Enter Sky Dancer

by Character R&D

The setting takes place with Foxglove just joining the Rescue Rangers. Foxglove and Dale are a couple as well as Gadget and Chip, but neither has yet to tie the knot. I am also trying to recall the characters from this series as best as I can since several years have past since my watching it. If I mention something odd in this or out of character that would explain mostly why. I am attempting to use all the Rangers, as a group so there will likely be no main emphasis on any one Ranger. This is due because I want to introduce a new character into the Rescue Ranger story.

Character Description Link: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/dinosaurs/facts/Archaeopteryx/

Lost and Found

Returning from their daily patrol of the city in their ranger wing the Rescue Rangers head back to their headquarters to relax. "I'll sure be glad to get back to headquarters," says Chip. "Do right, mate. I could use a little bit of my cheese casserole right now," replies Monty. The other members of the Rescue Rangers cringe at the thought of having to eat another bite of Montyís cheese casserole. Having cheese casserole for the past two days was wearing out the patience of everyone but Monty. "Oh... that's okay Monty. Chip's already taking me out this evening," Gadget responds quickly. "I am," squeaks a surprised Chip? Gadget elbows Chip in the ribs. "Err... Oh yeah! I made those dinner reservations for the Maple Leaf. Thanks Gadget for reminding me. "Chip rubs at the spot were Gadget elbowed him. Monty fully aware that his over zealous desire for cheese led him to make too much of a good thing again. Atleast in the eyes of his friends. So he really didn't mind that they didn't want to finish the cheese casserole "I've made plans for Dale and I tonight as well," speaks Foxglove. "That just leaves more for me old pal Zipper and me," an all to anxious Monty replies.

Spotting something at the base of their oak tree Zipper gives the buzz to the other rangers. "I'll go take a look," responds a curious Foxglove. Before the other Rangers had ample time to prepare Foxglove dived out the ranger wing. This sudden loss of balance and weight caused the ranger wing to take a drastic course change. Gadget fought over the controls to regain their balance and direction as the other rangers frantically held on. "Dale I know Foxglove is still rather new at this, but will you please remind her not to jump out like that," exclaims Chip, as his stomach slowly seems to crawl back up from his feet. Meanwhile, Foxglove along with Zipper land at the base of ranger headquarters, and stared at what appeared to be an injured bird. In a few moments the other rangers joined Foxglove and Zipper at this unusual sight. "Don't just stand there this bloke seems to need our help," rebukes Monty. As Zipper and Foxglove had yet to provide any aid to this fellow creature. However, as the rest of the rangers now try to approach this bird they too discover what had shocked Foxglove and Zipper. Could one really call this creature a bird? For it had the wings and feathers of a bird. Yet at the tip of each wing there was a three fingered clawed hand, and it's face was covered in scales like a reptile. "Golly! I've never seen something this strange before except when Professor Nimnul used his modemizer," speaks a bewildered Gadget. "You don't suppose Nimnul's trying that again after the last time?" Chip pondered this idea aloud. All except Foxglove cast nervous looks at each other at this suggestion. Gadget giving Dale a visibly scornful look. "Let's worry about that later and deal with this situation first," responds Monty reminding them about the injured stranger.

Tempers Soar

Back at ranger headquarters the group sits at the dinner table trying to figure out this latest event. Zipper and Monty had gone off to fetch a more medically inclined individual. A half-hour after finding this creature and tending to his wounds he begins to stir. Hearing the shuffling of feathers the Rangers get up and walk over to their guest lying sprawled out on the couch. Their guest wore only knee length brown pants, an orange vest, and a blue ribbon around his head which were all covered in black ash and dried blood. The stranger tries to focus his eyes on his surroundings when Chip speaks out, "Take it easy." "Your in no condition to move around like that," adds Gadget. Upon seeing their guest trying to get to his feet. This was no understatement for their guest looked like something that had been in a war zone. Still covered in ash, burnt feathers, a broken wing now in a splint, and several deep cuts with bandages wrapped tight around them. It seemed amazing this fellow could stand at all. Dale, Gadget, and Chip all reach for him at once as he stumbles. As they lower their guest back onto the couch Foxglove carrying a glass of water approaches them. "Here, some water should help," invites Foxglove as she hands the glass to the stranger. With a fluid motion of the left hand the stranger grabs the glass and sips the water slowly. Feeling the cold liquid slide down his throat helping him to refocus on his thoughts. "Thankyou," the stranger states flatly.

"What's your name," asks Gadget? "My name? My name is... Sky Dancer," replies their guest. "That's a funny name," laughs Dale. "Sure is," agrees Chip who also chuckles. "Chip! Dale!" Gadget and Foxglove both starting to scorn them for their remarks, but before they could finish were crying out theirs names instead. Sky Dancer upon hearing the two mock his name leaped from the couch pinning Dale to the ground with one talon foot, and holding Chip up in the air by the collar of his jacket. "Dale!" Cried out Foxglove again and flung herself at the back of her love's attacker. However Foxglove's attack didn't go quite the way she planned. Sky Dancer first ducked than jumped knocking Foxglove from him, and causing her to land upside down against the wall in front of him. All this happened while Sky Dancer in an enraged voiced spoke "You will NEVER make fun of my name EVER!!!" To emphasize his point he pushed his talon foot down harder on Dale. While in the grasp of his left hand shook a hapless Chip. Tears were streaming down Sky Dancers face. "Let them go!" commands Gadget in a stern voice. "Let them go," in a softer tone, but at the same time gently resting a hand on Sky Dancer's left wing. Gadget was set to throw herself upon Sky Dancer herself when she noticed the tears falling from his face. Between both Gadget's voice and her touch Sky Dancer slowly eased his hold on the two chipmunks. Foxglove recovering from her failed attack got up to prepare for another. Gadget positioned herself between the two chipmunks and Sky Dancer. Chip and Dale both angry and wanting to get theirs paws on Sky Dancer. "Knock it off you two," Gadget shouts at Chip and Dale. Shocked by Gadgets remark and her protective stance of their attacker Chip and Dale both hold their ground. "Gadget why are you protecting him he attacked us," Chip shouts back! "Yeah he started it," follows Dale. "No he didn't! You did. Incase you haven't noticed your remarks hurt him deeply," responds Gadget. Foxglove takes a protective position up beside Dale. Chip stares at Gadget, and finally lets out a breath he was holding. Chip remarks, "All right so Dale and I laughed when we heard his name, but thatís no reason for him to attack us!" "Yeah!" Dale also remarks. "It was all the reason why I did so," Sky Dancer spats back. Upon this last retort Sky Dancer again collapses.

Monty and Zipper arrive with a mouse named Dr. Lazarus who is one of several doctors that run a clinic at the local vet. The doctor is led to Sky Dancer, who once again is settled upon the couch, and begins his examinations. Monty noticing the looks and moods of his friends inquires about what happened during his absence. The other rangers began talking all at once. "Whoa slow down. Wait a second mates. I can't understand you all at once. Gadget luv you go first." One by one they each tell their recount of what had transpired. "Sounds like this mate might be a bit dangerous," states Monty. A few buzzing and whizzing sounds from Zipper. "Could be Zip. Something eating at this fellow from the inside," responds Monty. Dr. Lazarus finishes his examination of Sky Dancer, and informs the Rangers that their guest needs four months to recover. Having overheard the Rangers discussion Dr. Lazarus points out that the patient should not be put under any stress until he recovers.

Darkness. A sensation of fear went through the body. The heat was intolerable and only made worse by the confines of the surroundings. Sirens wailing overhead. Sounds of tires screeching across the pavement heading away. Flames reaching towards the sky like some ravenous beast. Fear had fueled the body up until this point and now the body was exhausted. Those eyes! Cold, unblinking, lifeless were those eyes! A sorrow swelled in the heart. A new sensation crept through the body. Overpowering, raw, and yet clearly simple in it's feeling. The instincts of ages long passed came to the surface swallowing all reason. It was time. Time to take the hunt to those who had caused so much pain. Darkness once again enveloped the mind.


Days had passed and the Rescue Rangers had little to do. The police station provided little in the way of cases for them to involve themselves in. Nothing that the humans weren't capable of solving on their own. Their guest remained unconscious for five days now. Every now and then one of them would check in on him. Gadget had taken to finding out what exactly their guest was. Dr. Lazarus had told them just before he left that their guest was unique in the way that he wasn't just alive due to his wounds, but the fact that his species was thought to have been extinct. Unfortunately Dr. Lazarus couldn't quite recall which species the patient was. This set Gadget into searching through the archives at the city library on extinct species. It took a few days to find a close match to identify what Sky Dancer could be. Then on the third day Gadget found a picture whose likeness was nearly identical. Archaeopteryx (ark-ee-OP-ter-iks) a small crow sized bird/dinosaur creature. Belonging to the suborder theropoda. Debate still argues exactly whether this creature is a bird, a dinosaur, or a link between the two.

A sound. Muffling of voices in the distance. Slowly the emerald green eyes opened. Unfamiliar this room was. Wood covered the floor, walls and ceiling. The window to the left showed that it was still daytime. A chest of drawers with a mirror hung above it occupied the opposite wall. The mind could not recall what had happened to bring him here. The body ached with pain. A glance at his right wing showed that someone had put a splint on it. Must have broken it somehow Sky Dancer mused to himself, but could not recall how or when. He struggled to sit up, but soon found that he was bound to the bed by yellow twine. Too worn out from his injuries Sky Dancer could do little, but try to fathom his situation. Suddenly his stomach groans informing him that it has been a long time since his last meal. Mustering what strength he could he shouts out, "Hey! Whoever you are I'm hungry how about some food!" Upon hearing the voice of their restricted patient the Rangers get up from watching the current news on television.

Hearing footsteps drawing near Sky Dancer turns his attention towards the closed door. He watches intensively as a strange mix of animals enter the room. "You've finally woken up. We were beginning to worry," says Gadget a slight bit of relief in her voice. "Why have you tied me down? Release me. This is causing me great discomfort," replies Sky Dancer. "Easy there mate. We just want to make sure you don't go round hurting yourself," responds Monty. "That and making sure you don't attack us again," Dale hastily adds. The other Rangers cast Dale a reprimanding look and return their gaze towards Sky Dancer. "I don't recall attacking you. If I did, I apologize. I don't remember what has happened these pass few days. Please release me. I must continue my search," emotion heavy in Sky Dancer's plea. "First things first," says Chip. "I want you to promise us that you won't attack us when we release you. Second, doctors orders. That you need atleast four months of rest to recover from your injuries." "I promise I won't attack you, but I must continue my search!" "Well your not about to go anywhere on an empty stomach," says Monty as Sky Dancer's stomach groans again. "Zip old buddy could you bring something to eat for our guest here?" Zipper flies out the room and soon returns with a plate filled with various cheese snacks, nuts, and fruit.

Meanwhile having been satisfied with his promise not to attack them the other Rangers untie their guest. Gadget made it clear to Sky Dancer that he was not to walk out or she'd make sure that he would be tied to that bed until the four months had passed. Sky Dancer found that even with the twine removed he was unable to do much more than lift his head off the pillow. When Zipper arrived and presented the plate to Sky Dancer he merely looked at it with a questionable glance. Monty wasted no time offering one of the cheese snacks to Sky Dancer. He tries his best to eat the distasteful piece of food and manages to swallow it. The look of having eaten something vulgar did not go unnoticed to the Rangers. "Perhaps you'd like something else to eat," speaks Foxglove. "What does your diet usually consist of," asks Gadget? At this question Sky Dancer merely leers at the Rangers. "Oh!" A startled Gadget squeaks. Recalling what a theropod was (a carnivorous, fast moving, bipedal animal). The Rangers cast worrisome looks at one another. Seeing the discomfort of his hosts Sky Dancer reassures them about the promise he made. The Rangers relax but there is still some tension in the air. "I know just what you want," states Foxglove and she heads out the room. Only to return with an insect she normally feeds upon. Sky Dancer looks at the insect held in Foxgloves wings, and reaches his wing out slowly so as not to upset his hosts. The sheer effort of this simple act took nearly what strength he had. Zipper quickly flies out the room. Deftly grabbing the insect Sky Dancer quickly puts the insect in his mouth and chews. All the Rangers were disgusted by the sight. "Ugh... close your mouth," speaks a disgusted Dale. "And I thought Dale had poor table manners," jibes Chip. "Yeah! Hey! I do not," replies Dale irritably. "Do to." "Do not!" "Do to." "Do not!" Soon both chipmunks were engaged in their usual quarreling. I think I just lost my appetite," adds Monty. "Normally it is considered good manners to eat with your mouth closed," says Foxglove in a disapproving tone. Although Foxglove was not disgusted as the others with what was being eaten as to how it was being eaten. Insects were not considered Sky Dancer's normal diet. Though much better than what had been offered earlier. During this time of recovery Sky Dance tells the Rangers of his plight.


"I was created at Extinct Laboratories Inc. by a Dr. Ukseil. His goal was to be able to bring extinct species back to life. There were seventeen of us in all. Dr. Ukseil had a little girl named Melonie. At first the doctor refused to let her have any contact with us. We were not quite as friendly to the doctor or his assistants at that time. One day Melonie snuck into the room and released me from my cage. She took me to another room were she let me roam free. I didn't treat her the same as the doctor and his assistants. There was something about her that made you feel... safe. I remember walking all over the room. Examining the furniture, toys, the door, and window. When Dr. Ukseil found out what Melonie had done he was angry with her. Atleast at first. He saw how when she picked me up I didn't try to bite her the way we would do to the doctor and his assistants. He decided to let her spend time with me alone after that. Later maybe as an experiment of the doctors, he allowed for more and more of us to be with Melonie. We in turn stopped biting the doctor and his assistance so we could spend most of our time free to move about. Of course the doctor would gather us to do his experiments on us. We still fussed when his experiments proved painful or uncomfortable.

During one of the days I spent with Melonie she took me outside. It was on this day I first flew. I had been watching a group of pigeons flying to and fro from the building to the trees that secluded it. Melonie had picked me up and threw me into the air. I was terrified. I never flew before and I didn't quite do so then either. Melonie wouldn't give up however. She kept urging me to fly like the pigeons. Time and again I was thrown into the air each time I fell to the ground. Then just before Dr. Ukseil called her to come back inside she tossed me into the air one more time. This time I managed to stay aloft, though only a while, before I fell again. Tears came from her eyes and she picked me up hugging me and congratulating me. It took many more attempts before I finally learned precisely how to fly. I taught this to the others who soon learned much faster than I to fly. However it was Melonie who enjoyed my flying the most. That is how I got my name. She had also made clothes for each of us, and used us like dolls to play with.

Than one night an alarm went off at the lab. I was with Melonie. Dr. Ukseil was acting distraught and asked Melonie to hide. I don't understand what exactly happened next. I could hear humans shouting at one another, and the voices of my friends sounding angry. I heard something like an explosion. I thought the doctor had miscalculated the chemicals again. Melonie started to shake though. I could sense the fear from her and knew something was wrong. I tried to go see what it was, but Melonie wouldn't let go of me. Than a black cloud started to come through the vents. The air became thick and hard to breathe. Melonie eventually made her way out of hiding and headed toward the lab. She stumbled over the doctor who laid across the floor. I also saw two of my friends on the floor I went over to them, but they wouldn't move. It was then I knew my friends and the doctor were dead. I went back to Melonie. She wouldn't move. The black cloud was filling the room. I could barely see and breathe. I finally had to bite Melonie to get her to move. We made our way down the hall. It became really hot now. I saw some light down the hall and went towards it. This is how I got burned. I thought the light had been from the switch the humans flip. Only the black cloud made it to hard to tell and the fire leapt out at me. I cried out in pain. Melonie managed to grab me and remove me from the fire. Somehow we managed to make it outside. There I thought we would be safe. I was wrong.

I saw more of my friends lying on the ground. Those humans were waiting. Waiting for us or rather Melonie to come out. I was wrapped inside her coat. She was crying. I heard one of the humans say "Do it". The next thing I heard was another explosion and Melonie fell to the ground. I tried to get out of her jacket, but the fall broke my wing making it difficult. Then I started to smell something familiar, blood. I knew Melonie was hurt. I wanted to help her but I was trapped! Another human ordered the rest to pick up Melonie and put her back into the lab. Something about the fire covering up the evidence. I managed to finally get out of the coat, but now I was nearly blind again by that black cloud. I went to Melonie trying to get her to move. It was than that I saw her eyes. The shine had gone out them. Those eyes, which had sparkled with life only moments before, were now cold and lifeless. After that I don't remember anything. Not until today."

To Help a Friend

When the Rangers finally heard the entire story of what Sky Dancer could recollect. They immediately offered their services to help Dan (his new knick name by the Rangers in hopes to avoid another misunderstanding) track down these villains. Seeing how he was in no condition the Rangers took to tracking what clues Dan could tell them. During his recovery period Foxglove took the main task of seeing to Dan's needs. This did not entirely go over well with Dale. Who thought that Foxglove was spending a bit too much time with their guest. Actually this was mainly in part because Foxglove wasn't as squirmish as the others when Dan was brought his meals. Dale did accompany Foxglove on occasion if only to make sure Dan knew that Foxglove was his girlfriend. It was during this time with Foxglove that Dan was educated on some of the more basic things that he hadn't learned in the lab. Table manners being the first to be taught among them. It was also during this time that a deep friendship with Foxglove developed.

Nearly four months had passed, and Dan was growing impatient at having to wait before a plan could be formalized to capture these villains. Gadget made good her threat when Dan had tried to sneak out. Although he was untied only after two days of confinement. As Dan's recovery period came to a close the Rangers saw something in Dan that was disturbing. For some time they had discussed this among themselves well out of the hearing range of Dan. Who had almost the same hearing range of Foxglove. The Rangers had noticed that Dan seemed consumed with those responsible for what had happened. "We got to ask him," speaks Chip. A few buzzing remarks by Zipper. "Do right Zipper. Things can turn sour if he loses his head again," acknowledges Monty. The Rangers recall their first meeting with Dan, which had not gone so well. "He's shown that he can be trusted," puts in Foxglove. Indeed, since his stay with the Rangers Dan has contributed what he could under his condition. Mostly involving chores and a few other things. His commitment to this was such that he often wore himself out with these tasks. The Rangers tried several times to get him to ease up but Dan merely replied," This is my way of thanking you. Besides I must remain fit to hunt." "Tonight at dinner we'll see were his commitment lies. If he expresses a desire to go beyond what we have planned than we leave him behind," states Chip. "He may not look kindly at that Chip," concern in Gadget's voice. "Maybe Gadget luv but it's the chance we got to take. If he agrees to control himself than we got nothing to worry about. If not he could do more harm to us than the crooks."

At the dinner table the Rangers and Dan discuss the method for capturing the villains. Having staked out numerous places and gathering information from various sources the Rangers finally got a strong lead to help them out. From this it wasn't long for them to find where the villains had gone. The villains were in fact from a rival company, named First Founders Industries, run by a Dr. Madrid. Extinct Laboratories Inc. had managed to acquire a revolutionary breakthrough in a particular type of cloning process. The Rangers managed to sneak into First Founders Industries and overhear several conversations. They discussed several of the things they learned with Dan. Some of which was the actual process involved in the cloning operation itself. Dan wasn't very knowledgeable in this area. Though he did point out the chemical references and what they were intended for. "Dan there is something we need to ask you," a nervous Chip says. Dan looks at Chip than glances at the other Rangers. All of them had looks of anxiety and was that fear he smelled? No not fear, but worry. They had something planned. Something they thought he wouldn't like. Then it all made sense. It wasn't something they had planned. It was what He was planning.

Foxglove had told him about the many cases the Rescue Rangers had solved. It had struck him funny that through all the Rangers had been through they didn't resort to the level of vengeance he himself was committed too. Odd. Yet here he was talking with what the rest of his kind considered prey. "So you worry about what it is I plan to do," Dan comments flatly. "I promised you that I would not attack you and have I broken that promise," questions Dan? Glancing again from one Ranger to another. The Rangers shift uneasily in their seats. "We got a plan to capture these crooks, and from what we've seen of you," starts Monty. "We think you might not agree with our settling the case," puts in Foxglove. "It's not that we don't trust you Dan," speaks Gadget. "We need to know your not going to take this thing too far," finishes Chip. "I give you my word that I will except your plan," speaks Dan. Though his tone was filled with disappointment.

To Capture Villains

The Rangers and Dan sneak in through a vent shaft of the building that served as laboratory facilities for First Founders Industries. This was planned since this would provide both an easy means to wander through the building unnoticed and because it led to nearly every room. The plan was simple. First they needed to locate Dr. Madrid. Lure him to a prepared spot where the Rangers could trap him and his henchmen with a letter attached to the villains explaining the events that occurred at Extinct Laboratories Inc.. Than trip the burglary alarm. Quietly they made their way through the ventilation system. Looking through the vent flaps to peer into each room. It was in one of the lab rooms that the Rangers and Dan saw a sight that would later haunt them in their sleep. Dan's eyes narrowed and his clawed hands grasped the slits in the vent plate. There upon a laboratory exam table lay a dissected version of Dan only the coloring was different. The Rangers look at Dan fearing that the promise he had made would be forgotten after seeing this. "Let's get this over with," utters Dan as he walks further down the air duct. The Rangers followed Dan, but not after noticing the twisted slits in the duct plate.

They found the doctor in the lounge with his henchmen. The doctor was tall, lean, with dark brown hair that fell to his shoulders, and a red mustache. He was wearing a white lab coat with a few stains on it. Dr. Madrid looked upset. "Useless! The files we got are all useless! We got tricked! Blast that Dr. Ukseil," shouts Dr. Madrid. The henchmen look at each other not quite knowing how to respond. "Zipper you stay with them. Dan will come to lure them to the trap. Follow them and hit the light switch once they enter the room we've prepared. The rest of us will prepare the trap," orders Chip. Quickly they scurry down the air vent looking for a room that they could use for the trap. "This room looks perfect," speaks Gadget as she waves to the others. It was a loading room for incoming supplies. "Agh! What is that stench," remarks Monty. "It's some of the chemicals used in the cloning process," replies Dan. With all the lab equipment it didn't take the Rangers long to set the room up for their trap. The trap consisted of several rolls of gauze bandages, medical tape, sheets, and a few other supplies. Dan was to be used to lure the villains into the room. Zipper would than turn off the lights. Gadget would set the trigger. As the villains moved they would trip the trigger causing the trap to be sprung. Once sprung Zipper would flip the light switch again allowing the other Rangers to see so they could tie down the villains. "We're all set here," says Gadget. "Now it's time for you to do your part," speaks Chip looking up at Dan who was hovering in the middle of the room. "Just be sure your ready," vehemently replies Dan. "Sure hope that mate don't do something we'll regret," responds Monty shaking his head. "He'll keep his promise. Don't worry,î states Foxglove but concern was etched in her voice. "He'd better," interjects Dale.

"They may have their plans for them, but so do I," Dan thinks to himself. He had noticed a couple of steel barrel canisters along the far wall of the room. These canisters had no labels on them, but from the smell Dan knew what they contained. "Now all I need to do is get them to shoot one of them, accidentally of course," ponders Dan. Flying down the hall he comes to the room where the villains had last been occupying. Dan started making as much noise as he could. "What is that," asks a henchman? "Don't just stand there go find out," yells Dr. Madrid. As soon as the henchman opens the door Dan strikes out with his talons towards the man's face. A cry of pain comes from the henchman. "Quick capture it," yells Dr. Madrid! They all scrabble after Dan who was now flying back down the hall. "I'll kill it," shouts the henchman that was attacked. Pulling a gun out he starts shooting at the fleeing target. "I said capture it not kill it! We need it alive," roars Dr. Madrid. Seeing Dan approaching Monty holds the door to the room open.

Dan hovers in the middle of the room allowing the doctor and his goons to move into the trap area. Click the lights go off. Yells of surprise by the humans. Sprong! The trap is sprung. Foxglove yells out something but is lost in the sound of the commotion caused by the trap, the goons, and by the other Rangers. The lights come back on. The Rangers yell out a charge of attack as each rushes out to do their part of tying up the villains. "Look out," cries Foxglove! The other rangers had been too preoccupied with their work, and had not noticed that Dr. Madrid had managed to escape the trap. Now Dr. Madrid upon seeing his goons tied up by rodents had enough. He pulls out a pistol and starts shooting at the Rangers.

Sky Dancer's Decision

Zipper and Foxglove had no problems getting away since they flew up into the rafters, but the others were not so fortunate. The other Rangers were trying to take cover from the bullets being fired by Dr. Madrid. Each of them thinks desperately for a way out of this situation. Now the doctor was herding them with his shots into the corner. Foxglove on seeing the others trapped made a dive towards the doctor. Her jaws opened wide. "Now I have you insufferable pests," spats Dr. Madrid. He aims the gun towards the Rangers trapped in the corner. Monty steps out in front of the others waving a fist challenging the doctor. Chip Dale, Gadget, and Monty knowing they only have a few more seconds left. Hoping that Foxglove, Zipper, or Sky Dancer might be able to save them. "AGH!" Cries Dr. Madrid. Foxglove had just bit deeply into his hand holding the gun. However Dr. Madrid held onto the weapon, and flung his arm hard shaking Foxglove off him. Foxglove fell to the ground, but was caught by Dale before she hit. Dale stumbled and than fell backward by the force of catching Foxglove. Dr. Madrid once again raised his weapon to fire.

BANG! The Rangers flinch on hearing the sound. Looking at each other in amazement as none of them was hurt. "You killed Her! You killed Her and now I am going to kill you," shouts Sky Dancer. Dr. Madrid was just preparing to fire at the Rangers when a shot whizzed past his face shaving off a portion of his mustache. Startled the doctor drops the gun he was holding. He looks down to see Sky Dancer holding a pistol, a clawed finger on the trigger, and the weapon pointed in his direction. "You speak. You speak. Just like the other," replies a stunned Dr. Madrid. The Rangers are stunned as well. They had not known that Sky Dancer was capable of human speech. "Now what just a minute paly," cautions Monty. "Don't do it," yell Gadget, Chip, and Foxglove. "He's going to do it," comments Dale.

"Why shouldn't I," asks Sky Dancer? "I told you what he did! You saw it for yourself! Now I am going to end it," roars out Sky Dancer as his rage takes over. BANG! Dr. Madrid falls to the ground. "You shot him," yells out Gadget. "No, but if you want me to I will," replies Sky Dancer and he points the gun at the unconscious doctor. Shaking and wobbling Sky Dancer lowers the weapon to the ground. The Rescue Rangers rush towards him. "If you didn't shoot him than why did he fall," asks Foxglove? "The fool fainted is why," responds Sky Dancer weakly. Sirens from police vehicles could be heard approaching the building. "We need to get out of here quickly. I don't plan on being caught," mumbles Sky Dancer. The Rangers help Sky Dancer to walk, and head back to the ranger wing they left hidden in bushes outside.

The Conclusion

They watch as the police arrive and start to surround the building. BOOM! The police and Rangers are knocked to the ground as the entire building explodes into a gigantic fireball. The Rangers stare in disbelief and horror at what had just happened. "You set us up," yells Chip as he comes around to Sky Dancer and grabs him by his vest. At this attack on his person Sky Dancer hisses back, "Is that what you think?" Sky Dancer could already tell that Chip believed him to be guilty. The looks from Zipper and Dale also told him they thought he was guilty too. "It sure looks that way mate," remarks Monty, "but you did manage to keep your head in there." The look on Gadget's face showed that she wasn't quite sure either way. It was Foxglove's decision that most mattered to Sky Dancer. The look on her face showed that she wanted to believe, but wasn't sure she could. Tears could be seen swelling up in her eyes. Chip releases his hold on Sky Dancer.

"It doesn't matter what you think anyway. Whats done is done. You can't change it," answers Sky Dancer. As he fixes his gaze towards the flames reaching up towards the sky. Upon hearing this the Rescue Rangers assemble into the ranger wing. Each thinking that Sky Dancer was responsible for this outcome. There in the far distance, past the rising flames and smoke-streaked sky, a dark silhouette flew silently away in the mid-autumn sky.


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