The Return of Winifred

By Jareth

Chapter Four: Avoiding needless scare

“What you two watch’n?” Monty said as he walked into the room. Gadget and Foxglove were sitting on the couch, watching the end credits of a movie roll by.

Foxglove turned around to face Monty. “We just finished watching Sleeping Beauty!” She said excitedly. “So far, we’ve seen this, Runaway Bride, and Camila!” Apparently, Foxglove had never sat down with another girl and watched love movies before. She really seemed to enjoy it.

“There’s a valentines day marathon on today.” Gadget said as she turned around to face Monty as well.

“Yeah, romance is good and all, but me, I’m more the adventure type.” Monty said as he sat down on the couch next to Gadget. “Like Braveheart fer example. Now that’s what I call a…”

At that moment, Chip came in the front door, holding the rose in one hand and the chocolate in the other. “Happy Valentines day Gadget!” said Chip as he kicked the door shut with his foot.

“Chip, you shouldn’t have.” Gadget said as she jumped off the couch and walked over to greet him. “It’s gorgeous.” Gadget smelled the flower, and looked at chip, but he appeared troubled in some way. “Chip,” Gadget said, a concerned look forming on her face, is something wrong?”

“Well, uh… Monterey!” Chip beckoned him to come over.

“Some’thn wrong Lad?” Monty said sounding concerned.

Chip looked over to Foxglove. “We’ll be right back.” He said, motioning everyone into his and Dale’s room.

“Okay.” Foxglove said, lost in thought. She was imagining that she was sleeping beauty, awakening to Dale’s passionate kiss. “hmmmmm…?” She sighed

Chip shut the door, waking Zipper up, (who had been sleeping in the room until then) and faced Monty and Gadget, who at this point, were beginning to become worried as to what could possibly be wrong.

“Well mate?” Monty said in a concerned voice.

“You know how I promised Foxglove that I’d check to see if there were any jailbreaks?” Chip asked.

“There was a jailbreak, wasn’t there?” Gadget said in a semi worried, semi understanding type voice.

“Yes.” Chip began, “It was the prison down town. Everyone escaped, including Winifred.”

“Well, if Winifred’s on the loose, than Foxglove’s got ta know.” Said Monty as he headed for the door.

“No.” Chip said, grabbing Monty by the arm to stop him from leaving. “If Foxglove finds out that that crazy cleaning lady is on the loose again, she’ll never be able to sleep. For all we know, they’ve caught Winifred already, in which case, we’ll have scared Foxglove half to death for nothing.”

“But Chip,” Gadget said, “If Winifred really hasn’t been re-captured yet, Then Foxglove is in danger.”

“Too right!” Monty said in a serious tone. “We’ve got ta find a way to keep Foxglove from go’n out to often, and a way to keep an eye on her when she does.”

Just then, there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it.” Came Foxglove’s voice from the livingroom.

“No!” Chip said, bursting out of the room and running in front of Foxglove just in time to stop her from opening the door.

“No?” Foxglove said quizzically.

“Er, I mean, you are a guest after all, and you shouldn’t have to open doors.” Chip said rather nervously.

“But I’ve always…” Foxglove began.

“Well you shouldn’t have to.” Chip said, wanting to hit himself for saying something that stupid.

“Oh, okay…” Foxglove said, a puzzled look forming on her face.

“You may want to stand back Foxglove, it might… Umm… Be windy” Chip said, wanting to hit himself even more than before.

“Right…” Foxglove said as she backed away.

There was another knock on the door, but this one was continuous. Chip cracked open the door and peered out the crack, only to have the door fly open in his face as Dale barged in, Baring a large, heart shaped box of chocolates.

“What’s the big idea!?” Chip said angrily as he stood up.

“Wha da ya mean chip?” said Dale as he looked began to remove the plastic wrap from around the chocolate box.

“You could have broken my nose. Besides, with the way you were knocking, we thought you were…” Chip stopped in mid sentence. He had almost let it slip.

“Were who?” Asked Dale as he finished unwrapping the chocolate box.

Before he could answer, Foxglove cut him off.

“That’s a very big box of Chocolate.” She said looking at him coyly. “I can’t really eat chocolate, but that’s okay.”

“Why wouldn’t it be?” Said Dale as he stuffed some chocolate into his mouth.

“Because, my body…” Foxglove immediately realized that Dale had bought the box for his own enjoyment and probably had no intention of sharing.

“Are you sure you didn’t forget anyone?” Foxglove asked, tears welling in her eyes.

“Bleeeech, Coconut!” Said Dale as he spit out the chocolate that he had bitten into.

This was all she needed to hear. With an unbelievably sad look on her face, Foxglove went over to the open door. “I’m going to s-see *sniff if I can find any g-good *sniff homes.” She said through her sobs. Foxglove flew away, erratically shifting altitudes as she flew.

Dale looked up. “I wonder what’s got her so upset?” Dale said in the most oblivious tone imaginable.

Monty, Gadget, Zipper, and Chip all crossed their arms angrily stared at Dale.

“What!?” He said standing up.

Zipper made a “How could you” noise and flew back to Monty’s room in disgust.

“Really thoughtless mate, said Monty who walked back into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Gadget was about to scold Dale, but now, in the face of Dale’s thoughtlessness, found herself at a loss for words. She simply looked at her feet, sighed, shook her head, and went back to watching TV.

Chip wanted to hit Dale, but he too found himself at a loss for words in the face of Dale’s thoughtlessness and simply followed Gadget.


“Stupid Dale and his stupid chocolates cant even think of anyone but himself…” Foxglove muttered to herself as she flew through the park. “Sometimes he makes me so mad!” She landed on a branch to catch her breath. “Arrrgh!” she yelled as she angrily kicked the tree she had landed on.

Foxglove was so angry, that she didn’t even notice Winifred, crouching in the bushes below, dressed once again, in her “Witches robes” and red sneakers.

“Foxglove!” Winifred said angrily as she looked up. “I can’t believe my luck!” she thought, picking up a sharp rock. “Just one carefully aimed stone and… No.” Winifred said as She slowly placed the stone back on the ground. “I want her to see me when I’ve completed the spell. Then, I can just magically snap her scrawny little neck!” Winifred snapped a small twig to satisfy herself for the moment.

“Is someone there?” Foxglove asked innocently.

Winfred quickly ducked below the bushes.

“Hmph.” Foxglove said shrugging. She sat down and hung her legs over the branch. “I guess I did kind of overreact.” She said to herself. “I mean, Dale is kind of forgetful. He probably just forgot— Oh no!” Foxglove stood up. “What if I upset him by flying off like that!? Don’t worry Dale, I’m coming!” With that, Foxglove flew off faster than most bats should be able to fly.

“Dale?” Winifred said, raking her memory for that name. “Now I remember, that’s the name of that rodent that I turned into a frog. So, Foxglove’s staying with them huh? This could work in my favor… But first things first,” said Winifred, snapping back to the present. “I must get that moon rock!” With that, Winifred, using the cover of the bushes, slowly made her way toward the museum.

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