A/N: This is a story I'm writing simply for fun. It's not part of the series I write and the only characters I'll be using mostly are Chip, Mercy and Philip. The rest of the story is posted as it's written. I'd like to thank the people who helped me inspire this work. Such as the writers of Lord Of The Rings and the Harry Potter stories respectively. But more specially Anton Piek, the man who originally designed Fairy Tale Forest for the dutch theme park the Efteling. I hope the current management of the Efteling does not take offense at me borrowing ideas. This story is solely written for entertainment purposes and no money is made. Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers is property of Disney and no copyright voilation is intended. Thanks to Indy who was willing to comment on the first chapter, I hope you'll be willing to help me out with the rest as well. This story is in remembrance of people such as the brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, Anton Piek himself and fairy tale writers all over the world. With no further things to say here's the story. *gulp* Hope you like it.

In A Different Timeline, Far Away From Reality Part 1

By: CD

It was a warm day in Manhattan, and the Rangers had a day off. Monty was busy on the book he was writing: “My experiences with cheese”. Dale was reading his comic book collection again. Gadget was working on a device that none of the Rangers could comprehend, especially not after she explained. Chip was correcting a badly written detective novel. While Zipper was out to find something of interest, like a apple that some human had thrown away. There was a knock on the door and when no one took the trouble of opening the door the visitor let himself in. It was Mercy along with Philip, the latter carrying a book and a pencil behind his ear.
“Anybody home?” The girl asked and looked around.
Chip looked up to see her and instinctively covered his face with his book and held his breath.
“Ay lass. What’s the reason of your visit?” Monty asked, interrupting his fantasizing about Gouda, Cheddar and Limburger.
“Just stopping by to chat and hope it’s more exciting here than back at our place. What are you writing by the way?” Mercy inquired as she noticed the papers and pen at the table.
“It’s me greatest masterpiece. Watch the newspapers closely for my work’s going to be famous. I’m currently busy with the ninth chapter: “Me dad and his cheese cravings”. Conclusion is that he’s crazy over Camembert.”
“You’re writing to? Nice to hear that, that means you can give me advice on my history scripture.” Philip reasoned and opened his book and took his pencil.
“Uh, sure. It all started long ago in Gouda, a town in the Low Countries. There was this water rat who sorta liked the cheese the humans made there so he decided to start his rodent version of a cheese factory and with the help of friendly cows he started the first Rodent Gouda Company which booked great profits.” Monty retold things as he remembered them from his late grandfather Goat Cheese Gerard.
“Eh, I don’t think the teachers would think that would be relevant. It’s supposed to be about traditional sports like dwarf throwing and swan neck pulling.” Philip stated matter-of-factly and prepared for a story filled to the top with juicy details.
“Well, all I know is that you can’t do such things anymore.” Monty explained a bit taken aback “Do they also want stories of dismemberment, witch hunts and heretic boiling?”
“Nah, we already had that in chapter two.” Philip explained and searched his book until he found the right page and showed Monty a picture.
“Ugh, I just lost my appetite to write.” Monty declared as he looked away from the book.
Fortunately the elder mouse was saved modern education stories by Gadget who left her workshop to ask for test subjects.
“Is there anyone here who can help me with my temporal plane traveler?” She asked.
Chip, who had been trying his best to avoid eye contact with Mercy was quick to offer himself up for the experiment.
“Sure, I’ll help you Gadget.” He announced and ran into the workshop in a flash.
“Why don’t you two watch?” Monty suggested “And quit feeding me mind with stories of medieval Europe.”
“Aren’t you coming?” Mercy asked.
“I’m-eh-too lazy.” He excused and backed away.
“You really should do something about your condition. One step and you’re already sweating.” Philip noted and approached Monty, who backed away more.

“What does this thing do?” Chip asked as he sat inside a chair and was strapped down by Gadget to the point that he was completely immobilized.
“It should take you directly to the chair on the other side of the machine. If that’s successful, we’ll see if we can send you on adventures throughout different dimensions.” Gadget explained energetically and quickly installed herself in the chair behind the controls of the device.
Chip gulped twice. Both because of the presence of Mercy and the use of the word ‘should’. Gadget lowered her goggles and pulled a lever and activated the contraption.
“Cover your eyes.” She warned too late as a brilliant flash shrouded the room with light and the sounds of the machine overlapped Chip’s screams.
As the light faded and the noise quieted down Gadget got of her seat, pulled up her goggles and looked at the results.
“Golly, were are Chip, Mercy and Philip?” The mouse inventor exclaimed and searched the room for the three chipmunks.
She found nothing.

When Chip was capable of seeing again he noticed he was no longer in Gadget’s hobby room. He was surrounded by trees that reached for the skies, which made it clear to him he was not in central park. There wasn’t even a sign of human activity nearby; no children, benches or trash cans. All he saw was a deserted dirt road.
“Where are we?” Mercy wondered as she looked around as well.
Philip who didn’t recognize this place was starting to grow very worried and slowly tears formed in his eyes.
“Waaah, we’re lost in the wilderness!” He cried as he dropped the book he had been holding.
It fell on the muddy ground, getting covered with dirt and water.
“Hey there, would it be to much to ask for some peace and quiet?” A man behind them called out.
The group turned around and were astounded at what they saw. There stood, in the middle of the forest, a huge tree/mushroom like tower which brooded over the forest like something you’d only find in one of the most Sylvain fairy tale books. In the doorway stood a man with a white beard, dressed in a blue robe and wizard’s hat.
“Goodness gracious!” He cried out when he got a better look at the group “You three look like squirrels the size of goblins!”
“Ehm, we mean no harm sir. We’re simply lost.” Chip assured, hoping this was all a bad dream and he’d be awakened by Dale who complained he had been talking in his sleep again.
“Like so many others. I suppose I should help you now, am I right?” The man asked a bit cautious.
“If you don’t mind it.” Chip continued hopefully.
“Ah why not? Come inside and tell me more about yourselves and your situation.” The stranger admitted invitingly.
The three ‘munks obeyed and followed the old man inside.

The inside of the wizard tower was simply enchanting. A magic broom was wiping the place clean while a spoon quickly mixed sugar and milk for the visitors and three chairs quickly flew up to the trio and swooped them of their feet before moving them over to the table that stood in the center of the room. The mage joined the group and commanded the broom to go upstairs, the object in question obeyed.
“Such a noise these enchanted brooms make. At least they do their job well. Now tell me your problems.”
“This is miraculous!” Philip let out as a cookies plate humbly offered it’s contents to him, and the little tyke was quick to take two chocolate covered cookies from it.
The spoon next to him hit Philip on his head repeatedly and waved in front of him as if it were a finger. The youngster laid the second one back before the plate moved on to offer something to Chip and Mercy.
“I think it would be a good idea to start introductions first. You might have heard of me before. If not, my name is Merlin, wizard of Camelot.” The old man said.
Chip, who just wanted to take a bite out of his cookie was stunned to hear this.
“You’re Merlin!? But what are you doing here then? This isn’t Great Britain right? What time is it actually?” He asked bewildered.
“Great Britain?” The magician asked a bit confused.
“Sorry, I mean England.” Chip corrected himself.
“To answer your questions. No, this is not the English continent. This place has no time, it stand still in this reality. The ground this tower is built on is named Fairy Tale Forest. It is my home, a realm of magic and adventure. Although Camelot is were I assisted king Arthur in the creation of a realm of freedom, it’s not truly were I prefer to reside. In this world I can live a free life away from violence. Only the occasional attacks of lowly monsters pose a threat to the population of the forest. Thanks to many mages and wizards, the forces of good balance out those of evil quite nicely. But if you are really as new to this place as you look, take heed to my advice: this is a dangerous world. Knights and priests might be saviors in need, but that does not mean you are always safe.” The wizard finished and took some of his tea and turned to the pitcher “Less milk next time, please.”
“Incredible!” Was all Mercy could say, her tea starting to get cold.
Philip’s eyes got watery again and he buried his face in his arms again.
“Hey, what’s up Philip?” Chip asked comfortingly.
“I wanna go home!” He said and started sobbing again.
“Poor kid.” Chip said understandingly as he put a hand on his shoulder.
“It seems the child is homesick. I cannot comprehend why he’d want to leave a place with so much to offer to the ones young at hearth.” Merlin noted as he felt hurt to see a child cry.
“To him this place seems like a prison.” Mercy said in Philip’s defense, somewhat annoyed.
“But you haven’t seen this world yet! It’s such a beautiful place compared to earth!” Merlin insisted.
“Perhaps, but he feels much more comfortable in the war-ridden reality we’re from. There are still so much things for him to do back home!” Mercy continued and Chip nodded in agreement.
“I see what you mean. But I still maintain that this forest is filled with dreams and happiness for the innocent.”
“What about those monster and evil forces you mentioned?” Chip reminded.
“Sadly enough, there are places full with hate and terror. But the parts of this world that offer sanctuary to nice people such as yourself offer safety, joy and prosperity to everyone. But no matter I’m prepared to assist you in your journey home. Now, could you tell me your names, and from what universe do creatures like you come?” The wizard asked eagerly, always ready to hear fascinating stories.

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