In A Different Timeline, Far Away From Reality Part 8

By: CD

Authors Note: After what seems like too long I've finally been able to come up with my next chapter. My exuses for it taking so long, but I needed ideas for what to write in this part. Fortunately, I've got enough ideas to keep writing for a while. A word of warning to y'all, I rate this one PG for suggestiveness. I hope you enjoy!

The travel through Fairy Tale Forest didn’t seem to go really fast. According to the signs the group encountered it could take a few days before they reached the town of Lion Shield.
“Can’t we take another break?” Philip lamented “You two are going to fast for me to keep up.”
“Alright, a few minutes then.” Mercy sighed and admitted.
While the youngster sat down on a rock and attempted to magically heal his blistered feet, Mercy and Chip waited patiently, sitting down on a fallen tree at the other side of the road.
“I must admit this place is beautiful when you’re not being attacked by monsters.” Mercy admitted and breathed deep.
“Yeah, you’d be hard pressed to find a peaceful place like this in New York. It would almost make me wish I could stay.” Chip replied as he listened to the songbird which chirped merrily.
“You know,” She started as she moved closer to Chip and lowered her voice “this surrounding makes me all itchy inside.”
Chip was a bit worried if public display of affection in front of the boy would be alright. Tilting an eye in his direction revealed that he was once again reading one of his spell books. Knowing that resisting Mercy’s advances was impossible for him, he turned to her again and spoke.
“I guess this spring makes you very romantic.”
She placed her hand on Chip’s shoulders, who replied by putting his hands on her back. Mercy moved in for the kiss until her lips touched Chip’s. She had him under her spell again, and she enjoyed the breathtaking kiss, as well as the feeling of control. Both chipmunks were snapped out of their intimate moment by soft laughter, and opened their eyes to see who it was. All they could see was Philip who was still intrigued by his book. But behind his book, the youngster was trying desperately to contain his laughter. The couple separated quickly, Chip looked into the opposite direction while Mercy twiddled her thumbs while whistling innocently.

As the three prepared to continue their voyage again, an old, strange lady approached them.
“I take it you people are traveling to somewhere.” She assumed.
“Yes, what’s it to you?” Mercy carefully responded.
“I sell items to adventurers such as yourself. I’ve got an assortment of interesting wares I could give you…for a reasonable price.”
“Such as?”
“Well,” She started while searching a bag “I have this necklace of shapeshifting. They’re very popular these days amongst lycanthropes. This one belonged to a vampire who had difficulty in assuming the form of a bat, so he had an enchanter create this for him.” The witch lady held up a totally black amulet in the shape of a bat, with two crimson gems which made up the eyes of the talisman.
“Well I’m not sure if…” Mercy started and tightened her grip on her purse incase this weird lady would make a grab for it.
“Of course it’s a deal!” The woman said quickly and effectively snatched the purse from Mercy’s grasp “Five gold coins is all I ask.” She explained, took the sum and handed Mercy the object “A pleasure doing business with you!”
With that, the merchant witch disappeared in a haze of smoke, dropping the purse to the ground.
“Well at least she didn’t take more than five gold coins.” Mercy declared relieved, while checking the bag of money “One bronze token is gone, but it’s nothing.”
“That was truly strange.” Chip managed and inspected the artifact.
“Hey, give it back. She sold it to me, even if there was no free will involved.” Mercy complained and snatched back her charm and put it around her neck “Now how do you operate this darned thing?”
“The book ‘Magic for dummies’ says an item with magical properties can be activated by thought, unless the enchantment has a constant effect on the wearer.” Philip explained.
“Let’s see if that works then.” Mercy proposed and concentrated.
A black cloud formed at where Mercy stood which cleared almost as quickly as it had appeared it. But Mercy was no longer in sight and her belongings lay on the floor in a heap.
“Mercy!” Chip cried alarmed at picked up her robe.
There was nothing under it, except for her magic ring, yellow dress and the purse with coins. Philip looked in horror at the scene while Chip clenched his fist and tears formed in the corner of his eyes.
“That wench, she killed Mercy!” He shouted and fell to his knees.
There was movement under the strapless tight dress that belonged to Mercy, and Chip quickly picked it up in hopes of finding Mercy back. Under it was a bat, who quickly took flight and hovered in front of Chip’s face. It was clear to the Rescue Ranger that this bat was Mercy, but no longer in her chipmunk form. He looked regretfully at the bat, which in turn started to panic. It then flew off, away from her brother and friend. Chip wanted to go after her but Philip stopped him.
“What are you doing, I have to safe her!” He screamed at the kid, who replied.
“Let her sort this out alone. If the amulet it still around her neck she can always turn herself back to normal when she feels like it.” Philip explained.
Upon hearing this, the bat suddenly vanished in a cloud of black smoke again and when it cleared, Mercy was standing there with her back toward the two males, unclothed. Chip’s eyes widened but he quickly put a hand in front of them.
“I saw nothing!” He reassured her and held out his other hand.
She turned her head to see her two companions, she looked herself over to discover she was naked.
“Thanks, that’s very thoughtful of you to do.” Mercy said appreciatively and she rushed over to where her stuff was lying and began to slip into her dress again “It wasn’t really necessary though, there is such a thing as fur coverage.”
Chip blushed a bit, wondering why he didn’t think of that himself.
“Still, it’s a very gentlemanly thing to do.” Mercy picked up her robe and put it on again “It’s nice to see you maintain some decency, or I wouldn’t have hesitated to punch you.” She finished and grabbed her ring and purse.
Chip grimaced a bit at the thought of Mercy getting angry with him. He was familiar with her sudden mood changes.
“Are you alright? Not scared or panicked anymore?” Chip inquired concerned.
“No, but thanks for caring.” She dismissed and took Chip in an intimate hug.
He was surprised, but liked the feel of it.
“Now let’s go. We still have a long way to go.” She announced as she broke off her embrace and walked ahead.
Chip and Philip stood there for a moment, feeling like something was up.

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