Let's Suppose Chip, Dale and Gadget Where A Bit Different At Birth - Many Years Before 'To The Rescue'
By: CD

Monterey!” The four adventurers heard as a hatch on the bottom of the peculiar robot opened and a mouse exited, who ran up to Monty and hugged him. Monty himself was flabbergasted.

“THAT is Geegaw Hackwrench!?” Chip and Dale exclaimed in pleasant surprise at seeing the mouse.

“Well-eh, no this is-” Monty stammered trying to place the voice.

“It’s me, Gadget!” The young mouse revealed and placed the goggles back on the forehead.

“Gadget? Geegaw little lad? You really took after yer dad in the looks department.”

Gadget let go of the Aussie to introduce himself to the chipmunks.

“Hello, I’m Gadget Hackwrench.” He said.

Gadget was a brown, young, energetic and above all handsome mouse boy. Roughly eighteen years of age. He wore a brown leather bomber jacket, a white scarf loosely hanging around his neck, and a set of flight goggles similar to those of Monterey, with a tuft of orange-yellow hair protruding from under them. He in turn let his eyes rest on the appearance of the two chipmunks who tagged along with his father’s old friend. They where girls, neither of them had any hair. But one of them had teeth slightly separated from each other and a maroon-red nose, average size. They wore similar dresses. With short sleeves that were a bit puffy at the shoulders. The skirts cut, revealing an underskirt of a colour matching the dress. V-shaped collars exposing some fur. And the skirts both almost touched the ground. The one with the red nose was dressed in light blue, her companion in pink.

“I’m Chip.” The girl in pink stated as she shook Gadget hand with both of hers.

“And I’m Dale.” The one in blue added making a slight bow, lifting the skirt of her dress somewhat while moving her right leg aside a bit.

Gadget deduced that Dale was from a rich environment, or at least pretended to be. Suddenly, an urgent though alarmed her and decided to question the two.

“You two aren’t saleswomen right?”

“Eh, no.” They said in unison, which was a relief to Gadget.

“Fine, because I build all those traps for them. You see I have a mind bashingly high IQ so I get bored easily so I invent all sort of things. Wanna see my sprocket collection?”

“Well actually we where looking for yer dad.” Monty interjected hopefully.


Authors Note:
This is the introduction and start of a series I came up with. I thought up the idea this morning when I woke up. It is obviously a parody 'fic, a bit of a what-if or alternate universe. I hope people like it, I plan to write more of this.

The reason I started halfway through "To the Rescue part 3" is to instantly show the changes to Chip, Dale and Gadget. The reason it is so short is just give people a taste of the honey. If it is sour, I know not to mess with the hive lest the swarm is unleashed. In my mental state, you can only think in metophors.

Good day and I wonder how this would mess up the Gadgetphile community.

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