanks, umm, what happened to my ship?", Arron asked as he gratously
accepted the pill.
	"We left it by the river, it was to big to move and was half embedded
in a hill", replied Dale.
	"Is there anything you need us to get from it?", asked Chip.
	"If its not a problem, just my duffel bag, its in a drawer by the
bunk", Arron said. He was growing sleepy from the medication, he yawned. 
	"Rest for a while, we'll get your stuff", Gadget said.
	Arron mumbled a "Thanks" before he fell asleep.
	As Arron slept on  the couch the Rangers ate the Cheese Soufle Monty
had cooked, well some of it anyway. After they had finished Gadget left a note
by the remaining food telling Arron to help himself. 
	They then all piled back into the Ranger Wing and flew off to the crash
site to tretrive the duffel bag.

	Fat Cat passed back and forth in front of the ship. Inside, visible
through the hatch, worked an older mouse. He was obviously excited about
something, always humming and moving about, occasonally there would be sparks,
smoke, and mild yelling. He had been in there for several hours and Fat Cat was
getting annoyed at the apparent lack of progress.
	"Well?", Fat Cat thundered, causing several henchman to wince. The old
mouse crawled out of the hatch.
	"Very interesting, Mr. Fat. Where did you find this?", the mouse asked,
waving his hand toward the ship.
	"None of your business! Have you found anything of use to me?"
	"Maybe, I have only just begun to work on the powerplant. The engines
are beyond me right now."
	"I want results not excuses, old mouse!", Fat Cat was practicly shaking
in rage, the mouse cringed.
	"Well, I did discovered how to make high-powered lasers......"
	"How powerful?", Fat Cat's interest had gone up several notches. 
	"Powerful enough to burn through three inches of concrete in about a
	"Can you make them hand held?"
	The mouse began to regain his confidence.
	"Easily, although the power-pack will be limited to about a minute of
	Fat Cat nodded enthusiasticly," Make enough for all my men, thats about
22, I went them by tomorrow!"
	"I'll need supplies..."
	"Make a list and send it to me, I'll get what you need."
	Fat Cat turned to leave, as he walked away the mouse sighed in relief. 
	"Oh, and one more thing. Don't disappoint me", Fat Cat threatened as he
walked out, the mouse stiffend.

	"Its gone, just gone!", Dale cried.
	"Do you think humans have it?", asked Gadget.
	"Unlikely, humans don't usually come down here", Chip said, "Anyway,
look in the mud, cat prints."
	"Fat Cat!", Dale, Gadget, and Monty said in unisen.
	"Exactly, I bet he's got someone taking it apart right now."
	"From the look I got of the inside there is VERY advanced technology in
that ship, if Fat Cat can harness that technology.....", Gadget trailed off.
She looked worried, and rightly so.
	"Maybe he hasn't gone far, or maybe he took it back to one of his old
hideouts", offered Monty.
	"Right, lets make a sweep of the area and Fat Cat's old hideouts",
stated Chip. 
	They all piled back into the Ranger Wing, still the satchel Dale had
placed under the seat went unnoticed. The Rangers searched for several hours,
not finding Fat Cat, the missing ship, or even any clues as to where it might
be. They returned to the tree and noticed the Arron wasn't on the couch. 
	"I wonder where he went?", stated Dale.
	Suddenly, from Gadget's workshop came a loud roar followed by a bang
and lots of smoke. 
	"Crimeney! What was that?!?!", bellowed Monty in shock.
	"Sounds like Gadgets working in her shop, but she's not", stated Dale.
He got a hurt look from Gadget.
	"He's just joking Gadget, don't take him seriously", said Chip, trying
to restore her lost confidence.
	"I know", she said, "We better check on that explosion."
	As the Rangers jogged toward the workshop its door burst open. Arron
stumbled out, coughing. 
	"Sorry about that, I guess I forgot to adjust the combustion mixture",
he apologized.
	The Rangers looked in shock at him, he sounded, and looked, like Gadget
after an accident.
	A funny look spread across Arron's face, "Gee, I hope you didn't mind I
used the workshop....."
	The Rangers continued to look, in shock, at him. Arron looked slightly
	"I'm really sorry if  I shouldn't have gone in there, the note said to
make myself at home...."
	"No, no, thats ok.....what are you working on?", Gadget asked, breaking
the silenece.
	"Oh, just a small project. I'll show you", Arron turned toward the
workshop looking relived.
	"Umm.....maybe we should wait for the smoke to clear....", he
	Gadget giggled slightly, causing Chip and Dale to glare at Arron, they
had never made Gadget giggle.

	Several hours later, after some more of the cheese soffle, the smoke
had cleared. The Rangers stared at the shiny vehical in the middle of the room.
It was made out of highly polished Aluminium tubes. Four large off-road tires
and an oversized suspension kept it almost an inch off the ground. In the back
was a chrome and orange engine, not an electrical one, but a real twin-cylinder
combustion engine with chrome exhaust. The vehical was wide enough for two
seats, side by side. Behind the first pair was a second set and above the
engine, mounted on a swivel with a dual plunger gun attached was a fifth seat.
Each seat had a five-point harness for saftey. Along the rollbar where four
high-output halogen off-road lights. 
	"Wow...", muttered Dale. Even Chip and Monty were impressed. Gadget was
	"Where did you find the engine, and what does it use as a fuel?", she
	"I built it, its amazing what a piece of pipe and a small fan can runs on just about anything flamible", Arron replied, he sounded
pleased that his invention was recieving such attention.
	Gadget nodded, "Whats wrong with it?"
	"Ignition timing, either that or the high-voltage capacitor is bad", he
	"Shall we?", Gadget grinned mischeviously.
	"I would be honored"
	The two inventors imediatly grabbed some tools and began work on the
ailing engine, large amounts of techno-babble was swapped, leaving the others
confused. After about fifteen minutes the other Rangers grew bored and left the
room. Thirty minutes, and several loud bangs latter, the engine rumbled to
life. The two grease and oil covered inventors took a break for the night, much
to the relief of the others.

	The next morning Arron remembered to ask about the duffel bag.
	"Well.....umm....we couldn't....umm...Find the ship....", mumbled Dale.
	"What?!?", asked Arron, slightly upset.
	"It was stolen, we belive by Fat Cat", clarified Chip.
	"He's a big crime boss. We've foiled several of his plots, he dosn't
like us much", said Gadget. 
	Arron looked stunned," If this Fat Cat can take my ship apart he might
find something he can use.."
	He turned and looked at the Rangers, "We MUST retrive my ship!"
	Monty tried to calm him down, "Don't worry mate, we'll keep our eyes
	"You know, there was a report of a burglary at Radio House last
night.....", started Dale.
	"and a large number of electronic parts were stolen....", continued
	"which, this Fat Cat, may need to copy some of my ship's technology!",
conclueded Arron.
	"To the Ranger Wing!", bellowed Monty. The Rangers started for the
	The Rangers halted in mid-stride.
	"We'll take the buggy, I'll drive", finished Arron.
	They all piled into the new buggy, Monty took the turret seat, Chip and
Dale the back, Gadget and Arron took the front. After a breif argument with
Dale and Monty about the five-point harness they were ready to go. Arron
reached down and hit the starter, with a cough and a roar the small engine came
to life. Gadget and Arron looked exstatic.
	"It works!", they cried in unisen.
	" mean you've never tested it before?", asked Monty
	"No. Hang on", said Arron as he shoved the buggy into gear and hammered
the gas. All four tires layed rubber down the internal ramp (hey! how else do
you think Gadget gets her vehicals to the workshop?) and shot out onto the
sidewalk. Everyone was hanging on with all their strength, everyone except
Gadget and Arron that is. Arron grabbed for second gear as they turned sideways
and skidded into the road.
	"Were gonna die!", screamed Dale.
	Soon the little buggy was actually passing cars on the road, it was
able to pass under the traffic at about seventy miles an hour. 	

	Fat Cat was sitting at his desk, toying with a rather large ruby.
Suddenly the door burst open and the old mouse inventor he had working on the
ship entered pushing a cart. He wheeled it up to the desk and pulled off the
sheet covering its contents, inside lay 22 hand-held laser pistols.
	"Here you are Mr. Fat, 22 high powered laser pistols.", the mouse
smiled smuggly.
	"Excellent!", Fat Cat purred," You have proven most useful, return to
yor work."
	"Happily!", the old mouse turned and left.
	Fat Cat picked up one of the shiny pistols and turned it over in his
hands. The controls were simple, a power setting knob, the trigger, and a
readout showing how much of a charge was left. Toying with the gun Fat Cat
accidently pointed it at his desk and pulled the trigger. A beam of bright red
light shot out of the gun and punched through the desk, floor, and the floor
below before he could stop firing. He looked in ammazement at the gun, it was
on its lowest power setting.
	"Yes, these will do nicely!", he pushed a button on his intercom," Send
in Whiskas!"
	Soon the large tabby, Whiskas, entered the room. He was obviously in
awe of Fat Cat. 
	"Ya rang sir?"
	"Yes, Whiskas, I need you for a special mission..."
	"Anything boss!"
	"Take four of these guns and three of your fellow henchmen down to the
Radio House we robbed."
	"Because, you dolt, the Rangers are bound to investigate! I want you to
make sure they don't find any clues, ever again!"
	Whiskas caught on and grinned evilly," Sure'll be fun."

	The Buggy screeched to a halt in the alley outside the Radio House,
Arron reached over and turned off the engine. The silence was erie after the
continues roar of the motor.
	"What a ride!", gasped Dale between breaths.
	"How fast will this thing go mate?", asked Monty.
	"Theoreticly....about 90", stated Gadget as she unbuckled the
five-point harness.
	"Aren't you two glad you wore the harness?", asked Arron. Dale and
Monty nodded yes.	
	Surrounding the building on the left was about twelve miles of police
	"I think this is the place", Dale stated unnessasarily.
	The Rangers, and Arron, krept toward the building, not noticing the
shadowy figures inside. They reached the window that the burgalers had entered
through, Chip climbed onto the ledge and looked in.
	"All clear guys."
	The Rangers climbed through the window, the building had been
ransacked, all the electronic parts had been stolen from the shelfs. 
	"Someone is definatly building something...", started Arron.
	"Wrong, we BUILT somethingS.....", said Wiskas from behind the group.
	Arron was the first to turn and see the menacing way the four bad guys,
er....cats, held the objects in their hands. He looked suprised as one pointed
and fired a bright red laser at him. The bolt passed throught his shirt, just
missing him.
	"Everyone take cover!"
	The Rangers scattered.
	"What are those things?", asked Gadget from beside Arron, she had gone
the same way he had. 
	"Lasers, probally from the plasma interlock heaters in the main reactor
core.....very nasty things."
	"How powerful?"
	"Do you really want that answer?"
	In reply another volly of laser blasts flew through the building,
several things began to burn.
	"Arron! Can you see Gadget?", called Chip.
	"Shes right by me! Where's Dale and Monty?"
	"Dales next to me, I don't see Monty."
	More laser blast shot around the building as the flames spread, soon
their attackers were blinded by the smoke and firing wildly. The building began
to collapse. Suddenly the front window exploded inward as the buggy flew
through it. The buggy skidded into the middle of the room, Monty was driving.
	"Pile in mates!"
	Chip motioned with his hands, "Everyone move out!"
	Even before the last Ranger had piled on the buggy was moving back
toward the window. Soon it flew out onto the streets again, behind them Radio
House burned. Sirens were heard coming toward it from the distance.
	"What were those things?", asked Chip.
	"High powered laser that were used to super-heat plasma in the power
reactor of my ship."
	"How powerful?", asked Dale.
	"Oh, I'd say powerful enough to burn through a couple of inches of
concrete in a second..."
	Gadget whistled.
	"Um...lets stay away from those laser thingies, ok?", said Dale.
	The rest if the trip was made in silence.

	"WHAT!", roared Fat Cat.
	"We....umm....that is....I....uh...", stamered Wiskas, he was ringing
his hands nervously.
	"You what!?!?"
	"Uh.....missed, sir."
	"You MISSED!?!?"
	Whiskas nodded.
	"You didn't hit a single Ranger?!?"
	"We might have nicked the human..."
	"The what? You mean to say you aimed at a human and missed? THEIR ABOUT
	"Not this one sir, he was Ranger sized and recognized the lasers...."
	"A Rescue Rodent sized Human? Hmmm......"
	"Your still here? Get out!"
	Wiskas turned and quickly left the room. 
	"A human eh? That might explain a lot....", muttered Fat Cat.

	BANG! BANG! KABOOM! BANG! PUTT..... The buggy died just outside the oak
tree. Arron cranked the engine several times. Nothing happened, Gadget got out
and checked the fuel tank.
	"Empty", she announced.
	"Aw man, now we have to push it", said Dale.
	The Ranger pilled out and tried to push the buggy, try being the
opperitive word here....
	"Wait a sec! I  have a block and tackle setup in my workshop. Be right
back!" Gadget ran into the tree.
	"She could of *pant* told us *pant* sooner..." Dale slouched to the
	"If you didn't spend all your time watching TV we might have not needed
it!", yelled Chip.
	"Are you saying this is my fault?"
	Monty shook his head, "Mates, fighting about this isn't gettin the
buggy up the tree.."
	Just then Gadget returned with the end of a long piece of fishing line
trailing off behind her. She tied it to the bumper and pressed a small control
in her hand. There was a low whine and the buggy began to creep into the
storage garage. 
	"Well, now that thats taken care of, I'm beat......", yawned Gadget.
	"*Yawn*, we all are luv, lets call it a night....", said Monty.
	The Rangers stumbled off to their beds, Arron collapsed on the couch.
Soon all where snoring deeply.

	This is really an ammazing piece of equipment. mused the old mouse,
Ingrad. Definatly not from earth.... He had his head stuck in a control panel
and was inspecting the connections. Suddenly he spied the writing on what was
apparently a pre-proccessor for the comm-array. INTEL??, maybe this is from
Earth....I wonder why its so small...hmmm, maybe an alternate Earth. There was
a loud bang on the hull, Ingrad sat up rapidly, smacking his head on the panel.

	"Of all the crazy places to put a control panel.....", Ingrad muttered
as he stumbled to the airlock.
	"Just a second, I'm coming.....", he hit the control that activated the
hatch. Outside stood Fat Cat.
	"Report mouse!", Fat Cat bellowed.
	"Uh...hiya Mr.Fat.....I, uh, haven't anything new to report....."
	"My patience is wearing thin.....I suggest you find
something....quickly!", Fat Cat barred his teeth.
	"*Gulp*, right away sir!", Ingrad slapped the "Close" button on the
	Well, I guess I should get back to work. He looked around at the
interior of the ship, it was in much better shape, all the interior systems
where on-line. Even the damaged port side and engine were repaired. He scramble
back to the power reactor and pushed several buttons, with a low whine the
reactor powered up and the lights in the ship came back to full power. Now to
scan those computer files..... Ingrad turned and headed back to the cockpit, so
intent on his task he didn't notice the blinking red light on the wall. The
light signified that the computer up-link was transmitting........
	Gadget was up before the other Rangers, she tried to move quietly out
to work on the Ranger Wing but tripped over one of Dale's comic books. The
noise woke Arron, he sat up and looked around. He was a light sleeper and the
small gasp Gadget had made when she lost her balance had been enough to wake
	"Morning Gadg!"
	"Well, aren't you in a good mood for someone whose stranded in a
parrallel universe and whose ship was stolen by a crime boss.", Gadget
	Arron shrugged," I'm not worried about going home really, this Earth is
more interesting", his voice took up a more serious tone," my ship, however,
does worry me..."
	Gadget felt bad for snapping at him, "Don't worry, we'll get it back",
she looked uneasy," to help me with the Ranger Wing?"
	"Whats wrong with it?"
	"The starboard motor is drawing to much current, I think it needs to be
	"I'd love to, I've never got a good look at it yet", Arron grinned like
an idiot, actually he was looking forward to working with Gadget again, "Should
we wake the others?"
	"Why? Let them sleep, their tired."
	The two inventors turned and walked toward the landing platform.
	"Oh, and don't call me "Gadg"....", Gadget grinned.
	"Yes, ma'am!", Arron saluted. This caused Gadget to giggle, again.
	Soon they had the starboard motor off the Ranger Wing and were testing
the internal wiring in the plane. All throughout the work Gadget and Arron
chatted happily, each finding it refreashing to talk to someone and have them
actually understand what you were saying. The morning flew by, Monty had
brought out some cheese pancakes, which tasted like they sound. Both Chip and
Dale had ventured out breifly, both shooting glares at Arron before vanishing
back into the tree.
	"You now Gadg...umm...I mean, Gadget, if we add a capacitor in
conjunction with a switch you could get a momentary burst of power.....hey,
whats this?", Arron pulled the satchel out from under the seat.
	"Hmm...I don't know, open it."
	He reached into the satchel and pulled out a miniture circuit board,
his face lit up.
	"Its my spare-parts bag!", from inside the bag came a beep. Arron
reached in again and pulled out a small box with a red flashing light on it.
	"The power is on in my ship!"
	"How can you tell?"
	"This light only flashes when the computer link is on, therefore the
power is on. Lets finish the Wing, then I need to use your workshop again,
maybe I can get a working computer out of these parts...."
	The two inventors hurridly replaced the motor and reconnected it, then
turned and hurried into Gadgets lab.

	So thats how this works! Ingrad had just finished reading the on-line
documentation in the computer on how to fly the ship. Fat Cat was outside the
ship, he had been pounding on it for almost an hour, he had even tried to blow
the door open with the laser guns. Whatever the ships skin was it was tough,
all of Fat Cat's attempts had been futile. Soon I can fly out of here and go
anywhere I please! Ingrad chuckled to himself when he visualized Fat Cat's face
upon seeing his prized ship fly away. He settled back in the seat and started
running diagnostics to make sure all the systems were functioning perfectly.
There was a slight imbalance in the plasma flow to the engines, so he went to
adjust it.
	"All finished", Arron anounced. Sitting on the desk was a collection of
wires, ciruits, and small screens.
	"Thats it?", Gadget frowned, it didn't look like much.
	"Hey, its a rush job, I didn't have time to put it in a nice box."
	Arron reached over and switched the power to "ON". The screen glowed
brightly and the system powered up. Soon the message "Connecting to Host"
appeared on the screen. This quickly changed to a graphical representation of
the ship, its systems, and various bits of data. 
	"Excellent! It works!", Arron hugged Gadget, who blushed, he quickly
relased the embrace.
	"Can you tell where it is?", she asked.
	"One sec." He quickly typed commands into the computer, the screen
changed and displayed a set of coordinates. He entered a few more commands, the
computer beeped and displayed an error message.
	"Darn! The access codes have been changed, I can't shut it down."
	"At least we know where it is."
	"We better hurry, someone is preparring for lift-off."
	Soon all the Rangers were cruising toward a large wharehouse down by
the docks in the Ranger Wing.

	How DARE that mouse defy me!, thought Fat Cat angrily. Obviously Ingrad
was preparing to launch. All attempts at entering the ship had proven useless.
If he tries to leave I'll have to destroy it.....oh well.... 
	"Set your weapons for full power, prepare to fire on my word!"
	Fat Cat was so intent on stopping the ship he didn't see the Rescue
Rangers sneaking in.
	"Ingrad! This is your last chance! Exit the ship or be destroyed!"
	In reply the running lights flashed on. The ship began to hover in the
air and slowly pivoted toward the skylight. Fat Cat signaled his men, who
imediatly began firing the lasers. The ship was hit repeatidly, but continued
to climb. Inside Ingrad was jerked around by the impacts, he armed the ejection
system, just in case.

	"Nows our chance, we need to get some of those lasers!", Chip said.
	"I got it!", Dale scrambled out of cover toward the bad guys. Suddenly
Fat Cat saw them.
	"Aaarghh!! Rescue Rodents! Like my day wasn't bad enough! Get them!",
Fat Cat bellowed.
	"Ooops", Dale turned and ran back to the other Rangers. He did,
however, have the laser.
	"Quickly, give me the gun!", Arron pleaded. Dale was only to happy to
oblige. Arron took careful aim at the climbing craft, lining up on its weak
spot. The Cryo-cooler for the reactor was what he hit, immediatly the reactor
went critical. The ship seemed to stagger then lurch forward again, spewing
smoke and fire. Ingrad had enough and punched the eject button, his seat was
catapulted from the stricken craft, he landed about to blocks away. Laser
blasts began to spray around the Rangers.
	"We got to go, now!", Arron yelled.
	"I'm with you, Fall Back!", ordered Chip.
	The Rangers quickly fled to the Ranger Wing. Slowly Arron's old ship
lost its forward momentum and began to fall back to Earth. The blasts from
Fat Cats men began to land closer to the Rangers. Gadget punched the
emergancy power button she and Arron had hooked up, shunting twice the
normal power into the motors. The Wing shot out of the building just as the
power reactor blew. Visible in the windows was a bright red flash, followed
by a loud boom, slowly the wharehouse collaped on Fat Cat and his men. the
Rangers flew back to their headquartes, anouther of Fat Cat's plans had been

	Fat Cat poked his head out from under a piece of roofing, all around
him his men pulled themselves out of the wreckage. Some were quickly fleeing
the area. He felt something in his hand and looked down at his laser pistol, it
was melted from the blast. 
	"NOOO!!!!!!", he roared in frustration, scaring off more of his men. He
had nothing to show for his troubles.

	"So I guess you're stuck here eh?", inquired Dale.
	"Looks like it", Arron stated blandly.
	Gadget tried to comfort him, "Maybe you could stay with us, what do you
say Chip?"
	Chip looked uncertain, then he saw Gadget staring at him, he melted.
	"Sure, we always need more help..."
	"Then it's settled, welcome to the Rangers mate!", Monty said heartliy.
	"Thanks guys, I'll try to help as much as I can, but...", Arron smiled.
	"Yes?", both Chip and Dale asked.
	"Could I get my own room, the couch isn't all that comfertable....."
	They all laughed at that, for it was true, couches were made for
sitting not sleeping. 

Now for a word from the Author:
So ends this Chapter in the Visitor series, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Let me now if you have any suggestions, my address is on the top of the story. Please excuse my spelling and grammer, I don't have any checkers. Sorry.

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