Let's Suppose Chip, Dale and Gadget Where A Bit Different At Birth - Many Years Before 'To The Rescue'
By: CD

Chapter Five

Next day Chip found Dale while she was stalling her bike. Dale always walked, so the only reason she would be here was to avoid the other kids of her class. Chip decided to put a few things straight. But when she approached her, she was the first to do so.

“Chip, I got your clothes and books which you forgot yesterday.” Dale said and handed Chip her schoolbag.

“And I still got your swimming suit.”

“Ah, I don’t need it. If you like it, keep it.” Dale dismissed with a wave of her hand.

“Oh, and also…” Chip pondered if she should bring it up “what happened to you yesterday?”

“Well, I just fell.”

“I saw that, but why where your parents so concerned?”

“They always are concerned. It just bit my lip, that’s all.”

Dale was not telling her the whole truth, and she knew it. But how would she bring up the subject of Dale’s hemophilia? She didn’t have to think of that for long, because a group of her classmates entered the shed.

“If it isn’t richy bitch. What are you doing here if your parents can’t afford a bike for you?”

Chip hid, letting Dale deal with these bullies alone. Why was she letting this happen and not lift a finger against it? Chip hoped that she could sneak out, but was also worried that the other kids would spot her.

“She isn’t here to park a bike, she’s here to let other park theirs in her mouth.” Another remarked, pointing at Dale’s gapped teeth.

Dale was with her back to the wall, literally. Her hearth was pounding at an abnormal rate. Sweat was forming on her forehead and armpits.

“How much do you get from your parents to buy lunch?” One of the attackers wondered and started searching Dale’s dress for pockets, which she really didn’t have.

Dale kneed her on her head when she bend down, but another moved in to join the physical exchange. Dale lifted up her backpack as a shield, and was saved by the bell. The bullies ran to be in class on time, the one who Dale just hit being a bit in doubt. But only gave Dale a nasty look before departing. Once they where all gone, that was a Chip’s cue to make herself known again. But Dale was not so pleased.

“Why didn’t you help me?” She asked the inevitable question.

“What could I have done against them? Be glad I saw it so I can testify to the teachers you’re being bullied.”

“Like that’s gonna help. Let’s just get going before we are late.” Dale finished the conversation and left, a bit offended.

Chip herself was a bit disappointed at herself for not sticking up for Dale like she should have.

When Chip and Dale arrived in class they where late. But despite some short dressing-down from miss Pencilpick the lessons where quite uneventful. It was always very quiet when Pencilpick was on the job. Any attempts to get the rumour mill churning about Dale would be silenced immediately. Therefore, Dale and now Chip as well started to appreciate their pinpoint teacher. When the first break was nearing the teacher wanted to make an announcement and therefore silenced everyone else, under penalty of spending his or her break in the classroom.

“Boys and girls, tomorrow noon there will be no lessons. We are going to the swimming pool, so I expect everyone to bring his swimwear. Those who don’t can make homework in the principal’s office.”

All law and order was broken when she paused. People started murmuring, one boy shouted “I’d love to see what Pencilpick looks like in a bikini!” but was intimidated by the fact he was the only one talking loudly, and about Pencilpick.

“Alex! I don’t even have a bikini but a one-piece suit.” She replied calmly with a sweet voice “And you’re sitting your break out.” She added, which crushed Alex’s hopes of getting away with the comment.

Dale was ecstatic, she loved swimming. Even though they had a pool at her home, it couldn’t measure up to the ones with slides, boards and floats. In her enthusiasm she forget that swimming pools aren’t just perfect for swimming alone, and would find that out the hard way tomorrow.

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