"Ranger's Karaoke Night, Or The Party Chip Held"
Part 1: A simple beginning
by rowantree13

Disclaimer: Chip, Dale, Gadget, Monty, and Zipper are owned by Disney. The songs I used in this story are owned by, well, whoever sang them or bought them, I guess... No disrespect, people, meant in a funloving form of writing. Have fun!

It was a free day at the Ranger Headquarters. Chip was reading one of his mysteries, while Dale was looking through a comic book he had bought that day. Monty and Zipper were playing checkers, while Gadget was repairing a watch from the living room. It wasn't noisy, but the sounds of turning pages, checker pieces and the occasional clank of metal against metal were heard. The Rescue Rangers had a free day from the usual case-filled days they had, and it was peaceful.

Until an frantic knocking was heard at the door.

All the Rangers looked up from what they were doing. Dale, surprising all the other Rangers, ran with amazing speed toward the door and threw it open. A figure literally flew in, wrapping Dale in it's wings and knocking him to the floor.

Chip jumped up from the couch, wanting to help his friend, and stopped in his tracks. "Foxglove?" he said.

It was Foxglove, a bat who Dale and the other Rangers had befriended, after an adventure the Rangers had.
She befriended the other Rangers, as well as Dale. They had become good friends, even though Dale had been a bit uneasy at first, due to Foxglove's way of behaving. Around the others, she was polite and curious. When she was around Dale, her manner became more outward, more coy and innocently. Right now, she was hugging Dale and crying, tears falling down from her eyes. Dale was a bit taken back, but considering he had a near hysterical friend hugging him, he patted her softly on her back, quietly saying to Foxglove, "It's ok, you're all right now, you're here...shhhhh," he comforted.

She slowly stopped crying and stood up, offering a wing to Dale. "I'm sorry, cutie, I didn't mean to knock you down like that..."

"Aw, that's ok, Foxy," he said, grabbing her wing, using it to help him stand up. He looked at her with a bit of mischief in his eyes.
Foxglove shyly smiled back.

"Foxglove, can you tell us what's the matter?" Chip asked, bring Foxglove back to earth. She looked at Chip, her eyes wide and shocked.
"I flew as fast as I could to tell you, a building I saw, it looked like a riot was going on in there!"

"What exactly did you see, Foxglove?" Gadget asked, not noticing Chip had left the room.

"I flew by it, and heard the noises, inside and outside the building, it sounded as if there were a battle going on! I flew to a nearby roof top, to see what was going on, and I saw dozens of creatures, fighting and screaming, it was horrible!"

"What was the name of this place?" Monty asked. 'Sounds like my kinda place!' he thought to himself.

"It's called Hannah's, it says so on the door!" Foxglove remembered.

"I know that place!" Chip said, rushing inside the living room, holding a map. "Hannah's a nice lady, something must be up there!"

He handed the map to Gadget. "Gadget, how long can it take to fly us there?" He pointed to a spot on the map.
She looked at it, then back at Chip. "About five minutes, Chip. Not counting any interference we may get into."

"Then let's go!" He said, rushing toward the door. The Rangers and Foxglove ran out, shouting their favorite cry.
"Rescue Rangers, Away!!

Gadget noticed Chip had stopped suddenly. "Chip, what is it?" she said, a question in her voice.

"I just remembered something...I'll be right back," Chip ran into the living room, running back out twenty seconds later.

As he ran out, he tapped Foxglove on her shoulder, getting her attention. "Foxglove, did you arrange everything?"

Foxglove nodded. "Just like you asked, Chip, it's all ready!"

Chip smiled at her. "Thanks, Foxglove. I want this to be perfect."

Chip jumped into the RangerPlane, where the others were waiting. Gadget started the engines, and as they took off, Foxglove flying beside them, Chip grinned to himself.

'This is gonna be great!' he thought.

Five minutes later...

Gadget landed the plane on a deserted roof top, across from the building where 'Hannah's' was.

It was a red brick place, trash cans and bits of paper scattered in the alley, where fences were, to keep out people who were bent on some kind of destruction. The word 'Hannah's' was glowing on a window sign, the buzz audible from a few feet away.

"The whole alley looks deserted," Dale said out loud, his voice echoing into the alley from the rooftop.

"Looks can be deceiving." Chip said quietly, heading toward a rusty ladder.

The Rangers followed, each going down the ladder, except Zipper and Foxglove, who flew across the lot to the club.

The Rangers reached the rust-colored double doors, the paint chipping off them. Gadget noticed the only light inside was that of the front sign. "Foxglove, it looks deserted, are you sure you saw a riot here?" Gadget asked Foxglove.

Foxglove nodded. "I'm absolutely sure, it was here!"

Chip stepped up to the door. "Only one way to find out..." He knocked on the door, which creaked open slowly. He leaned toward the open space, looked inside, and stepped slightly back. "It's deserted, that's for sure..."

Suddenly a hand reached out and pulled Chip in by his jacket. He had time for only one scream.

"CHIP!!" Dale shouted, as he ran toward the door. The others followed.

The Rangers burst through the door, and from the light outside, they saw the many tables and chairs that were inside, along with the darkness that covered almost the entire place.

The doors shut behind them with a loud bang. Monty and Zipper twisted the handles, but they wouldn't open.
Dale, Gadget and Foxglove moved back, afraid of getting separated from their friends. Dale spoke into the darkness.

"Guys, I think this is either a trap, or a..." He was stopped by the sound of a whistle.

A light clicked over them, and they blinked at the sudden flash of light.

"Surprise!!!" About a hundred voices shouted, each one filled with glee.

Part Two

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