The Return of Winifred

By Jareth

Prologue: Freddie escapes

“Ouch! My foot!” Winifred yelled as the steel prison bucket struck her toe.

“You alright in there Freddie?” a guard asked less than sincerely from outside the kitchen.

“Yes, and DON’T CALL ME FREDDIE!!!” Winifred yelled as she angrily threw down her mop.

“How about Fred,” the guard asked with a slight tone of humor in his voice. “I mean, you do kind of look like a guy.”

“D’oh, you little…” Winifred started to retaliate, but trailed off, remembering the beating that this same guard had given another prisoner earlier that same day.

“Little what?”

She heard a chair move, as if someone had gotten up from it. “Uh oh… Ha ha, nothing” Winifred said with a nervous laugh. The footsteps of the guard ceased.

“That’s what I thought” the guard said in a rough, I dare you to say that again, type voice. His foots steps continued, but now they became more distant instead.

“That over grown moldy mop-head” Winifred mumbled to her self as she began to mop again, using the water from the spilled bucket. “If I hadn’t lost most of my powers in that infernal blast, I’d turn him into plant food.” She said bitterly, beginning to mop harder. “If only I had never shot the moon rock at those stupid rodents in their stupid bagpipe balloon, and Foxglove…” She trailed of again “Foxglove. This is all her fault,” said Winifred, slowly forgetting the fact that the rescue rangers had done most of the interfering. “I she hadn’t dropped that bolt into my tsuyosa potion, I’d be more powerful than the devil himself!” Winifred slowly walked over to the barred window. “Foxglove,” she began calmly “I HATE YOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!!” “Oh no!” she thought to herself as she slapped her hand over her mouth. Winifred knew that any minute, the guard would come over with his nightstick and beat the living daylights out of her for yelling. She waited for the footsteps to come, but they didn’t. Instead, came a voice, which shouted,

“The prison is ours!” followed by cheers from the prisoners

“What in the…” Winifred ran over to the source of the noise and was astounded by what she saw. Unconscious guards and blood lay everywhere, with maybe a few guards here and their still fighting the futile battle. Everywhere, prisoners were rejoicing and kicking unconscious guards in the face.

“No second helpings this!” said an angry prisoner next to her as he kicked the guard in the stomach.

Immediately, Winifred recognized the guard. It was the same guard that had not only threatened her earlier, but had smacked her around to no end the entire time she had been in there (and had also called her “Freddie” more often than not).

“Ragh!” Winifred yelled as her foot struck the guards face. Teeth and blood went every which way. “DON’T,” kick “EVER,” kick “CALL,” kick “ME,” kick “FREDDIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” kick kick kick kick kick kick…

“Whoa, slow down girl, he a dead man”

“What?” Winifred said looking over at the black prisoner that had said it.

“I aint never seen someone kick like you. You hard core!”

“I er uh… thanks.” Winifred said uneasily. This was the first time in her life someone had complemented her on anything without laughing afterwards

“My friends is comin soon, joo wana ride?” the prisoner asked her as a large truck crashed through the wall, with people inside signaling prisoners to get in.

“Why yes.” Winifred said, an evil smile forming on her face. “Yes I would.”

Foxglove woke with such a start that she fell from the ceiling and landed with a loud “THUD!”

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