Let's Suppose Chip, Dale and Gadget Where A Bit Different At Birth - Many Years Before 'To The Rescue'
By: CD

Chapter Two

After Chip left Dale with mister Almond she was told to return to her class. Chip always liked PE so it wasn’t like she’d protest. But somehow she felt it was less important than the girl she just helped. Mister Almond acted more like Chip had saved Dale’s life, and was at the same time quite angered. But Chip couldn’t grasp what the situation was all about. She opened the door to the gym and sat down along the rest of the children, to whom their trainer was still explaining today’s lesson.

“And where did you come from?” He said curtly when he noticed Chip walking in so casually.

“Bathroom sir.” Chip lied, she knew better than to tell she’d helped Dale out, because her bullying classmates would hear.

“You know I don’t allow anyone hanging around in the dressing rooms or bathrooms. You should have been here on time. I’ll work out your punishment with Mrs. Pencilpick. Now does anyone know where Dale Oakmont is at the moment?” When no gave him an answer his face fell again “I’ll talk to her teacher about her skipping classes today." A few girls at the side glanced at each other and whisprered quietly "Is there anything else I still need to know? No? Then let’s get started.”

Chip rolled her eyes. She’d talk to their trainer after PE about her and Dale being absent, and save them Mrs. Pencilpick’s wrath. She tried to concentrate on the lesson, but her favourite school time activity seemed dull and unimportant all of a sudden. Her thoughts kept drifting back to Dale. Chip hardly moved to climb the rope like she was supposed to, something she excelled in, being a chipmunk. Even her teacher shouting orders sounded far away. Dale had been bullied a lot before, but it hardly ever came to physical attacks. And never was it like today, when Chip had to take her away for medical treatment.

“Are you going to climb up or what!?” The gym teacher shouted at Chip, while standing right behind her.

Chip was startled, gripping the rope tightly and looking back to see mister Bucktooth looking at her impatiently and expectantly. Chip managed to forget about Dale for a moment and climb up in a hurry. But when they sat down for more instructions Chip lost track again and pondered about Dale, and why it made such an impression on her. Later, she would not be prepared for the rest of the lesson, but Chip hardly cared.

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