ChipN'Dale Rescue Rangers
Enter the World of Music

by Brian Walmer

Rated: PG

This is story is based upon the romantics section of the Foxglove Feature.

Disclaimer 1: Some songs used in this story are by ‘Nsync, Mariah Carey, Mark Wills, Backstreet Boys, 98 degrees, and Boyz II Men, and are used without permission of the artist.

Disclaimer 2: The Rescue Rangers, Foxglove, Tammy, and Wescott are copyright of Walt Disney Pictures/Television and their respected authors and creators. Wescott originally created by Edward Carlton Baird III; the actions of his character in this story are from the author himself, and not endorsed by Baird.

It was a warm, but cool night in Ranger Headquarters, where the rangers were taking a break from the style of crimefighting that they had gotten use to, since they moved to Chicago, from New York City about over a year ago, but something had gotten their attention from out of nowhere.

The something that had gotten their attention was coming from the gym area, you see, there was only three rangers taking a break, those rangers being, Chip, Gadget, Monty, and Zipper, when this something had inerrupted their well-desvered break.

Gadget: “ Golly, what was that noise, it sounded like music.”

Chip: “I don’t know Gadget, but I have this feeling, that a group of four missing rangers have something to with this musical interruption.”

Monty: “Well, it sounds like it’s coming from the gym.”

Chip: “Then let’s see what those four are up to.”

As the three finally reached the gym, they peeked through the door, only to see Dale and Wescott singing like never before to their two lovers, and what they were singing sounded like the song “I want to know” by Mark Wills.

Chip in shock: “I can’t believe what I’m hearing.”

Gadget: “Hush, Chip, I want to hear this.”

Monty and Zipper: “Us, too!”

So as they listen, they are spotted and gestured by Foxy and Tammy to come and join them in listening to Dale and Wescott’s next song performance.

Dale notices the others joining the two girls, and gets an idea, and whispers it to Wescott, who nods in approval.

Dale: “Before we perform the song “I want to know”, we would like it very much if our friend Chip would come up and help us in singing this song for the ladies.”

Chip, who is surprised at the request of his friends, is a little shy, but then realizes that Gadget would probably would like it, he jumps out his seat and joins his friends, and signals for them to start with a nod.

Wescott: “Ladies, this one is for you.”

They start playing the background music, and Dale gets it going with the first verse.


“What stations are the buttons of your radio on
Do you sleep late Saturdays or get up at dawn
Do you prefer fiddles or violins
And have you given any thought to how a lifetime of love begins”

Then all three start to sing the main part of the song

Chip, Dale, and Wescott:

“I want to know everything there is to know
About what turns you on what you like and what you don't
Tell me all your secrets, all your hopes and wishes too
I want to be everything you ever want
So I'm gonna need something to go on
I mean to make your every dream come true
So I want to know everything there is to know about you”

Wescott starts to sing the second verse


“Do you like walking underneath the moonlight
Is there some kind of magic that'll make the mood right
How many kisses, how many stars
I'm determined to keep trying 'til I find the way to your heart”

They sing the main part a second time

Chip, Dale, and Wescott:

“I want to know everything there is to know
About what turns you on what you like and what you don't
Tell me all your secrets, all your hopes and wishes too
I want to be everything you ever want
So I'm gonna need something to go on
I mean to make your every dream come true
So I want to know everything there is to know about you”

Chip starts to sing the third and final part of the song


“The serious stuff and the light-hearted
I look in your eyes and I'm just get started”

Then all three sing the main part for the final time

Chip, Dale, and Wescott:

“I want to know everything there is to know
About what turns you on what you like and what you don't
Tell me all your secrets, all your hopes and wishes too
I want to be everything you ever want
So I'm gonna need something to go on
I mean to make your every dream come true
So I want to know everything there is to know about you”

After the song, Monty, Zipper and the girls start clapping their hands in approval of they just heard, in fact Foxglove went up to Dale, and hugged him so tightly, that he almost couldn’t breathe.

Dale: “Hey, Foxy, careful there girl, if you hug me any tighter, I won’t be able to sing anymore songs for you.”

Foxy: “Oh, sorry about that Dale cutie, but you know, you should take a break and let me and the girls entertain you boys with a very special song that will make you sweat a lot.”

Dale (gulping under his breath): “Um, sure Foxy my dear, go ahead and show us what you got.”

As Wescott and Chip heard this, they both looked at each other and knew that they were in for a hot time now, as they saw the girls get up on the little stage, and get in positions that look like something out of a swimsuit magazine.

Wescott (sitting next to Dale, asks him): “Darn, Dale, what’s going on, I mean, the way they are positioned, they look like their going perform some very sexy,
but hot song.”

Dale: “Well, Wes, that’s exactly what they are going to do.”

Wescott and Chip (turn to Dale with shocked looks on their faces): “Are you
kidding us?”

Dale: “Nope, now just listen.”

And with that reponse, some very lively music starts up in the background, and the girls get up very slowly but with some very sexy, inviting looks on their faces, as they start to sing together, Christina Aguilera’s “Come on over Baby (All I want is you)

Foxy, Gadget and Tammy start singing:
“Come on over
Come on over Baby
Come on over,come on over Baby
Hey boy,don't you know
I've got something going on
I've got an invitation
Don't you keep me waiting all night long
I know you know
So baby don't pretend you won't keep me guessin
If ya will or ya won't
Don't wanna play that game with you baby
So listen to me

All I want is you
Come over here baby
All I want is you
You know you make me go crazy
Oh baby don't be shy
You better cross the line
I'm gonna love you right
All I want is you

I'm not just talkin' about your sexuality
But I can't help myself when you put your hands on me

It's paradise
When you and I get close get tight
One on one I wanna go on all night
I wanna play that game with you baby

All I want is you
Come over here baby
All I want is you
You know you make me go crazy
Oh baby don't be shy
You better cross the line
I'm gonna love you right
All I want is you

Don't you wanna be the one tonight
We can do exactly what ya like
Don't you wanna be just you and me
We can do what comes so naturally
Got a thing for you
Got my mind made up and I'm serious
Never been more
Baby I'm sure it's real
And it's right here,come on

You give me what a girl feels
What a girl likes
What a girl needs
What a girls wants

All I want is you
Come over here baby
All I want is you
You know you make me go crazy
Oh baby don't be shy
You better cross the line
I'm gonna love you right
All I want is you

All I want is you.”

As the song ended, the girls came off the stage, and went to their boyfriends, who were still in a state of the shock after hearing the song and the lyrics to it, and they gave them light kisses on their lips, and each whispered something into their men’s ears.”

Tammy (to Wescott): “Come, Wes, it’s time to have some real fun in the bathtub.”

Foxy (to Dale): “Come on cutie, it’s time for you and me to put the lights out

Gadget (to Chip): “Hey, it’s time to continue our well-desvered break in the
darkness of my room.”

And just like well-behaved puppies, they followed the women to their respected areas of desire.

As these events at ranger headquarters were taken place, something in downtown Chicago was going down, the infamous Rat Capone was in town and still kicking, but as he and his boys were walking though the city, something caught Capone’s eye, as he turn to see a poster hanging on pole, it said: “This Saturday night, at the AllState Arena, a benefit concert to raise money for all the homeless rodents of Chicago, all local musical acts are welcome to come and perform. Then are welcome to enjoy a special performance by M’SYNC. So come and enjoy the fun. Admission is two dollars at the door. Refreshments are free. Starts at seven

As Capone saw this, he became furious as he’s ever been.

Rat Capone: “How dare those rodents hold a darn musical benefit concert during my vacation! I was hoping to get away from all that music, but no, it seems to follow me everywhere. And to make it worse, their inviting that annoying boyish-mouse group M’SYNC to help them raise, how dare they!”

Arnold: “Duh, because they can boss.”

Rat Capone (bonking Arnold on the head): “Ah, shut up, you stupid cheese-for-brains. Right now, we have to figure out a way to ruin that benefit concert (an evil happy look comes over face), and I think I know how, he, he, he.”

(Fade to blackness and then fade to morning at ranger headquarters, Wescott and Dale are just getting up to the smell of Tammy’s cooking)

(Tammy looks over to see Wescott and Dale stumble into the kichiten and try to get up on the stool chairs, before drinking their morning coffees that Tammy set on the table with their names on the cups for them. Then as she goes back to cooking the eggs and sausage breakfast for everyone, she ask them)

Tammy: “So, you guys sleep well, after the fun me and the girls put you though last night.”

Dale (while drinking his coffee): “Are you kidding? Foxy made me do things I just can’t mention because it’s very personal, if you know what I mean.”

Wescott (turning his head to right to face Dale in reponse, while taking a huge gulp of his coffee): “I know what you mean Dale. This girl here (pointing to Tammy) had me fill the bathtub with so much bubble bath, that when she got in, she pretended like she was be eating by a bubble bath, in fact she pretended so much, that she slowing sank into the part of the tub with the most bubbles, you know like in the movie “Pretty Woman” (Dale nods in agreement). Well, as she was almost under the bubbles, she let her right arm stick out, until her whole head and body was under the bubbles, then she twirled her arm around, until it pointed in my direction, waved bye-bye, she then slowly pulled it down with her.”

Dale: “So, what’s that got to do with you?”

Wescott: “Well, Dale, you see, to make it look like the so called bubble bath monster ate her, she made it look like the monster burp up her pink bow. So I decided that if she wanting her knight in shining armor, I would give her hero. So the night wasn’t a complete waste, even though like Foxy did with you, Tammy here, wore me out for the night.”

As Wescott and Dale talking, and Tammy was still cooking, in walks Foxglove, who genteelly kisses Dale on the cheek, startling him a little.

Foxy: “Good Morning, my love, did you enjoy last night?”

Dale: “oh, I enjoyed it, it was the best night of my life, but next time, could we not use so much whip cream?”

Foxy: “No problem, cutie. Hey did you guys hear on the radio, that there’s going to be a benefit concert at the AllState Arena this Saturday night to raise money for homeless rodents, and get this, all local acts are invited to perform and help raise money.

Chip (standing in the hallway entrance): “Sounds like a fun way to raise money for a good cause.”

Gadget: “I agree, Chip, at least their wouldn’t be no criminals at a benefit

Foxy (turns her head to notice Chip and Gadget): “Oh, morning you guys, we didn’t notice you guys were there.”

Chip: “Well, Foxy, sometimes not knowing who there is half the fun, sometimes.”

Tammy (turns her head in Chip and Gadget’s direction): “Well, since you guys are now up, I guess we can start eating breakfast.”

Gadget: “Wait a minute Tam, where’s Monty and Zipper, I mean their usually the first up and in the kichtien for breakfast.”

Tammy (reaches into her left pocket and pulls out a piece of paper): “Oh, he and Zipper left this note behind, saying that they were going to the Down Under to see his parents, and to give us some time to ourselves, if you can believe that.”

Gadget (holds the note in her hands and looks at it with a grin on her face): “Oh, I can believe it, Tam, I can.”

Chip (sits near Dale and Wescott): “So, Tammy, what’s for breakfast this fine morning?”

Tammy: “Well, Chip, we have eggs and sausage, and for refreshments, we have orange juice, cappuccino, and as you can see Dale and Wes are drinking, we also have coffee. So what you like to start off with?”

Chip: “Tammy, this isn’t a McDonlads, but if you want to serve the breakfast, I think I’ll start off with two pieces of sausage and three pieces of eggs, and a cappuccino.

Tammy: “No problem Chip. Now what about you Wes?”

Wescott: “Well Tammy, I think I’ll have one piece of sausage, and two pieces of egg, and a little bit more coffee.”

Tammy: “You got it Wes. And how about the rest of you guys?”

Dale: I’ll have four pieces of sausage and four pieces of egg, and some more coffee please.”

Foxy: I’ll have the same as Dale, but give me some orange juice instead.”

Gadget: “I’ll just take two pieces of sausage and two pieces of egg, and some coffee.”

Tammy: “Well, to tell you guys the truth, I was ready for guys from the start.”

And she was, as she placed five plates of what they exactly asked for and for herself , she placed three pieces of sausage and two pieces of egg, and to drink, she had some cappuccino.

As they started to eat, of what was a great breakfast, Dale decided to turn on the radio and he tuned it to the music station known as Z96.7 FM (all variety, all the time), there they listen to music from the Backstreet Mice, ‘Msync, and other kinds of music artists. And as they were listen to the music, a special news report broke in, something about the benefit concert this Saturday.

Chip (to Dale): “Hey, Dale, turn it up, I want to hear this, it sounds important.”

Dale: “No problem Chip.”

So Dale turns it up a few notches, so everyone can hear the news report.

Newsman on radio: “It has been confirmed, that a kidnapping has tooken place here at the AllState Arena.

Everyone (except Chip): “A what has taken place!”

Chip: “Shh! Just listen.”

Newsman on radio: “Yes, you heard me right, a kidnapping has taken place here, and what’s worse, it’s the hit boyish-mouse group ‘MSYNC that has been kidnapped. The head of the benefit concert, Mrs. Jenny Mouse Jones had this statement to make about the kidnapping:”

Mrs. Jones on the radio: “We are as shocked as you are about the events that have tooken place here within the last 24 hours, but we did receive this letter from the kidnappers, stating, that unless we cancel the benefit concert, we will never see ‘MSYNC ever again, especially alive. But I promise you all, that is will not cancel the benefit concert, because I know someone out there is listen and will help bring the boys back safely.”

Newsman on radio: “Now the only clue that we and Mrs. Jones have to the identity of the kidnappers, are the intianls of one, and those intianls are R.C., that is all we know for now, we will back later on with some more information on this event.”

As Chip turned the radio off, and finished his breakfast, as did everyone else, he knew exactly who was the kidnapper was.

Chip: “There’s only one jerk, who intianls are R.C., that could have done this kidnapping.”

Gadget: “Chip, you don’t mean, who I think you mean, do you?”

Chip: “I’m afraid so, Gadget. It’s none other than Rat Capone who did the kidnapping.”

Wescott (tapping Chip on the shoulder as they get up from the table): “Uh, Chip, who the hell is Rat Capone anyway?”

Chip (turns to Wescott): “Wescott, Rat Capone is a low life, good for nothing, backstabbing son of a gun! That’s who he is.”

Wescott: “Man, from what you just said, this Rat Capone guy sounds like a real jerk.”

Gadget: “Oh, he is, Wes, he is. I mean he even tried to hit on me during the many times we encountered him.”

Dale: “Yep, so you better keep on Tammy, when we find him.”

Wescott: “Don’t worry Dale, if he even tries to get near her, I’ll rip his head off, and shove up his butt, till I can’t shove it no more.”

Tammy: “Whoa, easy there boy, why don’t you save that until we find him.”

Foxy: “Tam’s right Wescott, besides just like me, she can take care of herself, so you’ll have nothing to worry about.”

Wescott: “I hope not for Tammy’s own sake.”

Chip: Well then, let’s not waste (putting his bomber jacket and hat on) any time, let’s get Capone and finish this once and for all.”

With that said, the rangers got all their weapons and gear together for the next big mission. But Dale had different idea in mind, as he went and gathered some of the instruments from the gym to bring along with them. However when Chip saw this, he asked his friend what he was doing.

Chip: “Dale, what the heck is all that for?”

Dale: “Well Chip, I’ve been thinking why Capone kidnapped ‘MSYNC in the first place, and I think I may know.”

Chip: “Well then, enlighten us Dale, what do you think the reason is?”

Dale: “It’s very easy to figure out guys, and that is the fact that Capone hates music.”

Gadget: “Of course, now it all makes sense.”

Foxy: “What makes sense Gadget?”

Gadget: “The reason behind Dale’s idea, you see the last time we faced Capone, he couldn’t take the sound of the music, while we battled, so ran for it, and all the music was, was pop/rock.

Foxy: “That’s right gadget, in fact he swore he’d never let that kind of music ever be played again, and now he’s done just that by kidnapping ‘MSYNC.”

Chip: “Then it’s up to us to enlighten him musical.”

Dale: “Then I guess there’s only one to say then, huh, Chip?”

Chip: “That’s right Dale.

And with that, the rangers put each other’s arm on another back, and said their catch phase.

All the Rangers at once: “RESCUE RANGERS AWAY!”

(Fade from seeing the rangers going their front door to seeing them flying though the air around downtown Chicago)

While flying though the air, Foxglove suddenly picked something up, and she knew from just picking that singal up, that it was Capone.

Foxy (gesturing to the other rangers and pointing to the right): “Hey guys, I just picked up Capone’s singal on my radar, and it’s coming from that burnt out werehouse.”

Dale (who’s flying next to his love in his hang glider): “How can you tell that, Foxy my dear?”

Foxy (turning her head towards Dale): “Simple cutie, no one has radar as bad as his.”

Dale: “So true, so very true.”

Chip (to Gadget): “You heard Foxglove, Gadget, head for that werehouse.”

Gadget: “You got it, Chipper.”

And with that, Gadget pushed on the wheel of the RangerWing and went in for a landing next to an open window outside the werehouse.

As the rangers climbed out the RangerWing and landed on their feet, Chip gestured that they keep quiet as they snuck though the open window and hide behind a huge box to get a peek and listen to what Capone was up to.

Rat Capone (to ‘MSYNC): “Now that you boys are all tied up and soon to be out of my life forever, you won’t have to worry about your little benefit concert, because after the bomb goes off, you’ll finally have your big send off, if you know what I mean.”

JC: “We know what you mean, you sicko.”

Justin: “You know you won’t get away with this.”

Rat Capone: “Oh, really, then who’s gonna stop me, you poor excuse for a music band, (putting his hands on his chest) ha, ha, ha.

And with that, the rangers made their cue, with a little help from the CD boom box that Dale bought along, playing Bawitdaba by Kid Rock.

Chip: “No, but we can.”

Rat Capone (turns around in shock, as if he just saw a ghost): “What the hell, the rescue rangers here, but I thought Fat Cat killed you back in New York City?”

Gadget: You appartly heard wrong, you piece of trash.”

Rat Capone: “Oh yeah, well if you rangers try to stop me, I’ll blow ‘MSYNC sky high.”

Dale: “Now that’s were your wrong, (pointing to the back of Capone, who get’s a mutiple knuckle sandwich, coursty of JC, Justin, Lance, Chris, and Joey) you see our newest team members set ‘MSYNC free to knock you flat on your butt.”

Rat Capone (just getting up from being knocked down by ‘MSYNC, his mouth is bleeding): “You bastards, you’ll pay for that, Arlond get them, and break every bone in their freakin’ bodies, in fact start with that sqirrel in the pink bow.”

Arlond: “Right boss, it will be a pleasure.”

Upon hearing this, Wescott jumped right in front of Arlond, with his bo in hand, he attacked, and Arlond didn’t know what happen. The rangers, and even Capone covered their eyes, while this was going on, and as the final blow was struck, everyone uncovered their eyes, and what they saw, was not just Wescott standing in victory, but a blooded Arlond, who made the victims in horror movies, look a heck of a lot better.

Rat Capone (after seeing this happen to his strongmouse, tried to run for his life): “I’m getting the hell out of here!”

Wescott (picking up Capone by his suit collar with his bo): “Not so fast, you piece of crap, your not going anywhere.”

Chris (he and Joey open a huge empty crate): “Hey, pal, put him in here.”

Wescott: “…But in there, so you can make a nice present for the police.”

Tammy: “And to make sure you don’t get lonely, here’s a nice big boom box to keep you company.”

Dale: “Wait a mintue Tammy, one boom box won’t be enough to keep him company, I think two will do him just fine, so here’s extra one to give you even more company.”

Rat Capone: “Wait you can’t do this to me, you can’t do this to me!”

Joey: “Sorry pal, but we just did.”

So with that, Lance drops the top down on the crate, keeping Capone traped inside, until the police can come and take him away.

(Fade from wherehouse to the AllState Arena, the night of the benefit concert, the rangers are thanked by Mrs. Jones Mouse)

Mrs. Jones Mouse: “You rangers are the bravest group of rodents I have ever seen in my life, thank you so much for bringing ‘MSYNC back safe and sound.”

Chip: “Well, it was nothing Mrs. Jones Mouse, we’re just glad to do it.”

Dale: “Yeah, as long as if you can help us, Mrs. Jones Mouse.”

Mrs. Jones Mouse: “And how that’s young man?”

Dale: “Well, you see, as of late, me and my friends have been into be very musical as of late, and I was wondering if you could help us out.”

Mrs. Jones Mouse: “Well, if you tell me what it is, I can see what I can do.”

After she asked Dale this, he wrispered a suggestion into her ear, and she nodded in agreement.

The other rangers wanted to know what he just suggested to Mrs. Jones Mouse.

Chip (as Dale was coming back to their group): “Hey Dale, what did you do? What did you whisper in her ear?”

Dale: “Oh, that, well guys if you remember Super Bowl XXXV, you’d remember the halftime show they had, and how good that was.”

Gadget: “Yeah so?”

Dale: “Well, I just had it made, so that we can repeat that same kind of show with ‘MSYNC tonight at the benefit concert.”

Foxy: “Why cutie, that’s great!”

Wescott: “I have to agree with that, Dale.”

Tammy: “So Dale, what’s the plan?”

Dale: “I tell you guys, while we getting ready for the concert.”

So after saying that, Dale and the other rangers headed for the dressing room area, where he explained everything to them.

(Fade to later that night, as the benefit concert is going on, Mrs. Jones Mouse comes on stage and points to the huge screen on the top, as she points, it comes with a movie-like feel. And now a guy appears on the screen talking into a walkie-talkie:)

Guy on screen: “Ok I’m approaching the cage now. (he enters though the doors and stands there in front of ‘MSYNC, who are rehearsing “It’s gonna be me” ) All right guys, now that scares me.” (He then heads into the dressing room of the rescue rangers, who rehearsing “Bye, Bye, Bye.”) “Well you guys, the singing isn’t bad, but the dancing has got to be improved, so I’ve brought in somebody who can help you improve your dance skills.” (In walks a man, who looks and acts like a dork) Dorky guy on screen: “Ok you guys, you got swing your body this way, and that way, and……” (Fade to guy giving the rangers and ‘MSYNC a peep talk, like a coach does his team) Guy on screen: “Now tonight, you are one team, you are Rescue-‘MSYNC, you are ‘MSYNC-Rangers, (both groups get pumped up with excitement) now go blow the mother off this arena!’’ (Both groups stumble a bit as they charge out the locker room, yelling and whopping.) Guy on screen (getting up, puts arm up in victory) “Yes!”

Now the arena goes black with the stage lights on the rangers who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and with the music of “Bye, Bye, Bye” starting in the background, the rangers get in position to start performing, suddenly some fireworks go off at both sides, and they turn to start performing the song, along with the dance.

All the rangers:

“Bye, Bye, Bye

I’m doing this tonight
You’re probably gonna start a fight
I know this can’t be right
Hey baby come on


I loved you endlessly
When you weren’t there for me
So now it’s time to leave and make it alone


I know that I can’t no more
It ain’t no lie
I wanna see you out that door
Baby bye bye bye….”

As this song ended, ‘MSYNC came on stage on the other side, performing “It’s
gonna be me” and the dance as well


“You might've been hurt babe that ain't no lie
You've seen them all come and go, oh.
That it made you believe in no man, no cry
Maybe that's why every little thing I do
Never seems enough for you
You don't wanna lose it again
But I'm not like them, baby.

When you finally get to love somebody
Guess what - it's gonna be me.
You've got no choice, babe but to move on,
You know there ain't no time to waste.
Cause you're just to blind to see,
But in the end you know it's gonna be me.

You can't deny so just tell me why.
Every little thing I do never seems enough for you
You don't wanna lose it again,
But I'm not like them, baby.

When you finally get to love somebody
Guess what - it's gonna be me.
There comes a day when I'll be the one you'll see.
It's's gonna be me.

All that I do is not enough for you.
Don't wanna lose it, but I'm not like that.
When you finally get to love.
Guess what, guess what...
Every little thing I do never seems enough for you.
You don't wanna lose it again,
But I'm not like them.

Baby, when you finally get to love somebody,
Guess what - it's gonna be me….”

Then rangers joined them on the other side of the rotating stage, in singing
Larger than Life


“I may run and hide (fireworks go off again at all angles of the stage)
When you’re screamin my name, alright


But let me tell you now
There are prices to fame, alright
All of our time spent in flashes of light

The rangers and ‘MSYNC:

All you people can’t you, can’t you see
How your love’s affecting our reality
Every time we’re down
You make it right
And that makes you larger than life (fireworks go off again)


Looking at the crowd
And I see your body sway, c’mon
“Let me you sway!”


Wishin’ I could thank you in a different way, c’mon
‘Cause all of your time keeps us alive

The rangers and ‘MSYNC:

All you people can’t you, can’t you see
How your love’s affecting our reality
Every time we’re down
You make it right
And that makes you larger than life (fireworks go off again)


All of your time spent keeps us alive

The rangers and ‘MSYNC:

All you people can’t you, can’t you see
How your love’s affecting our reality
Every time we’re down
You make it right
And that makes you larger than life (fireworks go off again)

Wescott (rapping this part):

Yeah, every time we’re down
Yeah, you can make it right
Yeah, and that what makes you larger than life

The rangers and ‘MSYNC:

All you people can’t you, can’t you see
How your love’s affecting our reality
Every time we’re down
You make it right
And that makes you larger than life (fireworks go off again)

As the song ends, fireworks go off everywhere in the arena, and the crowd just goes crazy in applause

(Fade from the AllState Arena to ranger headquarters the next day, Tammy is in the bathroom, checking something she can’t believe with own eyes, what is it, what could it be, let’s find out as she leaves the bathroom to join the rangers in the living room)

Gadget (sitting on the couch near Chip, turns head to notice Tammy coming in): “Say, Tam, you were in the bathroom for pretty long time, is everything alright, you seem a little in shock about something.”

Tammy: “Um, well I am Gadget, and with good reason too.”

Foxy: “Well, Tam, don’t keep us wondering, tell us what it is.”

Tammy: “Well, Foxglove, it sort of concerns mine and Wescott’s future together, that’s if Wescott doesn’t mind if everyone finds out at the same time that he does, because it is a real shocker.”

Wescott (to Tammy): “Of course not, dear, just come out and say it.”

Tammy: “Ok then, I’ll just come out and say it, and that is that I’m going to have baby.”

Wescott: “See now guys, that wasn’t so bad for her to say, now was it, she just said that---(Wescott sharply turns head towards Tammy with a shock look on his face), What?! Your having a baby?”

Tammy: “Yes!”

Wescott goes over to Tammy with a happy look on face and holds her hand, and then turns to the other rangers.

Wescott: “Did you guys hear that, we’re having a baby! I’m going to be a father---!”

After saying that, Wescott faints, falling backwards, good thing for him, Chip and Dale were there to catch him, and say.

Chip: “Way to go Wes!”

Dale: “Yeah, that’s outstanding man!”

So our musical adventure comes to end, but stay tuned, and see what happens with Wescott and Tammy as they prepare for their first child, and how will this impact the rangers, and what do they have in common with this, find out in the upcoming comedy, Rescue Rangers Story: “To baby or to babies”

Thank you for joining the rangers on their first musical adventure, come back soon.


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